Plan Ahead Events: Funky Junk April 9th & 10th 2011 Chattaroy, WA 99003



April 9 & 10, Saturday & Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.




Irish Dance Hall Grange : 8216 E. Big Meadows Rd. Chattaroy, WA 99003

Take Hwy 2 to Elk-Chattaroy Rd, and then take Big Meadows Rd
Just 15 mins. north of Spokane, WA - watch for signs

Plan Ahead Events: Junk Jubilee April 8, 9, & 10, 2011 4H Building, Iowa State Fairgrounds Des Moines, Iowa

Can you smell the vintage? It's that time of year again! Vintage sales, markets, shoppes and vendors booths busting with fresh vintage for your fingers!

Up first is Junk Jubilee


April 8, 9, & 10, 2011
4H Building, Iowa State Fairgrounds
Des Moines, Iowa

Iowa's first junk hunt!
April 8, 9 & 10th
Friday & Saturday 9 am - 6 pm
Sunday 10 am - 4 pm
Do you have an event you'd like published here at Vintage Indie? Send me an email!


Plan Ahead Events: 2nd Saturdayz Market in Seattle this Weekend

Coming up this weekend:  

The gals who promote this shindig call themselves "The Junk Tribe" and are about the nicest and most talented bunch of creative types around.

To give you a taste, here's a little video I shot at the 2nd Saturdayz last month:


   That was Deb Bock and Linda Morrison's booth. For more info click here.

Happy Hunting!


Plan Ahead Events Local: Christmas Town, Creation Museum Petersburg KY

If you're looking to start a new tradition with your family, I highly suggest visiting Christmas Town at the Creation Museum in Pertersburg KY. My family and I enjoyed a wonderful evening of lights, live drama, a "Bethlehem" market and so much more.

Christmas Town officially begins December 10th!


  • What: Christmas Town: Free Live Nativity & Garden of Lights
  • When: December 10, 11, 17, 18, 27, 28, 31; January 1, (6–8 PM)
  • Where: Creation Museum, 2800 Bullittsburg Church Road, Petersburg, KY 41080 (directions)
  • More Info: Call (888) 582-4253

For more information visit the Creation Museum's website. 

Merry Christmas!

Sandpoint Antique and Design Market

Hi Friends!

If you're in the Seattle area there's a great show to check out this Sunday 8-4:

SPM banner

Here are some photos from the last show to whet your appetite.  Meet Deborah from Ormolulu:

Deborah Burton Ormolulu

Peek at her fabulous displays:


A Touch of Mink features Vintage French and Equestrian Style... delicious!


Mad for Milk Glass at Circle Creek Home.

Circle Creek Farm

This is Rachel and Greg from Sweet Bee... 


And here are some of their goodies:

Sweet Bee1

Cake Couture Vintage had terrific ticking...  and always gorgeous displays.

Cake Couture Vintage

Beautiful Bottles from Greatfindz by Dawn Oscar...


Sara Joens had a clean and serene space featuring this little vanity:


And Patty Thompson's booth was chock full of comfort...


And a little kitsch.

Thanks for coming to the Sandpoint Antique and Design Market with me. See you there on Sunday?


Vintage Hot Spots: Autumn Petite Retreat Camano Island WA

Artful, Unqiue and Whimsical:  That's how I'd describe the Autumn Petite Retreat Show on Camano Island, WA.  My friend Rebecca and I spent a lovely day together, meeting lovely people and looking at gorgeous things.


My Mothers Buttons had so many fabulous items, it was difficult to know where to look... shiny things kept catching my eye.


Have you ever seen a more beautiful horse bridle?


My Mother's Buttons creates one of a kind jewelry made with antique buttons and bridle rosettes from the Victorian and Edwardian era.


So detailed and special.  Speaking of special, Deb and Bob Kennedy from Retreat come up with the most fun and pretty ideas.


Like this "Witches Hat" mirror.  Wait, that witch looks familiar.  

The Kennedys always have a fresh point of view.

From the smallest spice jar...


 To a fresh take on a piano.  Those are wine bottles in there!


Deb made a bunch of these darling pumpkins...


The barn was packed with fabulous things.


And of course Deb matched her decor perfectly.


Garden Party had a floral inspired point of view...


There were plenty of vintage treasures.


