Business Series Part 6 - Applying to Antique & Craft Shows an Exclusive Interview with Serena Thompson of The Farm Chicks Antique Show Part One

I'm very excited to bring you Part 6 of our Business Series. Today we are discussing the topic of applying to a juried antique show, which could also apply to craft shows. We have an exclusive interview with the wonderful Serena Thompson, part founder of The Farm Chicks Antique Show. She has provided us with a ton of valuable information, including all the details you need to apply to their show and some helpful tips for preparing and setting up.

There are so many wonderful photos from past years shows and helpful answers we've split this feature into two parts. (Click images to enlarge)

Part One:


Jewelry in The Farm Chicks space

I understand The Farm Chicks Antique Show is juried. How does this
process work?

Serena - We receive several applications a day.  Teri and I sit down about once a
week and go over every one.  We work hard to make sure the vendors we accept
are a really good fit for the show.  Unfortunately, we have to turn down a
lot of vendors, and that doesn't mean that they don't offer wonderful
things.  It just means our show isn't the right fit for what they are


Vintage Goods

What should applicants do to make their application stand out? What do
you look for?

Serena - The most important thing is that there are good pictures.  We need to see
how the vendor would display their goods.  We stress that applicants don't
need to have any experience and that's really true.  If they haven't sold at
a show before or don't have any pictures, it's fine to set up a mock display
and take pictures of that.  We just really need to see that.  As far as what
we're looking for, we love to see someone who has really created their own
look and isn't exactly like everyone else.  Good edited collections are nice
too - when it's clear that their look is specific and it's not like the
vendor is trying to squeeze in every type of vintage good that's out there.


Forget Me Not

When vendors have been accepted what can they expect from you next?

Serena - When we accept a vendor, we send them an informational letter and a
contract.  They both contain a lot of information.  There's not really
anything else from us until it gets closer to show time, and then we start
sending out specific set-up information or if there are any new special show
details, we notify the vendors of that in advance as well.

IMG_8260 IMG_8235

(Pictured Left, Teresa Sheeley’s well edited display.  Nice display height for visual appeal.) (Pictured Right, “Tumbled Trinkets”.  She has a nice knack for displaying her handmade jewelry).
An elaborate display with a prebuilt, freestanding backdrop

A special thanks to Serena Thompson and Teri Edwards for sharing these gorgeous photographs with us and for the helpful information.
Please visit The Farm Chicks Website & Blog.

We'll be back with Part Two of this interview tomorrow.

Business Series Part Four - Selling Antiques & Vintage at Antique Malls & Rental Spaces

If you haven't been participating in our business series you can catch up starting with Part One Your Vision. Part Two we talked about What You Put Into It. Part Three we went straight to a Brick & Mortar store owner, and received some personal advice on opening your own store

Unlike your ordinary business series, focusing on start up (which is important) we wanted to bring you another level to the table. We wanted you to hear first hand from business owners themselves about the "real world" of owning your own business and being your own boss.  While researching start up and business plans are all very important, we feel an inside look is invaluable information for you.

Today we will be tackling part four of our business series Antique Malls & Rental Spaces. If you've been pondering the idea of maintaining a booth at an antique mall or similar rental space, we have first hand advice from The Eclectic Curio (click photos to enlarge)


Please help me welcome Sher Wikoff, owner of The Eclectic Curio.

First up, are you considered a vendor or a dealer?

I am considered a vendor at an antique & home decor mall.


For someone who has never had a booth or space in an antique mall, can you give us a little idea as to what to expect?

It is the best of both worlds!  I rent a room, which is kind of like having a shop, but with no overhead of owning it.  The room size is 14'x12', but many of the spaces in the mall are smaller with a couple being even larger than mine.

The rental agreement began with a six month lease and thereafter going to a month to month lease.


What types of items do you sell in your space?

I sell vintage and mid-century items and repurposed furniture pieces.  Our mall is very unique and diversified with there are also being many home decor and handmade purse and home items, and antique and vintage items for sale, also.


How do you determine pricing?

