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Vegetarian Chili at Gold Star Chili? Yes! (Giveaway)

As I've recently chosen a vegetarian diet, as in the past year or so, I still long for the flavors of a good, meaty chili. Specifically, of course, the local flavors of Cincinnati Style Chili. I was thrilled when I found out that Gold Star Chili had unveiled a new VEGETARIAN chili.

All of my craving dreams came true when we visited the newly opened Gold Star Chili, located on Montgomery Road in Norwood, in the new University Station near Xavier's campus. With their new sleek finishes, modern decor, and friendly atmosphere, this is not the strip mall Gold Star of my childhood. The kids and I stepped into a new-to-us Gold Star Chili experience, and we were thrilled with the results. 

Gold Star Chili Kitchen

  Gold Star Chili Serves Burgers

Did you know that Gold Star Chili started out as a hamburger joint? I had no idea! With the piles and piles of noodles, chili, and cheese being slung out on plates, my son's eyes opened wide when he checked out the menu and spied their burger.  Chili and a burger, what more could you ask for, other than vegetarian chili cheese fries, of course?  (We'll come back to those fries in a minute).

Gold Star Chili got its start when four Daoud brothers, of Mount Washington, came together to create Hamburger Haven. Along with burgers, the brothers had a chili recipe that was starting to sell quicker than their burgers, so they changed the name.

Gold Star Chili Burger & Coney

And now, for the first time in Cincinnati, Gold Star Chili decided to hire a chef to create the perfect vegetarian, soy free and gluten free chili. When we spoke with the creative chef behind this new chili his excitement for nailing the taste and texture was contagious.

My middle love decided to take the taste test challenge. If you can't tell by the picture they are almost exactly the same in taste, texture, and flavor. They really hit the nail on the head with this creation. My little foodie was able to pick out the vegetarian one from the regular, and after the challenge my youngest love stole the bowl. She loved it!

Gold Star Chili Vegetarian Chili

Gold Star Chili Vegetarian Chili Cheese Fries


It was my turn to order, and I've been craving cheesy chili fries for so long. I was excited to be able to order exactly what I wanted in vegetarian style! Perfectly crispy fries, and that spicy Cincinnati chili with all the familiar flavors were there.  This new creation will be available for a limited time, beginning March 3rd, through the Lenten season.  Enjoy the local fish fries as always, but don't forget to get out to your neighborhood Gold Star Chili for this amazing new creation!


I'm so exited for you! You have the chance to win a $25.00 Gift Card courtesy of Gold Star Chili, just in time for you to taste their new Vegetarian Chili.




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A special thank you to Gold Star Chili for hosting Vintage Indie at the tasting event, sponsoring this post and for providing a gift card for all of our wonderful readers. As usual, our opinions are our own, and never purchased. We want you to truly enjoy finding new things in our great Cincinnati city! 


Candy Burns

I HAVE to try the Chili Mac!!! I have never had it before and it sounds DELICIOUS!!!!

LeeAnne Israelson

I have to say I've never been, but my boyfriend says it's wonderful. I would try a chili burger.

Maybe it will sway me to being a Good Star fan!


I love chili cheese fries. And chili cheese burritos!!


I love their chili cheese fries, but I've never had their chili Mac. I'll have to try it because it sounds delicious!!

Samantha Wagner

Kristen Niemeyer

I've gotta try a burger!!

Bri Pennington

I have to try Gold Star's new vegetarian chili 3-way! I'm a vegetarian and I have missed their old vegetarian chili so I can't wait to try the new one!


I can't wait to try it! I loved their old one too!

Piper Laurie

I have to try the new veggie chili 3-way and veggie chili cheese fries!

Theresa Moeggenberg

I have to try a chili burger!!!

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