And this dress which I'm pretty sure was created out of crepe paper!


I had a hard time resisting this phone.


Rose-Marie had so many things to see...


Like these Bakelite utensils


And these vintage skates.


But the really amazing thing about Rose-Marie is the talented woman behind it-- Jo Marie Richman


She makes all these beautiful skirts for ladies and girls


And aprons like this one modeled by Rebecca


See the background behind her?  


Rebecca and I 

That's where photographer Elise Liptack of Elise Marie Photography was snapping photos of folks at the show.  Elise has a magical way of taking pictures and capturing the personality of her subjects.  I'm so inspired by her work.


The Vendors


 Deb taught a class on how to make these lovelies

Have a beautiful day!  Hugs, Malia


No. 123 Rue de Park Lane

Hello Vintage Indie Readers!

I got to attend a fun little show last weekend and take oodles of photos that I'd love to share with you.  The No. 123 Rue de Park Lane Event took place on a sunny Saturday in Kirkland, WA.  The lane was shut down to cars and filled with fantastic booths instead.

From Cindy + Jody's Booth 

So much creativity

These tiny chairs are created out of champagne corks by Cindy

Sheri from Designer Junk Finder


Sheri makes these gorgeous aprons


Sweet Ceramic clocks by Angel Heart Designs

 So fun, also from Angel Heart Designs

This is the Bohemian Gypsy Collections and Consignment booth-- lots of treasures




Cake Couture Vintage had a gorgeous mix of antiques



Mela from Cake and her sweet friend Paris

A clever blackboard, fluffy pillows and cute place setting from My Sweet Savannah




Lots of pretty stuff from Tippy Stockton

 Thanks for letting me share a bit from the show.  What did I buy?  Well I was busy snapping photos but couldn't resist this tiny china set.  I'd say it's for my little girl but the truth is we're sharing it.

 Thanks VI readers!  Visit me any day over at my blog Yesterday on Tuesday.

Vintage Hot Spots: Maison Douce at the Barn House Flea Market

Hi Pals... I'm back with more from the The Barn House Flea Market.  Maison Douce was one of my most favorite booths.  So fun and feminine!  Owner Isabel Lang is so sweet and talented.  Here's a little interview and tour to share with you.  Enjoy!  Malia





Malia Karlinsky is a wife and a Mom to two cute kids.  She enjoys elegant upcycling, finding vintage treasures, sewing, photography and writing.  Oh and tap dancing which she isn't good at but really loves.  In her previous career, Malia was a television writer and producer. Visit Malia  on her blog Yesterday On Tuesday




Vintage Hot Spots: Back From Barn House with Malia Karlinsky

Hi Friends!  Malia here.  I am back from the Barn House Antiques Show and let me tell you-- it was a blur of beauty!


 There were so many lovely things to look at.  And wonderful people to meet.



Calamity Jane

The Women of Worthy Goods 


 Worthy Goods mixed in greenery with their antiques


Maison Douce

Maison Douce -- so pretty and feminine 




Here are Deb and Bob Kennedy from Retreat.  


I wanted to retreat into their beautiful booth!  Did you notice the way they turned a bee's nest into art?


Kindred Roses

 This is Julie Crumpacker from Kindred Roses.


 Kindred Roses had a whimsical spin on vintage-- so fun


 Thanks for letting me share my Barn House photos with you.  BIG Hug!  Malia



Malia Karlinsky is a wife and a Mom to two cute kids.  She enjoys elegant upcycling, finding vintage treasures, sewing, photography and writing.  Oh and tap dancing which she isn't good at but really loves.  In her previous career, Malia was a television writer and producer. Visit Malia  on her blog Yesterday On Tuesday



Tales from The Farm Chicks 2010 & a Plan Ahead event for July 10th!

Hi, Malia here.  
I am so loving looking through all my Farm Chicks photos again for Vintage Indie.  There was SO much creativity packed into those three rooms.
Let me introduce you to Rolane (L) and Sharon (R).  They're pals sharing a space.

Rolane and Sharon

Sharon makes the most gorgeous pillows for her business "Romance Your Home."  And Rolane is a gal with a ton of talent too as you can see by her selections from The Vintage Barn (www.barnbabybarn).  

