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Tis' the season to support local businesses. Now is the time they need your hard earned money more than ever. They're competing with the big guys and most of the time have so much more to offer.  

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Husband and wife team, Justin and Emily Carabello have recently opened their brick and mortar Roasting Works and Craft Coffee Bar in Newport, Ky. 


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They're doing amazing things there, like hand crafting out of this world cappuccinos. I could have stayed there and sipped their delicious brews all day. 

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They're not just brewing yummy coffee though, they're giving back by sending much of their profits to benefit coffee regions in Kenya, and Nicaragua. You don't find dedication and commitment to the source  for many products like this. It is truly refreshing to see Justin, pursue his passions all while helping others and delivering fantastic coffee. I

  I can't wait until my summer craving for coffee starts! They're the first to offer cold-brew coffee on draft. I can already feel my taste buds starting to twinge.

Enjoy &  Shop Local!  

Visit  Carabello Coffee Roasting Works & Craft Coffee Bar  at 107 E. 9th St. in Newport, KY. Hours are: Tues. - Fri. 7am - 8pm, Sat. 8a-8p. Not local? Visit their online store. Their brews are a must read! The stories you can tell about your coffee will warm your heart. 

While you're there, pick up some local coffee for Christmas gifts this year! Your friends and family will love you. 



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