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Teach Me Handmade: The 50 States Embroidery Club

I have a confession to make. I have bags and bags of embroidery thread. Pretty colors, carefully wrapped around individual thread holder thingys (that is a real word right?).  I love embroidery. I love getting lost in each stitch. I've never really completed a project, but I've started a bunch.

A few years ago, I introduced my sons to embroidery. My middle child loved it. They've had opportunities here and there to carry out a few hand sewing projects at a local art class, but nothing really at home with me. 

I've been  thinking about this set from Wild Olive since we are also studying the states. 


"The 50 States Stitching Club is a one-year project that will honor each of the states in the union, as well as paying homage to state embroidery patterns, American quilts, and kitschy state souvenirs. "

The regular price for the club will be $30 starting on July 4th, with early bird pricing at $25.00. That's only 50 cents per state for a whole year of 5 projects! - Wild Olive 



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