Vintage Barn1
Vintage Barn 3
Vintage Barn 4


I have some happy news to share from The Vintage Barn... they have an Antique Show coming up on July 10th in Rathdrum, ID.  

From the VB website:
"The Vintage Barn is proud to host more than 50 vendors with fabulous finds including farmhouse primitives, cottage style, rustic cabin, garden favorites, painted furniture and much more."

You must go!

Hope you are enjoying the eye candy.  I know I am!


Malia Karlinsky is a wife and a Mom to two cute kids.  She enjoys elegant upcycling, finding vintage treasures, sewing, photography and writing.  Oh and tap dancing which she isn't good at but really loves.  In her previous career, Malia was a television writer and producer. Visit Malia  on her blog Yesterday On Tuesday

The Farm Chicks Antique Show 2010: Guest Reporter Timi Weathers of Come Junk With Us


For years I have been making the five hour drive from Seattle to The Farm Chicks Show in Spokane, Washington.  As soon as I would leave the show on Sunday, I was planning my trip for the next year.  There was something about going there that had me on a Farm Chicks high for weeks afterwards. I was inspired to try something new, anxious to see my new friends that I had met there, and jonesing for more blog updates. It was crazy! My husband would be so sick of listening to me go on and on about The Farm Chicks show that eventually he was happy to see me leave on some other junkin adventure… for as long as I wanted to be gone.

Last summer, after attending The Farm Chicks show, I was having cocktails with friends and spreading the Farm Chicks word.  When all at once my friends started saying  “I want to go” “let me know and I’ll go with.”  Then I started talking with more people about Farm Chicks and everyone wanted to go.  So I thought “what if we take a bus full of new Farm Chick followers?”  So Come Junk With Us was born!

This year’s show was the first time I had organized that many people for 3 days. I was responsible for them having a good time, making sure they had everything they needed and getting all their treasures home safely.  This was a different show for me now. I didn’t leave with the same Farm Chicks high as I usually did.  This year it was more like a Farm Chicks hangover.

It’s been a couple weeks now, and I’m starting to get my Farm Chicks high.  I know you’re sitting there thinking “why now?”

I have figured out what it is about the Farm Chicks that gets me all “preachin the word” afterwards………..

It’s not the fabulous displays of goods by some of the most talented vendors that travel from all over, and it’s not buying a “one of a kind” item.  It’s the friendships that are made. It’s seeing my friends become friends with people they just met.  It’s seeing what evolves from those meetings.  Art retreats are formed, smaller shows are put together, business partners are made and the bringing together of people who have the same passion, love and artistic sole for junkin.   This is what I love about Farm Chicks!



Cindy and Ginny

Cindy and Ginny ended up introducing me to a few ladies that I soon will be working with on a little project.  I’m so excited about this project.


Donna and Shanon sharing a dessert.


Kay and Julie chatting. They knew each other from years ago, but had lost touch with each other and just happen to meet up again on the bus.


New friends Jill and Stephanie from Canada.



Even my Dad got sucked in to the whole experience of Farm Chicks. He’s still talking about what a neat lady Antonya was.


This was T R O U B L E!  These three clicked as friends before we even left the parking lot in Seattle.  On the way home I heard them making plans to get their families together and spend a weekend at Coastal Nest in Pacific Beach, Washington. 




More friends pictures


Two of my very favorite ladies Michele and Charity………. Are now friends.


Elaine of Tinker Verve  and I have really only talked on the phone and through email.  It was fun to spend some time with this very special talented woman. She and I will be attending The Creative Connection Event  together in September along with Amber  from Tres Birds Photography.


Me with Gladys and Celia of June Bug. I met these ladies last year and when I decided to plan a trip to Farm Chicks for 30 of my new friends I knew immediately these ladies where who I needed to get to help in planning my trip to Farm Chicks.  I was  soooooooooo right! 


One of my most very favorite ladies. We met at Farm Chicks 3 years ago. Joy is someone who inspired me, always told me to be me, and to do what I love.

If you have never met Joy of Auntie Joy , you need to make sure you do next time you have the opportunity.


Deb of Retreat Design  is another talented woman who I met through Farm Chicks and blogging.  She has been a source of encouragement, help, and just giving me an ear when I need one.



