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April 2013 002
This is one of my most favorite pictures of our sweetie girl. She's covered in roasted beets and sweet potatoes.  She's been eating this way from the beginning of solid foods. She's only 9 months here. I did a lot of research early on, on baby-led-weaning. Although we weren't trying to wean, she started showing interest in our food at about 7 months. We started giving her little nibbles from our food then and she's eating a bit of whole foods daily at her request. 
April 2013 006
This is what a typical Sunday at our house looks like, baby food prep. Except, I'm not mashing, blending or pureeing anything. I simply roast everything on a pan, remove things that cook a little faster, remove the tough skins, dice them up into baby finger size and freeze for the week. I can't tell you how easy this is! It is also easy on the budget, but that's just a bonus. 
 This whole experience has been wonderful for baby, mommy, and daddy. We are loving feeding her whole foods, picked ripe for eating and without any processing or extra unnecessary added ingredients. We're not including grains, or corn for a long while as we feel this is best for developing her tummy to handle those sorts of things and we're avoiding GMO's like the plague. For now, whole fruits and vegetables are on her menu. Just recently we've started to scatter in some organic roasted chicken and egg yolks here and there. 
What Baby is Eating: 
Sweet Potatoes
Butternut Squash
Apples (baked)
Roasted Beets, Golden and Purple (her favorite)
Asparagus Tops
Green Beans
Egg Yolks
Organic Roasted Chicken
and adding weekly.....
We're staying away from cruciferous (except cauliflower) vegetables on the moment as those seem to be harder on the digestive system.
There are all sorts of books, blogs and websites devoted to baby-led weaning. I'm not an expert on the subject, but if you're intrigued to do your own research I've included some of my favorite links below.
Simple Bites - Embracing Baby-Led Weaning



I think she's enjoying her food! lol!

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