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The Illusionists Live from Broadway Cincinnati ends tonight! March 26, 2017

Don't miss your opportunity to see The Illusionists Live From Broadway Cincinnati! This show closes today March 26, 2017 Tickets are available for 1:00 and 6:00pm tonight! 

The Illusionists Live from Broadway Cincinnati

The Illusionists whisks your mind away to a place it's never been before. The high energy, entertaining two hour show is mind bending, baffling, and downright crazy. You've got to see it for yourself to believe it. The show is  interactive with the crowd, and keeps you involved and entertained from the start.

I recommend taking your kids 6+ older to this show if they can handle suspense, and sometimes eye covering acts that could be a bit much for the squeamish. 

Kevin James The Inventor in The Illusionists Live
Kevin James The Inventor Production photos of The Illusionists—Live From Broadway

Kevin James The Inventor above, has a child-like way with magic. He enjoys seeing the joy and disbelief of his audience and captures your attention with amazing feats of things happening right before your eyes.

He brought a little girl from the audience to capture her imagination, and amazed the entire crowd. He doesn't stop though with innocent illusions. he cuts a man in half. A classic that will leave you questioning everything. 

Dan Sperry (The Anti-Conjuror) in The Illusionists—Live From Broadway
Dan Sperry (The Anti-Conjuror) in The Illusionists—Live From Broadway

Dan Sperry, The Anti-Conjuror brings his dry sense of humor, and his mysterious illusions to some of the classics of magic. His performance includes a rabbit, and some birds in his very own special way. He also performs some interesting illusions with his body that had me holding my hands over my face, and peeking through my fingers. Each time, bringing my jaw to a gaping hole of mystery. 

Colin Cloud (The Deductionist) in The Illusionists—Live From Broadway
Colin Cloud (The Deductionist) in The Illusionists—Live From Broadway

Lastly for my review, I'm highlighting Colin Cloud The Deductionist. Another favorite of mine and my husbands. We aren't quite sure how he does it, but he involves the entire audience into a mind-bending performance that questions your educational abilities on every level.

His way with numbers, and reading people is something you've only seen in the movies. I'm glad that we got to experience this live and in person. I only wish that our teens were able to join us for the show. They would have been amazed. 


Don't wait! Today, and this evening are your last chance to see The Illusionists Live on Broadway at the beautiful Aronoff Center in downtown Cincinnati. 



Procter & Gamble Hall - Aronoff Center for the Arts

650 Walnut Street Cincinnati, OH

SUNDAY 03/26 1:00PM  
SUNDAY 03/26 6:30PM  

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