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Colorful Prize Ribbon Ornament

Prize Ribbon Ornament DIY



Ribbon can be used for more than wrapping your holiday packages! Collect ribbons in different colors for a fun and easy corsage or ornament!





  • Ribbon in different widths and colors.
  • Small buttons in your favorite colors.
  • Small star.
  • Fabric scrap.
  • Glue (I like Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive)
  • Flat pin back.
  • Needle and length of embroidery thread.


Make the backing first. Cut a wide length of ribbon in four pieces about 7 inches long, notch each end by snipping a small triangular piece off of the ends. Do the same with the narrower ribbon. Glue the pieces together into an asterisk shape (see photo). Allow to dry completely before moving to the next step.


Cut four pairs of coordinating ribbon (I used two shades of green, one with polka dots to look like snow) into the following lengths:

3-1/2 inches

4-1/2 inches

6 inches

8 inches

Cut these pieces in half.

Arrange the pieces, overlapping them, into a tree shape (see the photo) on the front of the “asterisk” you previously assembled. Glue (or you may want to sew down) your ribbon “tree.” Decorate the tree with a colorful assortment of small buttons and the star on top. Allow to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

 Tree Corsage 2

Cut a circle out of the fabric scrap. Sew the pin backing near the top of the circle. Glue the fabric with pin backing to the back of the ribbon corsage.

 Tree Corsage 3

You may either wear your corsage or string ribbon through the pin backing and hang on your tree!

Elizabeth Holcombe Fedorko, aka Bethsbagz, began her checkered crafting career when at four she realized using paste on paper was better than eating it. Inspired by vintage dime store treasures, vintage fabric, and a no-fear attitude toward color, Beth crafts totes, pin cushions, wreaths, and corsages into her Dime Store Chic creations. Beth would love you to take a peek into her whimsical world at her blog.


Sharon in NJ

I really like this pin and might make some for gifts. Thanks for posting.

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