Usually my pricing is marked up three times from what I paid wholesale for it or I consider the price paid for a piece of furniture and the time I have invested in repurposing the piece.  When hunting for vintage and retro finds, I have to keep in mind what profit I will make from the piece.

How much rent and personal time go into maintaining your space?

I pay monthly rent and go into my room, as often as I am able to (usually weekly), and redecorate and add new finds to my room and then collect money for items that I sold.  My favorite time to goes is during the closing hours so that I can enjoy the solitude and inspiration that comes from being there.

Many of the women who rent rooms or booths, also work at the mall on a weekly or monthly basis to get the feel of ownership and to get a discount on their rent.

Do you need to have a business license to have a space?

You do need to have a vendor's license in order to sell your merchandise in the mall, which is very inexpensive to obtain.
Is there anything you wish someone would have told you before you got your first space at an antique mall?
The only thing I wish someone would have told me before obtaining my first mall space is that I need to get a computer spreadsheet to keep my sales and inventory organized.  Other than that, it has been a blast!

Dsc08124_2 How do you market/advertise your space?

Marketing and networking are key to getting the word out about your business.  Some tools that have been helpful to me are:

  • first of all, coming up with a business name that describes me, my personality and my business - the eclectic curio! 
  • getting a business card printed up with the  mall's address, my business email, and blogspot on it and having them accessible to customers throughout the room
  • setting up a business email account
  • setting up a blog and getting the word out about it via email and facebook, and using it as a tool to be an inspiration to others and advertise new items in my room or sales that I may be holding there.
  • gleaning from the experience of other people who are in the same business and not being afraid to ask questions of them
  • surfing the Internet and etsy stores for inspiration, ideas, and marketing tools
  • staying on top of home and decorating trends through magazines, blogs, websites, and books
  • getting the word out to family, friends and acquaintances through email and word of mouth about my business and services.

Thank you Sher for a wonderful insight on maintaining rental space for selling antiques and collectibles. Please take a moment to visit Sher's Etsy shop The Eclectic Curio for a gathering of curious vintage & funky finds, jewelry, and inspiration.

To shop her gorgeous space visit Mercantile Mall 104 Main St. in quaint downtown Milford, OH
Tues. - Fri. 11:00-5:00
Sat. 11:00-6:00
Sun. 12:00-5:00

The Eclectic Curio room is located in the back of the mall.
Just look for the bright funky colors!

VI Headliner - Beth Quinn Designs

BethquinnadPlease help me in welcoming our latest sponsor Beth Quinn Designs to Vintage Indie.

Beth Quinn, a self taught mixed media artists brings family tradition to her work. She's had a passion for art, that started at a very young age.


An artist after my own heart Beth also shares a love for vintage. This gorgeous Vintage Crown Necklace includes the phrase "Vintage Queen"

A beautiful vintage crystal rhinestone dangles from a soldered glittered pendant and vintage rhinestones adorn a sterling silver crown.


While browsing Beth Quinn Designs website, I spotted this gorgeous Cuff Vintage Bracelet Mixed Media jewelry piece "Creamy Cuff".

This unique piece features a vintage bracelet base, layers of french text lace, sheer fabrics topped with a lovely rhinestone pearl earring.

Beth also offers custom wording for pendants. Head over to Beth Quinn Designs to see more of her gorgeous work.

The Daily Swank - Jaw Dropping - Jennifer Morris Beads

If I could, I would create a list called " You made my jaw drop" and today's Daily Swank would be on it.  Gorgeous colors, unbelievable technique and talent.


Jennifer Morris Beads are one of those things where I don't feel they need much of an explanation. I left the photos as is, and would just love for you to click on them to see them in their original size. Jennifer Morris is a free form polymer clay artist. As you can see she includes intricate details in each bead or pendent she creates. Some of them include vintage rhinestones. Above is Fall Regalia in French Blue Vintage Pendant.


Above is Jennifer's Fall Came Sweetly Vintagey Retro Bauble Earrings.


