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1st Day of Preschool/Kindergarten: Good Night Gorilla


Today marks the first day of our Preschool/Kindergarten journey. I have two sweet little students this year, that are so excited to get started with our  Literature based unit study Good Night Gorilla from Simply Learning Kids. Folks, if you haven't ever been to Kaitlyn's website and you are starting a tot-school/preschool you MUST go check out her sight ASAP. She does such a fantastic job creating these materials for our children. She puts so much heart into them, and makes learning hands-on and fun. We are truly grateful to her for providing our curriculum for our new preschool. 

Want to know how I organize our two week studies, come back tomorrow for an overview. 

In the meantime, check out some of our favorite books we're using to go along with our preschool curricula. (affiliate links provided for your convenience


Need some extra ideas for studying Africa? Check out our Pinterest Board. 



Fun in the sun with teens at The Beach Waterpark!

Sunday was an absolutely gorgeous day here in Mason, Ohio. The sun was shining, there was hardly any humidity, and the sky was full of beautiful blue and white fluffy clouds. It couldn't have been more perfect. Oh waitt, yes it was. We spent the day at The Beach Waterpark with our two kids and their friends. 

The Beach Waterpark Summer 2016

It has been years, I'm talking 15 years or so since I've made it back to The Beach Waterpark. When we arrived memories of The Cliff, started filling my head, as I remembered when I was just fourteen taking my first ride down the five story thrill seeking slide. I rememberd the wave of adreneline, and was really excited to see my kids take a turn. 

The Cliff at the Beach Waterpark


The crowds were fantastic all day long. A slow and steady stream of swimmers, and thrill seekers spent the day exploring, and relaxing. The waits for each ride were under five minutes all day. My husband and I found ourselves spending most of our time in the Kokomo Lazy River. A 1200 foot long relaxing tube adventure, slow enough to soak in some vitamin d, while enjoying a few splashes along the way.

  Lazy River at The Beach Waterpark

Lazy River at The Beach Waterpark

We found ourselves seperated from the older guys most of the day, and felt the atmosphere and crowd was very mellow. We really enjoyed the fact that the rides were fairly close to each other so there wasn't loads of walking on hot concrete from one attraction to the next. The Big Surf Wave Pool, was a short distance from The Cliff. The  750,000 Gallons zero depth entry pool, was a hit with The Beach goers. Plenty of lounch chairs, cabanas and shaded umbrella spots were available for anyone who wanted to catch some rays by the sun. Hubby and I spent a little time here, listening to the live band that played on the stage at Sunset Beach. Here you can find yourself relaxing, and sipping on a wide selection of draft craft beers. 

 The Big Surf Wave Pool

   The Big Surf Wave Pool
Craft Beer at The Beach Waterpark

The Beach Waterpark

Pricing for food and beer was comparable if not less than other large amusement parks in the area. The dollar hot-dogs were a hit with our guys during the 2:00-4:00 special. Be sure to catch that if you can when you're there, it is near the Sunset Beach stage.

  Lazy River at The Beach Waterpark

We didn't have our little one in tow with us on this visit, but we hope to bring her next time. There was quite a few things for her to do and explore. The Big Creek beach is full of water-splashing fun including a  600-gallon dump bucket, and three slides for their excitement. There is also a 1ft pool at the Lil’ Kahunas Waterworks. Plenty of sprays, fountains and geysyers for getting wet. 

  The Beach Waterpark

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to The Beach Waterpark, and plan to visit again next year with our friends.  While looking like an older park, for me it added to the nostalgia, and our youngest son commented on the fact, that it feel like he was in a different time period there. More carnival-like he said, but to him that just added to the charm of it all. 

  Sunset Grill The Beach Waterpark

Volleyball Court The Beach Waterpark

Disclaimer: Thank you to The Beach Waterpark for providing the tickets for our recent visit. As with all of our reviews here at Vintage Indie, the opinions expressed are our own, and can not be purchased. We find it very important to bring you truthful as well as imformative travel reviews. 





Sales & Specials: Wooden Educational Toys & More!

Happy Monday morning to you! I'm currently writing a review on one of our recent travels, and a few things popped up on my screen.

Today's Gold Box Deals on Amazon include some fantastic wooden toys, helpful educational materials and up to 45% off of a laminator! I love my laminator and use it for so much, especially since I have a preschooler again this year. 

 All the links below are affiliate links for your convenience. 

 Tip: I purchase laminating pouches in bulk on eBay, they seem more affordable that way. 

Finger puppets are great for imaginary play. 


A-Z puzzle, from BeginAgain. They have quite a lot of wooden educational toys on sale today. 

 Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty is one of our favoirte sensory play items. The older kids like to play with it during school time, it keeps their fingers busy, while their minds are hard at work. 


