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Host an Outdoor Sensory Play Day

Summer, oh how I love you sweet, sweet, summer. Listen, if you know me, you know that summer is my jam. It may be hot, sticky, and somewhat miserable at times, but I will take it over winter ANY DAY! One night while I was up surfing, researching Pinterest, I decided that the kids and I should host an outdoor sensory play day. I'm so glad we did, it was so easy, and so much fun! 


13886303_10210148480694702_7412813041463338416_nThe small pool was filled with water beads and fresh water. We then put it in my friend's larger pool to catch and rogue beads. The kids loved this. 


How to host an outdoor sensory play day? 

  1. Invite moms willing to participate and their kiddos.
  2. Have each family bring 1-2 sensory activities and all of the ingredients for their activity. For example, playdough, water beads, moon sand, elephant toothpaste, etc. 
  3. You provide the tables, table coverings and a hand cleaning station. If you have sand, or glitter or anything that uses oil, you 'll probably want some oil cutting soap as well. 
  4. Make sure to have plenty of drinking water on hand. It was so hot, we went through a lot of water. 

Tip: Pick up a few plastic tablecloths from the Dollar store so clean up is a breeze! 




Finger painting station, with large Post It sticky paper. 



Cloud Dough with corn starch and shaving cream. 


A classic, corn starch and water. 



The hand washing station can also be a lot of fun. 


What are your favorite sensory things to do? 



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