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Spring Cleaning for your Life - Part One Out With the Old


Happy first day of spring! 

Spring Cleaning for your Life. Yes, you read that correctly. Today's Making the Most of Monday is Part one of a three part series that I would like to do for the next couple of weeks.

Part One: Out With the Old
Are you holding on to bad clutter in your life? I'm not talking about piles of paperwork or unfinished business. I'm talking about life's clutter.

I've put together a series of questions below. Take a moment to think about each one before you give it a serious yes or no.







Are you allowing toxic relationships to run your life?

Do you surround yourself with people who control your thoughts?
Are you hanging on to any bad habits?
Do you have a poor attitude?
Are you allowing fear to keep you from stepping out? Is discouragement keeping you from your dreams?
Are you holding on when you know you should let go?

During this crazy economical time it's easy to get lost in the stress of bills, and money money money. It's also easy to loose yourself along the way, while you are going through the process. I'm hoping these questions provoked your mind into thinking about what is really cluttering your life.

With anything that life sends our way, we need to remain mentally strong. You need you, family needs you and friends need you. Are you prepared to help you? Are you prepared to give them what they need?

This week, think about these questions. Write down a list of things that are cluttering your life. After your done, be prepared to be out with the old so that you can live up to your full potential. 

If you'd like to participate this week, please feel free to comment below. 


sheri jones

Thanks for the great questions. Interestingly enough, I've been thinking about some of these a lot lately. I'm trying to decide if I'm ready to "take the leap" and get out of a job I hate and create jewelry full time. It's hard to get out of my comfort zone even though I'm miserable every single day. Time to let go. Thanks for the push.....I think it's time to JUMP!!!!

Vintage Indie

Hi Sheri,

You're welcome. Good luck with your new endeavors!


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