There is a reason Cindy of The Queen of Tarte and I live 5 hours away from each other.  We knew when we met that The Junkin Gods would prefer to keep us separated.   We don’t get to see each other very often but when we do we have a lot of fun.


This is Kal of Keeping it Bella.  She and I became very good friends 3 years ago at Farm Chicks over the purchase of a shopping cart from Lisa at A Thing For Roses.  I bought it, she wanted it, I let her admire it.  We ended keeping in touch from that day on and have become very good friends.  I also became very good friends with Lisa who sold me that shopping cart.


These were all my peeps!

It’s been fun for me over the last couple weeks to see them become friends on Facebook, asking me for contact information for one another, contacting me about projects, and of course, just seeing this group of strangers now great friends.


 Here ‘s to you Farm Chicks Show! 

The lines were long, it was crowded, you may have not got what you wanted as far as fabulous junk, BUT……… we left with something more valuable than you can put a price on……. Friendship!

Thank you to Tres Birds Photography for the great pictures

Special Weekend Edition: Guest Reporter & Farm Chicks Show Vendor Deb Kennedy

Good Saturday morning everyone! Remember that special surprise that I had for you? Well, Deb Kennedy of Retreat has graciously taken us along with her "on the road" to The Farm Chicks Antique Show!  Please help me in sending her a warm Vintage Indie welcome!

Farm Chicks Friday 013

Park Lane Hotel vintage sign  saying 'Farm Chicks Show'

Hi, everyone... I'm Deb Kennedy, and I am one of the vendors participating in the Farm Chicks Antique Show in Spokane, Washington this weekend. When Gabreial put out the call for guest bloggers to write about the show, I offered to share a bit of a 'behind the scenes' perspective. My husband and I own 'Retreat', and this is our third year as members of 'the Farm Chicks Family'.

The Farm Chicks Antique Show is more than just a great place for thousands of attendees to gather from across the nation... it's also the favorite venue for many dealers who come from near and far every June for the show!


Farm Chicks Friday 052

The giant 'CAKE' made from junk that Celeste of Chaps Restaurant set up at the show

150 of the best dealers of antiques, vintage, vintage-style, and handmade goods participate in the show, and most of them will tell you it is their favorite show to come to. How can you NOT love a show that is all about the details? Three years ago, vendors arrived to find boxed cupcakes in every space. This year, Celeste from the legendary CHAPS Restaurant built a giant cake from junk to celebrate the opening of her new business - aptly named 'CAKE' (What else?!). She served the most decadent devils' food cakes to every vendor on Friday during setup... a sugar rush that was most definitely appreciated by over 200 people working like mad all day.

Farm Chicks Friday 014
The decadent chocolate cakes that Celeste served to the vendors today!

Preparing for Farm Chicks begins months before the show for vendors, and it all culminates in the frenzied 10 hour setup day on Friday. Trailers, vans, and rented trucks fill the parking lots, while hundreds of people spend the day emptying them of thousands of pounds of merchandise. Some vendors create settings worthy of film sets and store displays, others manage to fill every last inch with finely-tuned details. We are, essentially, owners of traveling stores, and we set them up anew for every show.

It's hard work, but it's a lot of fun, too! Music plays, people chat and laugh and oooooh and aaaaahhh over each others' treasures, and a huge facility that was empty at 8 AM is transformed into a wonderland by 6 PM. {And that is when we are kicked OUT by security, so we have to be done!}
Photos are taken, hugs given, and an exhausted crowd heads out to rest until the next morning.

When that door opens at 10 AM on Saturday, the thousands of guests who come to the show know that their experience at Farm Chicks is just beginning... for vendors, that's the finish line! Saturday and Sunday are days to visit, share, inspire, and make new friends as we sell our wares. The energy of the show affects everyone present, and though Sunday afternoon will find us all exhausted, both vendors and attendees alike will be thrilled with their special finds, new friends, and wonderful memories of another successful show. You really can't ask for more! 

Farm Chicks Friday 055

Serena Thompson, founder & owner of The Farm Chicks, is a consummate professional and handles every detail with aplomb and style. She makes every vendor and every guest at her show feel welcome, appreciated, and like a valued contributor to the success of the entire show. Is it any wonder why so many of us consider this the best show in the country?! {No offense to Country Living Magazine, who rated it #2 in the nation in the May, 2010 issue.}

I hope you all have a chance to visit the Farm Chicks Show one day, or at least to view the many many photos of it that will soon be on blogs, Flikr, & Facebook. I know you'll be inspired! You can find out more at

Deb Kennedy is a designer & decorator, and co-owner of Retreat vintage-style furnishings.
Visit her blog at and her business website at

Events to Attend: This weekend June 5th & 6th!

