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Jungle Jim's Big Cheese Festival Oscar Event Center
Jungle Jim's Big Cheese Festival Oscar Event Center

Junge Jim's was at it again with their SOLD OUT Big Cheese event! Tables of cheese were lined up for miles (well not really), but there was sooo much cheese at the Oscar Event Center. Beer cheese, craft cheese, specialty blends, local favorites like Ed-Mar Dairy and many international cheeses are just some of the things there to enjoy. Jungle Jim's is known for having the biggest selection of almost every kind of food you can imagine. They don't disappoint with their cheese, either. 

Ed-Mar Dairy
Ed-Mar Dairy NKY Local Dairy Farm
Big Cheese Fest Jungle Jim's
Crowds indulging in cheese!



Jungle Jim's Oscar Event Center
Beautiful Bar at the Oscar Event Center, they host weddings here too!

Meanwhile, the massive international market itself, next door to The Oscar Event Center, was buzzing with eager shoppers waiting to get their hands on craft beers, wine tastings, and freshly baked bread. Many were looking for authentic ingredients for their international feasts. 





If Jungle Jim's is new to you, this is Mr. "Jungle" himself. He started Jungle Jim's as a farm stand In 1971, where he set up his first semi-permanent produce stand in a parking lot, on the corner of Erie and High Street in Hamilton. Talk about indie entrepreneurship at its finest! His story is not only a great one, but inspiring to say the least. From humble beginnings as a six year old boy doing odd jobs around his neighborhood, to a teen washing and selling golf balls he picked up on a course nearby, he's managed to create a foodie empire! 

Fairfield is the flagship location for this mega store, but in September 2012 Jungle opened a second location in Eastgate;4450 Eastgate South Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45245. Just a short twenty minutes from downtown Cincinnati, this location is just a hop and a skip to all of your foodie wanting pleasures. 


Vintage Indie is happy to collaborate with Jungle Jim's giving you a heads up on the fantastic line up of family friendly, craft beer and wine enthusiast events. At times they'll have as many as 70 events happening in a given month! Gabe will be your source for everything craft beer, and the exciting times ahead for Cincinnati's beer community.


 Get out, discover good food, local flavors and experience a grocery store like no other! 




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