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Broadway in Cincinnati Something Rotten is Hilarious!

There is so much to see, and so much to do in Cincinnati these days! It's buzzing with theater, music, dance and Broadway! Something Rotten's national tour is making it's way downtown to our fabulous city! We were thrilled to have seen this show on opening night.

Something Rotten Cincinnati 2017

"Set in the ‘90s – the 1590s – this hilarious smash tells the story of Nick and Nigel Bottom (Tony nominee Rob McClure and Broadway’s Josh Grisetti), two brothers who are desperate to write their own hit play while the "rock star" Shakespeare (Tony nominee Adam Pascal) keeps getting all the hits. When a local soothsayer foretells that the future of theatre involves singing, dancing and acting at the same time, Nick and Nigel set out to write the world’s very first MUSICAL!"

 Something Rotten

The touring company of Something Rotten!


  Opening Night Something Rotten Cincinnati

Something Rotten Cincinnati Broadway

I've never been in a room with that many people laughing that hard. Something Rotten is high energy and full of musical surprises. beerded.cincinnati and we enjoyed every minute of it.


It's not often you find an original musical not based on songs or books, but this one is fresh, and something different for the Broadway world. If it's your first time to see a Broadway show, you won't be disappointed, and quite possibly have found a new entertainment to love. Head down to the magical Aronoff Center for the Arts, and dig in to our wonderful city! This show won't be here forever, so visit the links below to score your seats. 



650 Walnut Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202


OPENING FEB 21, 2017
CLOSING MAR 05, 2017


Truth in Review: Cincinnati on Broadway provided us with tickets for our review. We were not paid for any contents of our review or required any certain text within the review.  All reviews posted by us are truthful in content and not bought. Gabe & Gabreial Wyatt 

Visit our Disclaimer/Disclosure Page for more info

Jungle Jim's Has all the fun! Big Cheese Fest!

Jungle Jim's Big Cheese Festival Oscar Event Center
Jungle Jim's Big Cheese Festival Oscar Event Center

Junge Jim's was at it again with their SOLD OUT Big Cheese event! Tables of cheese were lined up for miles (well not really), but there was sooo much cheese at the Oscar Event Center. Beer cheese, craft cheese, specialty blends, local favorites like Ed-Mar Dairy and many international cheeses are just some of the things there to enjoy. Jungle Jim's is known for having the biggest selection of almost every kind of food you can imagine. They don't disappoint with their cheese, either. 

Ed-Mar Dairy
Ed-Mar Dairy NKY Local Dairy Farm
Big Cheese Fest Jungle Jim's
Crowds indulging in cheese!



Jungle Jim's Oscar Event Center
Beautiful Bar at the Oscar Event Center, they host weddings here too!

Meanwhile, the massive international market itself, next door to The Oscar Event Center, was buzzing with eager shoppers waiting to get their hands on craft beers, wine tastings, and freshly baked bread. Many were looking for authentic ingredients for their international feasts. 





If Jungle Jim's is new to you, this is Mr. "Jungle" himself. He started Jungle Jim's as a farm stand In 1971, where he set up his first semi-permanent produce stand in a parking lot, on the corner of Erie and High Street in Hamilton. Talk about indie entrepreneurship at its finest! His story is not only a great one, but inspiring to say the least. From humble beginnings as a six year old boy doing odd jobs around his neighborhood, to a teen washing and selling golf balls he picked up on a course nearby, he's managed to create a foodie empire! 

Fairfield is the flagship location for this mega store, but in September 2012 Jungle opened a second location in Eastgate;4450 Eastgate South Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45245. Just a short twenty minutes from downtown Cincinnati, this location is just a hop and a skip to all of your foodie wanting pleasures. 


Vintage Indie is happy to collaborate with Jungle Jim's giving you a heads up on the fantastic line up of family friendly, craft beer and wine enthusiast events. At times they'll have as many as 70 events happening in a given month! Gabe will be your source for everything craft beer, and the exciting times ahead for Cincinnati's beer community.


 Get out, discover good food, local flavors and experience a grocery store like no other! 



