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Father's Day Weekend 2016: Around Town June 17 - 19th.

O.I.N.K. Ohio, Indiana & Northern Kentucky Homeschool Community!

Hey there! I know, I know it's been ages since I've shown my face around here, but I've been busy. I've been homeschooling a high schooler, middle schooler and a preschooler, and their education has been on top of my priority list. We've also sold  our home that we've known for eleven years, husband had a job change, and we started a homeschool community O.I.N.K. 

OINKSpring2016O.I.N.K. Homeschool Hub is for Ohio, Indiana and Northern Kentucky home school families. My husband (who came up with the name) and I wanted to bridge the gap from Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky creating educational, & family opportunities for everyone. At writing we have 523 families who belong to the community who are making connections with each other every day. We're seeing classes, field trips, family events, community service events, curriculum sales and all kinds of connections being made, and we're making many along the way ourselves. 

I'll be reviving Vintage Indie in the next few weeks, taking it slow, but hope to bring back some of that old school style to you, and also bring you along side me while I educate three kiddos in all three school levels! How exciting is that? I've also created an Instagram account, and I think I may be addicted! I love how much there is to explore and learn on Instagram. Why don't you join me there! I post a lot of recipes, and have started to post some educational goodies as well. 

Enjoy this beautiful Saturday, I'll see you soon!  

xoxo The VI Family. 


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