Vintage Indie Nursery Makeover Sponsor: Young America Ma Marie Double Dresser Review

Having a baby girl changes things, especially when you're used to everything being masculine. With our baby girl I knew I wanted to take full advantage of her femininity  and create a nursery that was all girl. Choosing her furniture was one of the biggest decisions in the design process. We wanted something that was of quality, that would last at least until her pre-teen years if not teenage years and beyond. We also wanted something safe for her and preferably made in the USA. 

When I stumbled across Young America I knew that I had found what I was looking for in their Ma Marie Collection, specifically the Ma Marie Double Dresser. With its feminine appeal, smooth lines and its french countryside detail it seemed almost perfect from the start. After further review, Young America surprised us even further with their commitment to safety. As of 2009 Young America took heart to parents concerns of safety of children's products and made the move to bring all of its operations back to Robbinsville, N.C. in 2009. This decision has made them of of the leading children's furniture brand in safety, quality and style. Another bonus for us.



Ma Marie Double Dresser

For me, I knew she wouldn't be sleeping in her dresser so I honestly didn't have much thought as far as safety was concerned. Boy, did Young America open my eyes to chemical and safety awareness for furniture. Young America has achieved Greenguard Children & Schools Certification for all of its cribs and most beds. They've also taken precautions to furniture piece like the Ma Marie dresser, including smooth sliding drawers and patented automatic stops so no worries of the drawer coming all the way out toppling on your child. They also include tip restraints for taller furniture pieces that secure the backs of the cases to the wall to keep furniture from tipping. Our Ma Marie Double Dresser came with one of these restraints. With our new flooring having some groves to it, the Ma Marie dresser also came with a very handy feature, a center support leg that is adjustable to make the dresser level. 

We absolutely love how the dresser looks in the nursery. It has a very chic vintage appeal. The paint is not stark white, but a slightly off white dresser with specks to give it a slightly antiqued look. We feel this dresser is of heirloom quality and could very well be passed on to our daughter's children some day. 

A special thank you to Young America for providing this dresser for our review. We were not paid for any content, links or other information included in our article. All comments are opinions of ours and have not been purchased. 

Please see our disclaimer, disclosure page for any further information. 





Virtual Baby Shower: Accessories for the Nursery - Artist Interview Scarlett of One Eyed Dog

Today I'd like to introduce you to Scarlett of One Eyed Dog. We knew we wanted some pops of color for the grey walls we chose for baby girl's nursery, and my love for chevron caught the attention of Scarlett's Chevron Jewelry & Craft Wall Hook Organizers. I thought they'd make a perfect addition to hang baby headbands and sweet accessories, so we've teamed up with Scarlett to make one for the nursery and can't wait to show it to you in the big reveal. 


Until then, I'd like for you to get to know the designer behind these handmade organizers as well as other items she hand makes in her shop including jewelry, hardware, bottle stoppers, clay items and more! 

Hi Scarlett, welcome to Vintage Indie. We're so glad to have you here with us today. 

Can you tell us what is your preferred medium?

I love working with paint! I work with different base mediums, like wood or clay, but my favorite step is always the painting! I just love colors. I love mixing them, coming up with pretty palettes, I even love my speckled, colorful hands at the end of a work day. 

How did you get started?

I've always been an artist, and I've been selling traditional art for several years. I separated from the Air Force last year so I could dedicate more time to my passion for creating. One Eyed Dog was the result of a marathon brainstorming session with my husband. We wanted to start an Etsy shop where we could sell more functional art. 

Who or what inspires you?

I'm inspired by animals!! I've always had a deep love for all creatures. I think animals make people happy, and having little animal objects here and there makes for a happy home. 

We noticed that you're a husband and wife team in your business. How is it working with your spouse? 

Working with my husband is great! Much like every other aspect of our marriage, with OED I am the right-brain and he is the left-brain. I think of what I want to make, he thinks of how to make it. I do the creative work, he manages the finances. It's very harmonious! 


Does vintage play a role in your art or life? If so, how?

Vintage definitely plays a role in my creative life! I'm so often inspired by vintage florals. I go nuts for a super feminine fabric or wallpaper! Vintage advertising cards are a great source of inspiration as well. They're just so charming! 