These chore cards are just what you need to get this school year off on the right foot. An easy way to get organized, and get everyone involved with being responsible. 


Host an Outdoor Sensory Play Day

Summer, oh how I love you sweet, sweet, summer. Listen, if you know me, you know that summer is my jam. It may be hot, sticky, and somewhat miserable at times, but I will take it over winter ANY DAY! One night while I was up surfing, researching Pinterest, I decided that the kids and I should host an outdoor sensory play day. I'm so glad we did, it was so easy, and so much fun! 


13886303_10210148480694702_7412813041463338416_nThe small pool was filled with water beads and fresh water. We then put it in my friend's larger pool to catch and rogue beads. The kids loved this. 


How to host an outdoor sensory play day? 

  1. Invite moms willing to participate and their kiddos.
  2. Have each family bring 1-2 sensory activities and all of the ingredients for their activity. For example, playdough, water beads, moon sand, elephant toothpaste, etc. 
  3. You provide the tables, table coverings and a hand cleaning station. If you have sand, or glitter or anything that uses oil, you 'll probably want some oil cutting soap as well. 
  4. Make sure to have plenty of drinking water on hand. It was so hot, we went through a lot of water. 

Tip: Pick up a few plastic tablecloths from the Dollar store so clean up is a breeze! 




Finger painting station, with large Post It sticky paper. 



Cloud Dough with corn starch and shaving cream. 


A classic, corn starch and water. 



The hand washing station can also be a lot of fun. 


What are your favorite sensory things to do? 


Cincinnati: The Children's Theater Presents The Frisch Marionette Compay Production of Jungle Book: The Story of Mowgli's Fire


If you are a home educator in the area, it could be that you've enjoyed a few student productions from The Children's Theatre. I know that we have enjoyed so many of them through the years at the The Taft Theater, 5th & Sycamore Streets Cincinnati, OH 45202.

However, if you haven't heard The Chidren's Theatre is super excited to invite you to their new location off of Red Bank Road. The Ralph and Patricia Corbett Showtime Stage. 4015 Red Bank Road Cincinnati, OH 45227

Frisch Jungle Book digital ad 2


Coming up on August 25th at 12 and 7:30pm you can visit opening night of  The Frisch Marionette Company’s production of JUNGLE BOOK:  THE STORY OF MOWGLI’S FIRE! 



Produced and directed by Kevin Frisch and adapted from an original script by Nicholas Coppola.  Original music composed and performed by Steve Frisch.


Tickets are going fast for this opening weekend! Add some last minute summer fun to your summer bucket-list. 

August 25 at 12 PM and 7:30 PM;

Friday, August 26 at 12 PM and 7:30 PM;

Saturday, August 27 at 2 PM and 5 PM 

Sunday, August 28 at 2 PM and 5 PM  


Tickets $10 in advance or $13 at the door.  Every person, regardless of age, needs a ticket. Children 1 year-old and younger who do not need a seat and will sit on your lap will be required to have an Infant Lap Pass for each show in every seating location throughout the theater. Lap Passes are just $1.


About Kevin Frisch and The Frisch Marionette Company:

In 1986, Kevin Frisch moved to New York City and joined The Puppetworks, Inc. of Brooklyn, New York. The next nine years were spent touring the New York Metropolitan area as well as performing in The Puppetworks’ permanent theatres in Brooklyn and Macy's Herald Square. In 1995, Kevin established The Frisch Marionettes in Cincinnati as an exceptional entertainment and educational experience for children and adults alike, proclaiming the many virtues of this unusual art form.  Kevin Frisch has built puppets, masks and costumes for The Central Park Zoo, New York Aquarium and The Puppetworks Inc. of New York. His puppets have been seen in People Magazine, SHOWTIMES' "Twisted Puppet Theater", the PBS Documentary "The American Puppet," and onstage with The Cincinnati Opera as well as in the New York store windows of ‘Saks 5th Ave.’, ‘Bloomingdale’s’ and ‘Hermes New York’ and in the family film “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium” featuring Dustin Hoffman and Natalie Portman. Kevin and his puppets have appeared in television commercials for Joseph Toyota of Cincinnati. Most recently, his puppets have appeared in the hit television shows “2 Broke Girls” on CBS and “Warehouse 13” on the Syfy channel.  For the past four seasons, The Frisch Marionette Company has designed puppets for TCT’s MainStage productions at the Taft Theatre.


Mark your calendar for MainStage theatre productions coming this fall. Alice in Wonderland, Elf The Musical JR., The Wizard of Oz, Tarzan the Stage Musical Based on the Disney Film!

Be sure to come back here to Vintage Indie for your chance to win tickets to the first show Alice in Wonderland in October! 