Vegan Garlic Sriracha Ranch Salad Dressing or Dip Recipe

You guys! I think I've found a new salad dressing! Vegan Garlic Sriracha Ranch. It is so delicious and so easy to make. I could see this used as a dip for celery, carrots, cucumbers and any other raw veggies you would normally use to dip in ranch. I'm digging it on everything right now. 

Vegan Garlic Sriracha Ranch Salad Dressing

 Affiliate Links included below for your convenience.

What You Will Need: 

1/2 Cup Hemp Seeds

1T Tahini or Cashew Butter

1 Garlic Clove 

1-2 t of Sriracha Hot Sauce

Juice of half a lemon ( I added a bit more for myself)

Pinch of sea salt


1. Pulse the garlic clove and hemp seeds together to create a fine mixture.

2. Add the remaining ingredients and blend until smooth. Adjust seasoning to taste.


 Garlic Sriracha Ranch Salad Dip
Brussel Sprout, Broccoli & Kale Salad with Oil Free Roasted Potatoes




Printable Valentine's Card by Danielle Thompson of Tiny Bazaar & Kitchy Digitals!

Vintage Indie would like to welcome special guest Danielle Thompson of Tiny Bazaar and Kitchy Digitals. She joins us today to share a super adorable printable Valentine's Card with you. 

Of course, I couldn't just give you a freebie from Danielle without letting you get to know her a little. I asked her to share with us more about her and her businesses.

My name is Danielle Thompson and I have two small businesses: Tiny Bazaar (my Etsy Shop) and Kitschy Digitals. I have a background in Graphic Design and Fine Arts and I apply alot of what I've learned over the years to my small business. I still do freelance Graphic Design part-time, but I try to devote most of my "free" time to my personal businesses. (Free-time meaning when my boys are in school during the day. :-)

I have designed all sorts of things such as digital and printable kits, paper goods, clear polymer stamps, embroidery patterns, unique vinyl wall decals, accessories for Blythe and I also offer prints of my photography. I try to keep all sorts of people in mind when I'm designing: the crafter, the scrapbooker, the blogger, the embroidery fan, you name it. I try to make my products relate to a diverse group of people that dabble in all sorts of hobbies.

I LOVE what I do and I hope to one day devote all of my professional life to these businesses. It's a dream come true to get to push myself as an artist, create things that I love, and to hopefully inspire someone else in the process.



You can also find me blogging at Thompson Family-Life where I share what crafts I'm working on, my photography, products I'm developing, my vintage finds, DIY tutorials and general "family life" including 2 boys and a husband. ;-)



This is a high-resolution PDF that you are welcome to use for PERSONAL USE. (Please do not use this in any way for commercial use. Thank you!) Just print right at home, cut out, assemble and give to your loved one!


There are two envelope options: one for mailing and one for not mailing.


I included directions where needed in the PDF. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me at thousandclowns@yahoo.com


The download link to the printable PDF is here.


Thanks so much Danielle for sharing this printable with us! Be sure to visit Danielle at Tiny Bazaar and Kitchy Digitals it is right up vintage alley!

Valentine's Day: Sweets & Treats

I'm in the painstaiking process of reviewing a chocolate company for you. You won't want to settle for drug-store chocolate again this Valentine's Day. In the mean time, why not support local bakeries and small business owners for other special treats. 

Specialty Cookies from SweetArtSweets


French Macarons from LeBonbonLA


French Jellies from ZukrBoutique

Crafty Vintage Valentine Frame Tray


Tray supplies What You'll Need:

- a filigree metal 8X10 picture frame ~~two sheets of   scrapbook paper in pretty patterns of your choice
  - quick dry glue
  - a few vintage Valentines
  - white craft paint
  - craft paint in your choice of color
  - sponge brush
  - four wooden beads
  - steel wool


Tray painted

Step One:

If frame has an easel back remove it. Remove glass, clean, and set aside along with cardboard backing. Use steel wool to roughen the metal of the frame so the paint will adhere to the metal. First paint a layer of white craft paint as a “primer” onto the frame (you may paint the underside of the frame of you wish). Allow to dry completely. Then paint several layers of the color paint onto the frame. Keep your layers thin to retain the details of the frame. Allow to dry completely.