I think any one of the earrings, pendants, brooches or beads would make a great gift for someone special. Visit Jennifer Morris on Etsy. Above, In the Chocolate Garden, long luscious earrings.

Business Series Part Three - Store Owner Business Advice

It's been a little while since we've visited our Business Series. Just to recap our Business Series started with your Vision. Part two we talked about What You Put Into It.

Unlike your ordinary business series, focusing on start up (which is important) we wanted to bring you another level to the table. We wanted you to hear first hand from business owners themselves about the "real world" of owning your own business and being your own boss.  While researching start up and business plans are all very important, we feel an inside look is invaluable information for you.

Thanks to Barb the designer and store owner behind Knack Studios for graciously sharing her experience with us.

Hi Barb,

Thanks again for answering a few questions about opening up your own store.

We are excited to hear from a business owner first hand about the aspects of starting, running and operating your own store

If you could share the top five most important things you suggest doing before opening a store, what would they be?

1. do your homework .... find out what your point of difference is
2. know your target market
3. brand yourself!! This is worth every penny!! Hire a graphic designer to come up with your logo, website and print.  Plaster it everywhere and in everything you do!! ( my husband happens to be a graphic designer and has done all my branding for me, but I did realize a dream this year and paid for a letterpress business package!)
4. come up with a business plan ........ know where you are going and how you plan to get there. Use cash if you can , and grow small and smart instead of strapping yourself with a big loan.
5. make sure you have a good support system .... you will need them in the days to come:)


Many people may love the idea of being their own boss, but we want to know first hand the pro's and con's of being your own boss. Could you share some of those with us?

Pros for me , being able to schedule my work around my kids and their schedule is priceless. Freedom in direction and decision making and getting to do what you love everyday.

Cons,  Finding balance and keeping it,  You're it!! Lots of time involved !! The financial side of things ( non creative),taxes and discouragement


If you could have known one thing before opening up your own store that you know now, what would it be?

I wish I had a better sales and marketing background!! You really have to sell yourself and your product and that is a little awkward for me at times:)

How important are goals for a store owner?

HUGE. That saying "if you aim at nothing you'll hit it every time" ..... so true. Your goals will help keep you motivated and focused during the hard days:)

A special thanks to Barb for sharing this insightful look on owning and running your own business. I highly encourage you to check out Knack studios.

In person at 1207 Pendleton St
Greenville, SC 29611
Online -


Business Series Part Two - What You Put Into It

Once you've written your vision you have a personal insight as to what you would like to do. It's time to start thinking how to get your business off of the ground. Most of the time this part of your start up is all about your time and research. To be successful you'll want to be confident in your business decisions as well as comfortable. Depending on the type of business you are starting research is top priority. I suggest keeping your vision, research notes and  basic business plans in a single notebook. You'll want to keep track of all of your information in one place.

Step One - Your Vision
Step Two - Time & Research

Take the time to visit your local library and read up on small business start up. The information there is endless. A couple of book suggestions from my personal library are The Martha Rules and Mommy Millionaire by Kim Lavine. I read and enjoyed both of these books. Mommy Millionaire gives you step by step details on building a business. From start up, to pushing your products, to craft fairs and resources this book is a valuable tool. Depending on your ultimate goal of your business what you put into it is what you'll get out of it.

A few sites worth visiting:
U.S. Small Business Administration
Nolo - Great site for Patents, Copyright Art & Starting a Business
SCORE - Counselors to America's Small Businesses

Dive in with some serious research. It only takes your time and you'll feel confident with all of the knowledge you've gained which in turn will help your business flourish.

Your Homework:


Research Tips

1. Start with the business category in which you fall. Information on starting a restaurant business isn't going to help you with starting a quilt shop.

2. Keep notes on valuable information you didn't know. Jotting down ideas will help you remember them.

Thinking of starting a vintage/handmade business? - Business Series - Part One, Vision

If you frequent Vintage Indie often you know that vintage and independent businesses are about 85% of the main content here. On our about page you'll learn that my goal is to give life to older things once disregarded. Bring them back into our world today as well as introduce you to the independent world of designers, crafters and artists.