Here are a few swanky events going on this weekend! If you attend and would like to report for Vintage Indie, (snap some photos/videos, talk to vendors or just have fun shopping) let me know! We'd love to have you! 

Click for Details!

Join us for the 6th Annual Renegade Craft Fair in BrooklynJune 5 + 6 from 11am – 7pm in McCarren Park!

Always FREE-TO-ATTEND – our craft, art, design and DIY spectacular will feature over 300 of today’s finest indie-craft talents from all over the nation, free workshops, entertainment + other features!

Click for Details! 

Outside Flea Market

42 Main St / Rt 206
Andover, NJ 07821
(973) 786-6414‎
8am - 4pm on Sunday June 6th we're doing out First Sundays Flea Market again!


Click for Details!

Click for Details!

The Indie-Mart Street Fair
Sunday June 6th, 12-6pm
Thee Parkside- 17th st & all down Wisconsin
Ride your bike, take the 22 Muni Line
Valet bike parking from the SF Bike Coalition

Click for Details

Open Saturday June 5th, 2010 10am - 4pm

Click for Details!  

Saturday June 5th 12:00-5:00

Freret Market | 5030 S Liberty Street, New Orleans, LA 70115

Click for Details! 2010JUNE6

Where and when?  This fair will be held in
Webster University's Grant Gym, at 175 Edgar Rd, Webster
Groves, MO 63119
.  314-968-7060 for information.  Parking
is available in the
Garden Plaza Parking Garage for visitors.

Coming up next week!

Click for Details!

Date: Tuesday, June 8, 2010
Time: 7 PM - 9 PM
Address: 1005 Main Street, Pawtucket, RI {in the hallway in front of #2222}

Do you have an event you would like to promote on Vintage Indie? Send me the details, SUBJECT EVENTS and I'll do my best to get your event published! All events are screened at the discretion of the editor.

The Farm Chicks Show: June 5th & 6th 2010!

Are you ready for The Farm Chicks Antique Show June 5th & 6th 2010?


Oh, how I wish I could go! For those of us who can't make it, I have a little surprise for you, but more on that later!

Until then, if you are planning to go Serena Thompson has posted a map of the great spaces there. 


Download the map here

PS. If you would like to fly me out there for the weekend, I'd be more than happy to go!

Plan Ahead Events: The Tattered House, California March & April Dates

Find the Tattered House at:

March 19th & 20th 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
1524 S. Hill Ave.
Fallbrook, CA 92028




Roseville, CA.  The Tattered House Antiques & Vintage Living is presenting their SPRING Antique Market, Sunday, April 18, 2010.  


We invite you to stroll our beautifully tree lined street in the heart of Downtown Roseville, as we have expanded to over 55 amazing selected dealers from the West Coast. 


The Tattered House Website

All images Copyright © The Tattered House

Photographer Bob Towery Photographer

Plan Ahead Events: Come Junk With Us March 5 & 6th - The Collection A Vintage Inspired Flea Market


The Collection 

A vintage inspired flea market
Bothell Knights of Columbus Hall
24323 Bothell Everett Hwy
Bothell, WA 98021
Saturday March 6th
$8 entry
Friday Night March 5th
Early Bird Shopping
$10 entry
Gift bags for the first 30 people through the door on both days
Door prize drawings
17 vendors
Lunch by Kathrine's Folie
Kathrine is known at these events for her spectacular food. It's not a lunch you want to miss.
Below is a coupon for a $5 entry on Saturday for you to print off. 

Customer MUST have coupon for $5 entry.

{ Download Timi Coupon }

Also purchase tickets for The Farm Chick Junk Junket at this event!

Farm Chicks Poster

The Farm Chicks Junk Junket has lots of Come Junk With Us perks that are only being offered to us.  It's going to be super fun.  This business has developed out of how much fun I had on my first trip to Farm Chicks Show that Vintage Indie asked me to be a guest reporter on It was so much fun I wanted to take 40 other people to share in the fun!