Disclaimer:  I was provided with tickets for my family in exchange for promotional purposes. All opinions are my own.

Kings Island with Teens and Tweens

Kings Island, why did I wait so long to come and visit you? The last time my family and I visited Kings Island, was when my now 14 year old was in a stroller! Can you belive that? I'm so excited to share our recent expirence with you, because so much has changed since those days. 

If you've never been, "Kings Island is located 21 miles north of Cincinnati off Interstate 71. The park's more than 100 world-class rides, shows and attractions are located within a two-hour drive of Columbus, OH, Indianapolis, IN, Louisville and Lexington, KY, and within five hours of cities like Chicago, IL, Detroit, MI, Pittsburgh, PA and Charleston, WV" So what's your excuse? 



This is us minus #thebeardedhunk who was driving. Kings Island or bust. I think I was more excited to head to Kings Island than these guys, our two sons and their friends. I was determined to get a full day in, no matter what the weather brought us. It was hot, really hot.

We filled up on breakfast before we left, so we could dive right in when we arrived. I also armed myself with some pain reliver, because you know roller coasters

So when we arrived we decided to hit up a new to us roller coaster, the Diamondback. "Diamondback is a high-speed steel roller coaster with a combination of banked turns and airtime humps." All I could say when we got off was WOW! I can't believe how smooth this ride is, I can't wait to do it again. Seriously though, it was so smooth and I didn't need anything for my typical roller coaster headache! 



We decided (well mostly I talked them into it) that we should head to White Water Canyon since it was so close. My thoughts were, we would get wet, and that would help keep us cool the rest of the day. For me, it was perfect, I got fully soaked except for my shoes! Everyone else wasn't so lucky, but none the less, it was a relaxing five minutes and we had fun getting wet. 


This is my sweet little family. Those brave younger guys decided they would go on Firehawk, and they couldn't talk me into it. I mean you're basically hanging and FLYING!

"Firehawk is a flying roller coaster where riders experience three (3) inversions in a face-down position. Riders will experience high speeds, weightlessness, and rapid movements from side-to-side. A shoulder harness secures each rider over the shoulders and across the chest" So lucky them, the first time for my youngest son to ever ride roller coasters or the Firehawk, he and big brother rode on the front car! The very first one! There was no way this momma was riding on that, I mean I still have a sweet little girl at home. 

Fast forward a few hours later, and it was probably my most favorite ride of the day. I don't think I've ever experinced anything like it. Nope, nada. If you go to Kings Island this smooth, and thrilling coaster must be on the top of your list. I'm so glad they talked me into riding it. I especially love that we have this fun memory together. Teens are so awesome! 


The day couldn't have been more perfect. The crowds weren't bad, and the lines were almost non existant. I highly suggest going on a weekday! We headed to Soak City, Kings Island's waterpark for a few hours around 4:00. Most folks were packing up, headed out of there for dinner.  We had a blast on all of the water slides. My favorite is always the slides with tubes. 

13745122_1167911439927313_761130344_n (1)

#thebeardedhunk and me. 

 "Soak City is the premier waterpark in the region. Families can splish, splash and laugh on more than 50 water activities, including 36 water slides, tropical lagoons, rushing rivers, and surfable waves including a 650,000-gallon wave pool, Tidal Wave Bay. Soak City is included with park admission to Kings Island."



After that, we headed back to Kings Island for about five trips in the Dodgem cars, and many more coasters! Who doesn't love a good bumper car ride! It was especially fun chasing all these guys around. For dinner we headed to Festhaus to get some pizza for our gluten free friend, and some regular pizza for the rest of the gang. Me, I ate Coney Potato Works, A.L.L. D.A.Y. yeah, snacks, dinner, all day. What can I say, I'm a sucker for fresh cut fries, and malt vinegar, my favorite! 

Helpful Tip: Coney Potato Works is GLUTEN FREE! 
"This GLUTEN-FREE location offers gluten-free fresh cut fries, gluten-free chicken tenders, gluten-free hand-dipped corndogs, gluten-free soft serve ice cream cones and some gluten-free beer choices" Say what?



The night ended where it started with one last magical trip on the Diamondback just as the sun was setting. It was gorgeous looking over the whole park with the beautiful sunset from the top of  Diamonback's hill. It was the perfect end to the most perfect day. #thebearded hunk and I had a blast with all of these gentlemen who hung out with the parents all day. I was so happy to have been able to go with them, and create some super great memories. I hope we can head back next year for a Firehawk marathon, and some fries, yes, more fries please! 


Oh, PS. when we were there, they told us they were unveiling a new ride that Thursday! I'm happy to report Mystic Timbers a new wooden roller coaster is set to open summer 2017! Take a look at this preview, it looks like so much fun! #whatsintheshed