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Art Stories: Interview with Anja Fallan


Art Stories

Vintage Indie would like to welcome, as our featured artist,  Anja Fallan.  Anja is creating beautiful  artwork in London, England



What is your preferred medium? Ink, watercolour and sometimes charcoal.

How did you get started?  I've loved painting ever since I was a child. But it was first after I attended drawing and painting classes at the age of 16, that my love for creating art was seeded. The school I went to was in the attic of an enchanting old building in Oslo, with huge windows letting in a lo of natural light. It felt so magical to be there and work with colours and big white canvases. From that time I knew that this was something I would do for life.

AnjaFallan2Who or what inspires you? I get inspiration from the every day small wonders which can be everything from going on walks in nature, or sitting at a cafe watching busy city life pass by. 

AnjaFallan3What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into this medium? Practice practice practice. What ever style you wish to use to express yourself practice is the key. 

AnjaFallan_ChristmasCardsChristmas Cards 

Does vintage play a role in your art or life? If so, how? I love vintage and a lot of my painting are a based on nostalgia.


What is important for your customer to know about your work?  That it is made with love .


A special thank you to Anja for your time. 

For more information please visit Anja Fallon at her websites.

Visit her Etsy shop to purchase prints. Anja Fallan


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