I know first hand that starting a business can be somewhat intimidating and overwhelming but most importantly it's exciting. Do you find yourself in the midst of wanting to start your own business specializing in vintage or items you create? I hope this new series on starting and running a successful independent business will encourage you to keep moving with your goals for a successful outcome.

To begin thinking of starting your own business you need to set goals, a plan with some sort of direction. Whether you are thinking of starting a business for fun or for hobby it's good idea to have a vision.


Here are some important questions to ask yourself first and foremost before you begin. 

VISION - : the act or power of imagination (Merriam Webster)

Do you have a vision for your new venture? Vision can also be a statement to yourself of what you want to come of your ideas. At this point in the game, you don't have to necessarily have to have a business plan but your vision is a starting point in the right direction.

To get started, ask yourself a few questions and jot down a few important notes. I suggest keeping a single notebook all for jotting down ideas as they come.

1. What is my idea?  - What's the basis for your vision.

2. Do I really love this idea? One of the most important pieces of advice that I can give you is MAKE SURE YOU LOVE IT. Yes I'm shouting this. Make sure what you want to do is something you love or something you can vision yourself loving. Why go through all of this effort only to give up after all of your time, money and energy have gone into it.

What if you don't know if you love it? Then ask yourself, am I passionate about this subject? No matter what it is, there has to be initial spark and interest. Keep tabs on this, your happiness will keep your business successful.

If you love vintage toys, and your vision is to own a vintage toy store then the excitement of selling vintage toys, learning about them and sharing them with your future customers will give you the ambition that you need to help you grow. If you don't necessarily love vintage toys from the beginning, but see yourself enjoying researching them, selling and talking about them all of the time then go for it.

I have to say when I started my first business ( now sold, a bath and body company) I was so passionate and excited about it that I hardly slept. The thought of owning my own business was so exciting to me that all I could do was research every single aspect about that field.

Your Homework:

Write down your vision.

Have questions? Please feel free to leave me comments here and I'll do my best to answer them or if I don't know I'll try to find out for you.


Vintage+Modern Mingle - Feeling Lucky?

Modernvintage_mingle_bingoVintage Bingo Charm Necklace @


Red, White & Blue Bingo Cards @


Bingo Digital Collage @


Bingo Card Charm @ AP4C

Soldered Charm Necklace @ HoneysuckleLane

Vintage Bingo Cards @


Lucky Bingo Glass Collage Pendant @


Bingo Cufflinks @


Golden Vine Bingo Book @


- Feel inspired? Share with us how today's board inspired you.


Thank you to Shabby Miss Jenn for the beautiful graphics, now being used to beautify Vintage Indie.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Down Lover's Lane

Check Vintage Indie often as the Valentines Day Gift Guide feature will stay at the top each day there is a new feature. After you've visited our Valentine's Day Gift Guide Sponsor's shop come on back and scroll down for new posts!




Experience hand selected vintage from the victorian era through the 40's from an avid collector. Shelley the owner at Down Lover's Lane chooses the best of the best in jewlery and accessories for her vintage line. A mix of Art Deco and shiny perfection makes this shop totally fun and resourceful. Down_lovers_lane_marcasite_pearls_2 

Are you planning a vintage style wedding? Re-create that classic timeless look for the bride and groom with their pieces. This gorgeous signed Coro necklace straight from the 50's is simply gorgeous.


This has to be one of my favorite finds from Down Lover's Lane. It's a gorgeous Victorian Open Back Collar Pin. I'm in love with the color and idea of the simplicty of it. Mixing old with new applies to your wardrobe too. I love a chic dress paried with vintage jewels to set me apart from the rest.


Straight from the 50's and sophisticated enough for today's man these old store stock cuff links make a perfect valentine's day gift for the men in your life.

"Stroll Down Lover's Lane" for your next vintage accessory piece where everything is inspired by a time period filled with love, romance.


Don't forget to scroll down to read more Vintage Indie features!