Visit Come Junk With Us for more details and information.

Plan Ahead Events: Papier-mâché Folk Artist Johanna Parker's 7th Annual Holiday Folk Art Show & Open House December 5th & 6th 2009

This weekend marks Johanna Parker's 7th annual Holiday Folk Art Show and Open House in Lakewood Colorado December 5th & 6th. During this open house you'll have an opportunity to see original works of Johanna's vintage-style folk art, as well as peek into her charming 1930's cottage-style home.

Johanna Parker

(photo from 2008 open house)

Vintage and art what more could you ask for! Johanna's work doesn't need very much explaining, she's known as a designer for both Bethany Lowe Designs and Primitives by Kathy. She'll be featuring those reproductions for sale during her open house.

Original-Drake d'Flake

Original Drake d' Flake

Snowmen originals

Snowmen Originals

Front foom 

The open house is open to all of Johanna's supportive collectors and friends that are on her e-mail list. Once you sign up for the list, you'll receive details, address information and show times. You don't have to RSVP, but you will need to be on this mailing list or request to be included in order to get the full details.


These shoppers were among the first to arrive at the 2008 open house.

Holiday Vase

Above is a fun holiday spray in vase featuring vintage aluminum tree branches, glass ornies and her reproduction belsnickels.


Mosaicf82ddbcd03768fc0058fb8fec58ede1fb59d5612 Above left, notepads are also designed and illustrated by Johanna as well.
  Johanna paints, illustrates as well as sculpts in papier-mâché She also loves to seek
out vintage goodies.


While you are shopping Johanna and her husband serve up delicious hot cider on their vintage stove as well as special treats for their guests.

I asked Johanna what her inspiration was for her decorating style in her delightful kitchen. 

 I love the style and color of the 30s and 40s. and am attracted to vintage,  Art Deco motifs. Our 1939 house has really inspire me to decorate this way with its unique charm.  The bright cheerful color palette of the old pottery designs and vintage floral fabrics from that era have also inspired me too!.... Beyond that, family antiques and nicknacks have been passed down to me  from that era that helped build my interest and fascination for this style. My art is certainly inspired by this vintage look as well and blends well with all the old stuff I love to collect.

Kitchen Fridge 

Items for sale will include Johanna's signed reproductions offered through both Primitives by Kathy and Bethany Lowe Designs. Collectible ornaments, candy bowls, Santa figurines, and illustrated notepads are just a few of the delights. Each year, Johanna also creates a winter collection of one of a kind folk art pieces for Christmas which are also available to collectors.

For more information and details on how you can attend this years show, please visit Johanna Parker Design

Thanks to Johanna for sharing a peek inside her holiday show with us as well as your 1939 cottage with us. You can also connect with Johanna and see more of her work at her blog Johanna Parker Design.

Plan Ahead Events: Modern Vintage Holiday Market Nov. 21 – 22 CHICAGO Plumbers Hall at 1340 W Washington St.


Plan Ahead for the Modern Vintage Holiday Market.  Precious, gorgeous and timeless treasures including vintage and indie fashion, jewelry, art, decorative objects, house wares and more will make this holiday a memorable experience for gift givers of all ages.  This year, the Modern Vintage Holiday Market will be held indoors at Beaux Arts Plumbers Hall, 1340 W Washington St for two days only Nov. 21 – 22, 2009


Plan Ahead: Go to Prom this Satuday July 11, 2009 Brooklyn NY

Now's your chance to go to prom 80's style at the Pretty in Pink 80's Prom. You know you've been looking for an excuse to get out that vintage 80s dress hiding in your closet. Prom is sponsored by Brooklyn Based and the Event is being held at The Bell House. Tickets can be purchased in advance or at the door.
"Pretty in Pink Prom with special, funny guest chaperones Sara Schaefer and Dave Hill, 80s cover band The Engagements, awesome 8os DJs, free snacks and drinks like "Long Duk Dong" Specialty Cocktails (free from 8-9pm) and an iPod loaded with sweet 80s tunes for the prom king and queen. Make sure to get a cupcake from Robicelli’s (try the Andy or the Duckie) and work up the nerve to ask the head cheerleader to dance with $3 champagne all night long."

Visit Brooklyn Based for full details.