An Ornament a Day: 12.4.08 - Slvilov's Shop Funky Junk

Oh no, could it be? I missed yesterday's ornament a day? Terribly sorry about that I must say! I'll make up for it today with two. Up first a little ball of bliss from Slvilov's Shop.

What do you get when you blend vintage velvet ribbons, beads and sparkling sequins in oh so beautiful colors? A Velvet Ribbon Ornament of course! Visit this Etsy shop for even more beautiful ornaments like their line of beaded ones! 

Share the Joy of a Vintage Christmas - A Family's Creche

Shelby A. of San Clementine writes, "My grandmother gave this creche to me a few years ago. it is quite possibly the most cherished possession I own. As a child, this little creche would fascinate and inspire my hopes and dreams. It brings back such warm memories of being with grandma and grandpa, the smell of their sweet little cottage home  and all the innocence of childhood at Christmas."

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A special thank you to Shelby A.Visit her Etsy shop ShopMarigold for gorgeous handmade jewelry!

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