VI Headliner - FEATURED SPONSOR Precious Objects

Vintage Indie is proud to bring you a special interview from our Featured Sponsor Precious Objects. Gorgeous jewelery fit for a Queen, you fall in love with the details in each piece of Wendy's artwork.

This piece from her collection is one of my favorites. The Vintage Czech Luster Necklace with Gilded Teardrop Focal features a pendant from the 1920S.

Q&A with designer Wendy Humphreys of Precious Objects:

Q. What inspires your work?
A. I love ther thrill of the hunt ,looking for that treasure someone had no use for and taking it to recreate a new beautiful piece of jewerly and bring it back to life.

Q.How does vintage play a role in your designs?
A. I love to surround myself with beautiful things- Things that inspire me could be a color an old button, becomes a focal pendant for a necklace, I love soft colors, pinks, peach, and blues.

Q.Can you tell me a little more about your gemstone knowledge. What are your favorites?
A. I adore gemstones they facinate me. When a gemstone come straight from the ground in rough for then is trasfered into something that's faceted and shines it pure magic. My favorite gemstone is Tanzanite from Africa, it is no longer being mined today. The mine are closed down. A company has taken over the stone like DeBeers has taken over the diamond industry. Tanzanites are graded just like a diamond for color.  The color is dark blue with flashes of red. Tanzanite were indtroduced by Tiffany and Co. in the 1960's.My other favorite is a Morganite named after J.P. Morgan.  It is a soft pink to soft peach in color.

Head over Precious Objects for some of these rare gems paired with gorgeous vintage findings. I think you'll really enjoy the uniqueness of Wendy's work and style. Don't forget to tell her you found her on Vintage Indie!

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VI Headliner Sponsor Spectacular Elm Studio Designs

  Shopping is made easy on Vintage Indie with our Sponsor Spectaculars. They include Special offers and gifts from our wonderful indie sponsors.

Elm_studio_designsToday's Sponsor Spectacular is from our lovely sponsor Elm Studio Designs. Check out their full feature here

Elmstudiodesigns2Elm Studios is offering Vintage Indie readers 10% off your purchase. Just tell them you found them on Vintage Indie and they'll send you an updated invoice! Head over to the Elm Studio Designs on Etsy to shop now!

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VI Headliner - Elm Studio Designs


Vintage Indie would like to offer a warm welcome to our newest sponsor Elm Studio Designs. Sometimes some of the smallest treasures offer the most chic appeal. Elm Studio Designs offers gorgeous jewelry design featuring vintage elements, for the simple or dressed up affair.

These Sweet Pea Amethyst Dimples from the Elm Studio line are among my favorites. I love the the sweet plump vintage amethyst beads that offer a perfect balance to the delicate tiny green beads.

Elm Studio Designs takes extra steps to create a perfect package to receive yourself or to give as a gift. Each piece of jewelry is wrapped in hand made paper and boxed with a complimentary gift card (inquire about gift card).

For your convenience they also offer Free shipping to anywhere in the U.S. and affordable shipping to Canada & International locations.

I hope you will stop by Elm Studio Designs for an easy shopping experience pleasantly located on one of my favorite shopping sites Etsy.


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Vintage Indie in MF Magazine! Featuring The Daily Swank & Etsy Shop

A few weeks ago, very late at night Vintage Indie was given the opportunity to be in MF Magazine Music+Fashion. MF is a really cool indie magazine covering amazing Indie Bands, artists and rockin' fashion. This opportunity wouldn't have been possible with out the help of two complete strangers who answered a girls need at midnight. A special thanks to Dawn the owner behind Lady of Luxury and her friend Michael from Tigerlily Arts Web Design, who performed amazing graphic skills! Please stop by Dawn's shop and thank her with a purchase from her wonderful hand made soaps.

Each Etsy shop involved was chosen at random for their photos from previous features on VI. The magazine ad was the black and white print.

Vi_mf_mag_ad_color Check out these fabulous ROCKIN'  Vintage Indie shops featured in the ad!

