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Fuzzy Vintage Inspired Candy Cane Craft

Fuzzy Candy Cane Project
This is a holiday craft I came up with recently to add some vintage whimsy to my Christmas .  You can use these fuzzy vintage inspired candy canes to decorate your tree or to embellish your holiday gifts. This is also an easy project to do with kids. Enjoy!

  • Gather your pipe cleaners in red and white. (I made 2 batches. One using skinny pipecleaners and one using bigger fuzzier ones.)
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  • Next, soak your pipe-cleaners in a hot tea bath for a vintage look. (I used several family size tea bags in a big stew pot of boiling water. To keep my pipe-cleaners from rising to the top I placed a regular dinner plate in the pot to hold them down.)
Vintage Inspired Candy Cane Craft
  • Leave for 1-2 hours.
  • Next, drain all the tea off your pipe cleaners, then gently squeeze out some of the excess liquid off of them - but not too much.
  • Place pipe cleaners in clothes dryer and dry for 10-15 minutes on high heat. Make sure to include a fabric softener sheet. This will seal in the tea stain and fluff your pipe cleaners back up.

Vintage Inspired Candy Cane Craft Vintage Inspired Candy Cane Craft
Vintage Inspired Candy Cane Craft 3062045964_275b2621ae copy

  • Next, twist pipe cleaners together and bend into a candy-cane shape. (If you want to make smaller candy-canes like these shown cut each pipe cleaner in half before twisting.)
Vintage Inspired Candy Cane Craft
  • Using a small paint brush, brush your candy-cane  lightly with glue then dust with glitter (I used silver.)


  • Shake off excess glitter and re-fluff your candy-cane by running it between  your fingers, allowing some of the glitter to fall off - you don't want there to be huge clumps of glitter, just a light dusting.
  • Let dry.
Vintage Inspired Candy Cane Craft
  • Now you can use these cute little accent pieces as embellishments for gift wrapping, or as ornaments on your tree!


A special thanks to our Jerusalem Greer for this project. I can't wait to add these to my packages this year.




How fun are these! Who would have thought to put them in the dryer.lol. Laurie


love these!


Thanks for the candy cane love!

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