VI Headliner Sponsor Feature: Crow & Iris

It is my pleasure to welcome Crow & Iris back as a sponsor for Vintage Indie this December. Please help me in sending them a warm welcome.


Just in time for gift giving Crow & Iris is whipping up gorgeous handmade jewelry, perfect for any gal on your shopping list. 


Aiming to pamper you, you will also find calming bath and body herbals and more at Crow & Iris. 

Thank you Crow & Iris for your support this month. We appreciate you!

*This feature is a sponsor paid feature with the Vintage Indie  Advertising. All items chosen for the feature were hand picked by me. If you are interested in advertising, please visit our informational page here.

Vintage Indie 2009 Winter Handbag Guide: Handmade & Feminine


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All of these beautiful handbags are handmade, some include recycled materials and vintage components.  My favorite the second from the right, the  Black Victorian Ruffled Handbag.

All handbags by Mojo Spa Style

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Price Range: $42.00 - $80.00


Handmade Crush: Gur Kimel Nature Preserve Jewelry

Fall is such a great time to notice changes in nature and embrace what is to come for winter. Gur Kimel does and excellent job of showing off the beauty in nature nature with their beautiful handmade unique jewelry. 

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All photo by the photographer : Lelya Kimel

The Daily Swank: Rosette Fascinator

A perfect hair accessory for fall is the Rosette Fascinator by Giant Dwarf


Left: The Autumnal Rosette Fascinator was made from Pumpkin + Paprika + Nutmeg Wool Felt Right: The Canary Rosette Fascinator was made from Marigold + Canary Wool

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Special Guest Starr Keller: Handbags for Healing

Handbags for Healing: One of my favorite vintage things.
By: Starr Keller

Several weeks ago, I participated as an artisan vendor at the Brownsburg Art Fair in Indiana. Staying true to my nearly-always-late arriving self, I was scurrying around, trying to set up my space with as much grace as I could muster in the wee morning hour and in unseasonably chilly temperatures. By the grace of the good Lord, I had been positioned right next to the nicest little couple: they were adorable, nice and most helpful. Once the show was underway and I had a chance to cruise their space, I instantly fell in love.

My favorite handbag - I must have this going into the fall season!

Vintage textiles of all kinds mixed and matched, sewn together to make the most adorable handbags I have ever seen greeted my eye. And the best part - the piece of the puzzle that I am looking to fill for my business - is that owner and designer Kendra is crafting for a purpose. Her company, Handbags for Healing, offers portions of her proceeds to charities of all kinds. I love what she states on her site: "We are all in need of healing, whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual." It is Kendra's (and those family members on board)hope that by using upcycled and repurposed fabrics and sporting the cute Handbags for Healing label, that the good word of helping others will spread.
I, my friends, am certainly hooked!

In addition to handbags, Kendra and her crew craft these cutie little handmade dolls out of upcycled vintage textiles.

Little change purses too!

You can also visit them at their blog Handbags for Healing.


The Daily Swank - EightSeasons

Introducing EightSeasons for today's Daily Swank. I'm hearting the feminine touches that are brought on by the unique leather edges. All bags are created by hand from the mother daughter duo of EightSeasons.





Think Eco: Decora

Today's Think Eco feature is from the Decora Workshop. I love what they are doing with their line of handmade pleated bags. Here is what they are doing to "think eco"  Each workshop bag comes with a matching hand towel and a convenient "decora kaimono" reusable shopping bag. The large shopping bag folds up and fits into one of the inner pockets and is great for purchases too large to fit in your handbag! You can use the hand towel to dry your hands when using public restrooms. Your action can help decrease our use of paper towels and inefficient high powered blow dryers. What a great idea!

Decora1 Decora3
Decora4 Decora2

 I love how their thinking about their environment with their style not to mention their bags are beautiful.

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Indie Entrepreneur : ZannClip

Welcome to a new feature here at Vintage Indie called Indie Entrepreneur. I'll be featuring products and items that have hit main stream invented by you. My goal behind this feature is to share with you products that deserve a spotlight due to their individual success. Most of the time " indie entrepreneurs's are mom's, dad's and ordinary people just like us. They're pushing the envelope, often times spending their life savings to pursue their dreams. Their goals are often to create products and ideas to make life better for all of us. We're always looking for better products, safer solutions and overall a good quality product so why not start with the inventor themselves.

Today I'd like to introduce you to the ZannClip by Olivia Francis. Created and invented by entrepreneur Olivia Francis to avoid that wrinkle or wave in your hair.  Many of you may be wondering what's the big deal about a "barrette" but I have to tell you the ZannClip isn't your ordinary barrette. I myself have extremely thick curly hair and on most days and you'll find me with my hair up in an elastic hair band. After trying the ZannClip I can safely say I'm a convert to the clip.

What's so great about the ZannClip? It fits every hair style. It's easy to use and it is available in an array of colors. You can't tell by the looks of it, but the clip is very sturdy and can take some abuse from heavier hair. If you don't have heavier hair, you can choose from small or medium. I like using it best when I'm getting ready. Throwing it up in a quick up-do whilst putting on my make-up. Once I'm finished I take the clip out and my hair is as good as when I straightened it.

If you'd like to see how it works, press play on the video below or visit ZannClips online.

If you'd like to see your invention on Vintage Indie email us for more information.

Starr Struck

I'd like to introduce you to my friend Starr Keller of Starr Strung Jewels. Starr has an amazing talent for combining vintage components into beautiful jewelry. I know she pours her heart into each piece she creates, and truly cares about you her customer.

StarrStrung1 Il_430xN.46349978

Il_430xN.71319312  Il_430xN.66998506

Starr is also an amazing writer, be prepared to be inspired over at her blog.

Have a great weekend everyone, I'm taking an extra day off for the long weekend!

See you on Tuesday!