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Fun in the sun with teens at The Beach Waterpark!

Sunday was an absolutely gorgeous day here in Mason, Ohio. The sun was shining, there was hardly any humidity, and the sky was full of beautiful blue and white fluffy clouds. It couldn't have been more perfect. Oh waitt, yes it was. We spent the day at The Beach Waterpark with our two kids and their friends. 

The Beach Waterpark Summer 2016

It has been years, I'm talking 15 years or so since I've made it back to The Beach Waterpark. When we arrived memories of The Cliff, started filling my head, as I remembered when I was just fourteen taking my first ride down the five story thrill seeking slide. I rememberd the wave of adreneline, and was really excited to see my kids take a turn. 

The Cliff at the Beach Waterpark


The crowds were fantastic all day long. A slow and steady stream of swimmers, and thrill seekers spent the day exploring, and relaxing. The waits for each ride were under five minutes all day. My husband and I found ourselves spending most of our time in the Kokomo Lazy River. A 1200 foot long relaxing tube adventure, slow enough to soak in some vitamin d, while enjoying a few splashes along the way.

  Lazy River at The Beach Waterpark

Lazy River at The Beach Waterpark

We found ourselves seperated from the older guys most of the day, and felt the atmosphere and crowd was very mellow. We really enjoyed the fact that the rides were fairly close to each other so there wasn't loads of walking on hot concrete from one attraction to the next. The Big Surf Wave Pool, was a short distance from The Cliff. The  750,000 Gallons zero depth entry pool, was a hit with The Beach goers. Plenty of lounch chairs, cabanas and shaded umbrella spots were available for anyone who wanted to catch some rays by the sun. Hubby and I spent a little time here, listening to the live band that played on the stage at Sunset Beach. Here you can find yourself relaxing, and sipping on a wide selection of draft craft beers. 

 The Big Surf Wave Pool

   The Big Surf Wave Pool
Craft Beer at The Beach Waterpark

The Beach Waterpark

Pricing for food and beer was comparable if not less than other large amusement parks in the area. The dollar hot-dogs were a hit with our guys during the 2:00-4:00 special. Be sure to catch that if you can when you're there, it is near the Sunset Beach stage.

  Lazy River at The Beach Waterpark

We didn't have our little one in tow with us on this visit, but we hope to bring her next time. There was quite a few things for her to do and explore. The Big Creek beach is full of water-splashing fun including a  600-gallon dump bucket, and three slides for their excitement. There is also a 1ft pool at the Lil’ Kahunas Waterworks. Plenty of sprays, fountains and geysyers for getting wet. 

  The Beach Waterpark

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to The Beach Waterpark, and plan to visit again next year with our friends.  While looking like an older park, for me it added to the nostalgia, and our youngest son commented on the fact, that it feel like he was in a different time period there. More carnival-like he said, but to him that just added to the charm of it all. 

  Sunset Grill The Beach Waterpark

Volleyball Court The Beach Waterpark

Disclaimer: Thank you to The Beach Waterpark for providing the tickets for our recent visit. As with all of our reviews here at Vintage Indie, the opinions expressed are our own, and can not be purchased. We find it very important to bring you truthful as well as imformative travel reviews. 






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