Top Left
Pink and Red Box of Vintage Sweet Treats by Sweet Things and Coffee Beans from The Daily Swanky - Crafty Vintage Bliss

Bottom Left Czech glass beads bracelet by Jewlery by Letitiah from the July 3rd Daily Swank.

Middle Left Keyhole Door Hanger Pillow by  Sunshine Designs Etc from VI Headliner - Sunshine Designs Etc.

Top right  Vintage Victor Costa Party Dress by Salvage Life from  The Daily Swank  - 4th of July Style!

Middle Right Sweetheart vintage ephemera collage kit by Crow and Iris from The Daily Swank Vintage Paper Crafts 

Bottom Right Eat Me Drink Me handbag by  Helen Rochfort from The Daily Swank  - Cupcake Couture

Actual Printed Ad is Black and White like the one to the left.


A special thanks to Erik Schultz the Editor in Chief of MF magazine for the opportunity. To Purchase this issue follow this link for online sales

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The Daily Swank - Vintage Accessories Featuring 1ofmykind

You can't have Vintage Fashion Week with out one of the most important parts the accessories. Today, I'm featuring one of my favorites 1ofmykind. I would love to have one of everything from this shop.


Jody the artist behind 1ofmykind has an amazing line of jewlery and continually adding new pieces. Using an age old tradition of filigree. Her work is completely done by her own two hands and her many pairs of pliers. 

Pictured Left Peacock Tales.


Getting to Know Jodi of 1ofmykind  - The Interview

1ofmykind10_2 1. What's the inspiration that drives your artistry?

Besides feeding my 3 kids... LOL...I'd have to say simply sharing a gift. This is a difficult subject to brooch(pun intended:) without sounding snooty but let me explain it like this. I believe it is an obligation to the Universe to express love and beauty through the gifts we've been given. For example I have a cousin, Mary. She sings like an angel. She told me she wouldn't sing in church because people stared. "What?", I said to her, "If your not going to share your gift (especially in church) then what's the point of having it?" I believe we are given talents to use.

Beyond that I can't really's just what I do to. Maybe it's my Croatian, Irish and Cherokee ancestors channeling themselves randomly through me. It certainly doesn't involve thinking or planning. I dunno.

1ofmykind7 2. How does "vintage" play a role in your work?

I've been a scrounge hound since day one. Preferring "rummage" sales, as my Grandma calls them, and dumpsters to mall shopping. Eventually this addiction led to dealing in antiques and vintage jewelry. Well, I couldn't let those odds and ends go to waste! So I started re-designing vintage pieces into hep wearable art. Within a week I'd been placed in a local boutique. Done deal.

I was always especially drawn to the "CZECHO" pieces which have heavily influence my designs today. Once the internet dawned I was exposed to the plethora of raw Czech stones and French filigree I use today. That's where I found Cher ( and Cindy and several other fabulous woman online who sold genuine antique filigree. I bought Cindy out. I'm still workin' on Cher . We exchange goodies and laughs often as fellow filigreeoholics. I traveled to hoard as much as I could. Now my studio bows with a ton (literally) of antique Czechoslovakian jewels, rare original French butterfly wing filigree, and the left overs of my years of stashing broken odds and ends. Yes, the Trashion line is on it's way! Today I incorporate vintage tooled filigree that is still produced today. I hand temper it and it becomes the perfect match for my vintage chaining and antique filigree.

1ofmykind1_3 3. What makes your style of jewelry unique?

I do something entirely new with materials that have been around for over a century. Setting the stone within the Art Nouveau era filigree without the use of solder, glue, prong settings, or plating began right here.( I have the giant thumb muscles as proof:) It all started with coveting Victorian filigree belts. I'd take them apart and wrap the links around stones to make pendants. I still have a few although most were sold in the 90's when I started.

If you look on the back of an old Czech necklace or brooch you will see that the filigree was produced to accept solder and prong-settings to accept stones. When I started re-designing many times I would hang the pendant backwards because I preferred the filigree to the stone. I sort of look at what I do today as an homage to the incredibly talented, long past, French filigree, artisans who created these intricate toolings only to have them be forgotten under a stone or behind a pendant. Hey maybe they are the ones helping me from the other side? Or perhaps I WAS one of them in a past life! God only knows...because I can't figure it out.