What is important for your customer to know about your work?

It's important to me that customers know how important *they* are. I include a personal touch with each order; be it a handwritten thank you note or a stamped card. I fill each order from start to finish, sculpt to ship. Shopping with OED is an interaction, not a transaction! 


Thank you so much to Scarlett and her hubby for taking the time to let us get to know more about them and their artwork. We truly appreciate handmade and independent designers here at Vintage Indie! Be sure to head over to One Eyed Dog to see more of their work. 

Vintage + Modern Mingle: Colors of Spring, Mint


  Vintage Mint

5. Vintage Metal Mint Green Box from LaRouxVintage

3. Vintage Mint Green Tube Clock from RetroReRun

2. Vintage Mint Towel Holder from becaruns

4. Vintage Mint Patterened Mug from mahzerandvee

1. 1970s vintage mint green dress from gogovintage

Handmade Crush: Luke Lamp Co.

I love how the handmade community has branched out our world of design and style. Creating beautiful pieces like lighting to treasure in our homes forever. Today's Handmade Crush is lighting our world with his unique designs, Luke Lamp Co. 

Mosaic3058a428c6b0e1ead88e81b0eb2b26f76bb4839e (1)

Shop Luke Lamp Co. 

The Daily Swank: jerseyicecreamco

Ordinary items become gorgeous when they're vintage. 



Vintage school items melt my heart. 



Shop all of these beautiful goodies at jerseyicecreamco by Tara and Percy 


All Images Copyright © Tara and Percy jerseyicecreamco. 

Organizing with Vintage Style: Vintage Metal Lockers

Did you fall for the vintage metal locker craze last year? Well if not, hop on board. There are a ton of ways to use these swanky lockers to organize. 





Source: via Sara on Pinterest


Now to snag some of your own - all for sale at these Etsy shops!  


Top Left: HbernationRstoration Top Right: MustLoveJunk

Mid Left: thehappymodernist Middle Right: beneaththerust


By the way, did you know Vintage Indie was on Pinterest? I've been there for awhile, I'm just not addicted as most. 

The Daily Swank: Vintage Style Calendars for the New Year.


2012 Vintage Bird Calendar by janesays

I love the concept behind this gift set. It includes an acrylic frame with a magnet so you could easily beautify your refrigerator with the darling embroidered vintage birds. 


2012 Letterpress Calendar featured vintage hankerchiefs by MinkLetterpress



Vintage Indie Style: Mandy Lynne's Home School Room

J'adore is the only way to say how I feel about this home school room. 

This room comes from that of the talented photographer and artist Mandy Lynne

copyright mandy lynne school 9


copyright mandy lynne school 12


copyright mandy lynne school 10

copyright mandy lynne school 11


copyright mandy lynne school 13

Mandy Lynne is also the artist and owner of Skippy Designs, I've featured her on Vintage Indie before here. Don't you just love that door! I love that idea. 





The Daily Swank: Hula Hoop Vintage

Yummy vintage from around the globe. Today's Daily Swank comes from Hula Hoop Vintage. 

If you didn't catch a peak of Hula Hoop Vintage from yesterday's vintage amber feature, you'll love what I have for you today. 

Hula Hoop Vintage 

This is one of those shops where I could have just brought the entire store over to Vintage Indie! 


Design & Style: Graham & Brown Vintage Wallpaper

If you haven't heard, apparently wallpaper has made its way back into main stream design and style. The latest from Graham & Brown are these designs by Hemingway Design.  Classic lines and patterns tout vintage ranging from the 1930s to the 1970s. 


50-254-mainDeco Diamond 

Do the Stretch



Grid: Rock in Mink by Hemingway 

Loopy Lines Rock-A-Billy Blue

If these vintage styles aren't your flavor, Graham & Brown houses Damask, and Amy Butler designs! 

Design & Style: Pfeifer Studio


Modern, earth friendly, and fair trade are a few of the words that describe Pfeifer Studio

If you're looking for different home decor and accessories, then Pfeifer Studio is just the place to find design and style like nowhere else. You can also find many one-of-a-kind items at their website. 


Shop in person;

Pfeifer Studio

4022 Rio Grande NW

Albuquerque, NM 87107