Tray valentines

Step Two:

Use the paper backing to trace your scrapbook papers and cut them to fit beneath the glass and on the back of the frame. Take the paper you want to use for the front (beneath the glass) and arrange the Valentines on the paper. Overlap them if you would like to. You may wish to put a tiny ring of tape on the back of the Valentines to hold them down to the paper. Sandwich your Valentine collage between glass and cardboard backing, and insert into frame.






Tray back

Step Three:

Turn frame over and glue the other piece of scrapbook paper along the edge of the frame. Allow to dry. Take the beads (you may paint them the same color as the frame) and glue to each corner on the back of the frame. Allow to dry.



Tray complete

Step Four:

Now your dime-store chic frame tray is complete! You may, of course, use this idea to create frame trays for birthdays and other holidays! Have fun!

Elizabeth Holcombe Fedorko, aka Bethsbagz, began her checkered crafting career when at four she realized using paste on paper was better than eating it. Inspired by vintage dime store treasures, vintage fabric, and a no-fear attitude toward color, Beth crafts totes, pin cushions, wreaths, and corsages into her Dime Store Chic creations. Beth would love you to take a peek into her whimsical world at her blog.


Daniel Tiger's Live (Giveaway)

Daniel Tiger Live in Cincinnati Enter to WIN!

Ugga mugga, ugga mugga, ugga mugga, we love, love, love Daniel Tiger around here! We love his soft spoken parents, and gentle parenting. We love the lessons on manners and respectful behavior, all around Daniel Tiger is a win in our home! We're so excited to take our littlest love to see him LIVE in Cincinnati, at the Aronoff Center - Procter & Gamble Hall Saturday, February 18, 2017.

Won’t you be our neighbor? The legacy of the beloved “Mister Rogers” lives on with the hit television series, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, from The Fred Rogers Company and airing daily on PBS KIDS. Now, Daniel and all of his friends are hopping aboard Trolley to delight live audiences with DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD LIVE! Donning his iconic red sweater, Daniel takes the audience on an interactive musical adventure as he and his friends explore the vibrant world of their much-loved Neighborhood of Make-Believe, sharing stories of friendship, helping others, and celebrating new experiences. This live theatrical production filled with singing, dancing, laughter, and “grr-ific” surprises will warm the hearts of multiple generations.


Want to save on tickets? Get $5.00 off by using this link. Discount tickets may also be purchased at (513) 621-ARTS [2787] and the Aronoff Center Ticket Office by mentioning promo code:  NEIGHBORHOOD


 Thanks to the CINCINNATI ARTS ASSOCIATION who is also giving YOU a chance to WIN a family four pack of tickets to the show! 

 Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood LIVE!

Saturday, February 18, 2017 - 3:00 PM & 6:30 PM



a Rafflecopter giveaway


DISCLAIMER: Thank you to the Cincinnati Arts Association for sponsoring this giveaway. I was provided with tickets to the show to enjoy with my family, all opinions are mine!

Black Beans Slow Cooker or Oven Recipe

If you're wondering what to make for lunch or even dinner this week, why not get a pot or crock pot  delicious black beans going. Once you try these you'll never go back to the canned stuff, I promise! 
First enlist the help of a sweet son, if you have one of those like mine and wash 1lb of dried organic black beans. You'll also want to sort these for rocks or shriveled up beans. 
July 2013 004
Aren't black beans gorgeous! They look like little jewels! My son loves how they feel in his hands. 
July 2013 005
Next if you have a crock pot place the washed black beans in the pot. Add enough water to cover them by an inch. I just stick my finger in to get a measurement.  Cover and cook on high for 4.5 hours on high or low for 6-7 hours depending on the temperature of your crock pot. You may have to check for water if your beans soak all it up, but mine never do. Add salt afterwords to taste.  That's it for plain black beans, but we never have them this way.  If you like Chipotle style black beans keep reading for that recipe. 
To the pot add:
 - 2T of Cumin
 - 2 Bay Leaves
 - 2 T of Sherry
Cook the same as above. 
If you don't have a crockpot, cooking black beans in the oven is so easy and they turn out just as delicious and creamy as the crockpot version. Turn on the oven to 350 and bake for 90
minutes. Check for doneness after 90 minutes. 
See, that was easy, wasn't it? 
We love black beans in our house, we eat them on nachos, tacos, "burrito bowls", black beans and rice and any other way we can get them.