I relish in making pristine museum quality jewels. I love adding my personal touch like hammering my earwires and making nearly everything adjustable or evolutionary in some manner. I have heard countless stories of how my jewels affected peoples lives in amazing ways. I am eternally grateful for receiving and sharing these gifts.

Thank you to Jody for sharing her amazing gift with us and her stories. Don't forget to check out her daughters line KATITUDE as she's following amazingly in her mothers footsteps with a very nice line of jewelry. 


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VI Headliner - Care To Bead is Back!

It's that time again for another VI Headliner! Heading up today is Care to Bead! They are back sponsoring Vintage Indie  and they've brought a fabulous new line of Vintage Inspired Antique Brass jewelry.

Vintage glass beads and a sweet sparrow make this No. 124 Trinkets piece something spectacular! The carefully hand wired wrapped colored beads add a subtle splash of color to create a beautiful natural look.

My favorite from the new collection are these beautiful "Stripe The Vintage" earrings. I LOVE the color combination of those hand made beads and the elegant brass bead cap.

The best part is Care to Bead is offering Vintage Indie readers FREE gift wrap & FREE shipping! (Remember to tell them you found them on Vintage Indie).  Hurry over to Care to Bead  and shop indie before this fantastic offer ends!

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The Daily Swank - Captain Oh Captain Divine Jewlery At Sea

Today's Daily Swank was actually going to be another piece from Etsy shop Captain Oh Captain, but it seems as if it sold right out from under me. This can only mean one thing to you, it was fantastic! Don't worry, Captain Oh Captain has some other beautiful pieces!

The first from this swanky shop is the Wenches Locket! It's gorgeous locket is adorned with a vintage key and other specialties to make this a truly special piece.


I couldn't just stop at the Wenches Locket, once the sea blue beads of this beauty caught my eye. This Captains Flower Vintage Necklace is adorned with a White Agate piece.

Head over to Captain Oh Captain for more sea & ship inspired beauties. I'm in ocean heaven!


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VI Headliner - Care to Bead

Headlining today is Etsy shop Care to Bead!

Gingeroni1 If you haven't checked out Kathi's shop you are in for something special! This wonderful sponsor's shop is full of delicious  eye candy like those little Snow White beauties to the left. The milky white vintage beads are clustered together to make the most perfect earrings. Treat your ears to these for all of those 4th of July parties!


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The Daily Swank - Jewlery by Letitiah

Looking for a little red & white love to complete your 4th ensemble? What about these fantastic pieces from Etsy shop letitiah!

Letitiah_vintage_glass_bead_bravele This Czech glass beads bracelet will spice up any outfit with it's beautiful vintage beads!


Top it off with these delicious raspberry and tear
drop earrings for a steal at 14bucks!

OR check out the other wonderful jewelry at
letitiah shop made with different beautiful vintage components!

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Shop Indie - Brooke Medlin

When I first laid eyes on this Etsy shop I knew I had to share it. My love for vintage style plays a huge role on my love for Brooke's jewelry, but the amazing metal work and combinations create a whole new addiction.

Gemmafactrixcuff_6 Among my favorites in her line is this custom special order Cloudcover Cuff ($152.00). As stated in her description the cloudcover cuff is hand cut to bring out the silhouette of a cloud among the edges of the piece.

If the cuff wasn't enough to "wow" you, the Amoeba Earrings($30.00) are absolutly beautiful to look at.The hand drawn design was created by Brooke, then permanetly etched and sealed to preserve the beautiful texture and finish of the earrings.



Last but not least is her Frida Earrings ($27.00). The shiny red vintage pod beads compliment the matte finish of the flared brass stampings, as the beautiful patina creates a perfect color combination.

The handmade craftsmanship in metal work is fascinating in the world of jewelry. You can find Brooke's shop gemmafactrix on Etsy as well as view her gallery at her online website.

Gabreial Wyatt
Vintage Body Spa, LLC

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