Deck the Halls 2011: Vintage Glass Ornaments

As we prepare to decorate our tree, I can't help but think of my favorite ornaments to come, my vintage glass ornaments. I thought I'd find a few of them so that you could possibly add a few to your collections. 


Top Left: CashmereJellybean Top Right: BigBugVintage

Middle Left: TheVintageResource Middle Right: VintageSurplus

Bottom Left: goodygirlred Bottom Right: vintageer

Deck the Halls 2011: Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendars Day 3

If you've visited the "deck the halls" archives here at Vintage Indie, you know that I love Christmas and celebrating. I know we haven't made it to Thanksgiving yet, and I have a lot to be thankful for, but I don't want you to miss out on getting the most perfect advent calendar to do with your children this year.


Le Petit Pot Advent Calendar!

Mosaic562b13a325b2c782305e309fa77de1f382adf899 (1)
"It's made with 24 recycled paper bags, perfect for putting whatever you want inside them (a chocolate, a gummy bear, a little toy or just a message) and the packaging make it perfect for keeping it for another year if you want. - Le Petit Pot


Deck the Halls 2011: Acorn Love


Above: Green Baboon Designs 




Above: Kate's Natural Crafts




Above: Angel Dog Designs



Hand Sewn

Above: Helena Crafts




Above: The Bakers Daughter

Deck the Halls 2011: Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendars Day 1

If you've visited the "deck the halls" archives here at Vintage Indie, you know that I love Christmas and celebrating. I know we haven't made it to Thanksgiving yet, and I have a lot to be thankful for, but I don't want you to miss out on getting the most perfect advent calendar to do with your children this year. I plan to feature a few throughout the next couple of weeks! 


This advent calendar is a simle "clothesline" and numbers set. I'm loving the chevron clothespins! Find this kit at HeartandHandmade2

Unbelieveable Art from Elly MacKay

Hello everyone, I'd like to introduce you to the art of Elly MacKay also known as theaterclouds. Elly MacKay resides in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada with her family and creates these magical works of art.

 Elly says, "I make these images by inking yupo paper and cutting it into layers that I set up in a miniature theater. I play with the lights and filters to create atmosphere and then photograph the scenes."

Aren't they wonderful! Pick up your print at theaterclouds over at Etsy!

Deck the Halls: Gifts for Guests

Looking to make your guests feel right at home this Christmas season? I have a few ideas help you do just that!

Mosaicf786431617939df450c73b70cfb13f4bf49461fa Guest Soaps

Left: Mediterranean Fig & Lemon Right: Peaches & Honey

Shop: Orange Thyme


Shop: The Happy Feet



Nougat Candies

Shop: Kettle Confections



Teach Me: Advent through Nature


Christmas is such a glorious time to celebrate and no matter how fast it seems to come though media and marketing, our eyes should be focused on the reason why Christmas is Christ-mas. Our eyes should be focused on Him. Advent seems to be a wonderful way to slow down our thoughts on gifts and purchases and direct our hearts towards Jesus.  

Recently a lovely lady from our home school co-op introduced me to the idea of "Christmas School". The idea is that you celebrate Christmas daily within your school time. Whether you're choosing a special book to read that's been wrapped like a present or creating writing prompts to reflect upon Christmas and the heart. Whatever that it is you choose to do, it's to be made special

I recently had the opportunity to get a sneak peek at another great way to focus on the reason for the season and a great idea for "Christmas School", a Nature Study Advent!

NatureHolidaysCoverR1-791x1024 I'm talking about the new Nature Study Through the Holidays. A mini book of nature studies for advent. I don't know about you, but I'm one of those home school moms that needs directions and specific instructions on how to make school fun. I love the idea that this mini nature study by Shining Dawn Books is as easy as downloading the pdf file, printing out the pages for each child and taking off! It's full of ideas for incorporating nature though traditional advent. They've even included scripture references and hymnals along withe their nature topic.

Do fun things like explore your neighborhood by candle light and discover all the reds and greens you can find on a winter walk. I think this Nature Study would make a great addition to any home whether you home school or not. Create a new tradition this year and learn more about nature while you focus on the true meaning of Christmas.

Visit Shining Dawn Books to purchase this down-loadable ebook for only $5.00!

Truth in Review: Shining Dawn Books did provide me with a digital copy of their Nature Study Through the Holidays. I was not paid for the review or required any certain context within my review. All reviews posted by me are truthful in content and not bought. Gabreial Visit our Disclaimer/Disclosure  for more info.


Deck the Halls: Shiny and Bright Vintage Find

Hello, Vintage Indie Readers! Gabreial asked to me to contribute posts over the next two weeks and I am happy to do so!

When I was a little girl my father was in charge of stringing the lights on the Christmas tree he bought from the parking lot of the Jaycees Men's Club. The tree was usually a balsam with sparse branches and a fragrance to match no other! The lights my father put on the tree had large bulbs and these wide flower-shaped aluminum light reflectors. Our skinny balsam filled out in such shiny glory once the lights came on and illuminated the shiny ruffled surfaces of the reflectors.Today I have some of those aluminum reflectors for our Christmas tree, but I have collected lots more at flea markets and estate sales. These shiny flower-shaped reflectors are a fun addition to holiday crafting!

Reflectors 2

You can usually find these shiny beauties at a few for a dollar or much less. Often you can find a whole box with dozens of them for a few dollars!

One of my favorite things to craft with the reflectors are wreaths. The reflectors are the perfect "cup" to hold small vintage glass ornaments and bits of tinsel, glued securely down and attached to a tinsel-covered wreath form.

RWB Wreath 1

Here is a detail.

RWB Wreath 2

This is the perfect time of year to score some of these reflectors for yourself. The thrift shops are putting out Christmas goodies and there has to be some reflectors in the mix.

Reflectors 1

Good luck and happy holiday crafting! Beth

Elizabeth Holcombe Fedorko, aka Bethsbagz, began her checkered crafting career when at four she realized using paste on paper was better than eating it. Inspired by vintage dime store treasures, vintage fabric, and a no-fear attitude toward color, Beth crafts totes, pin cushions, wreaths, and corsages into her Dime Store Chic creations. Beth would love you to take a peek into her whimsical world at her blog.



Deck the Halls 2009: A Nature Inspired Christmas

Yes, it is true. I love Christmas. A nature inspired Christmas is very close to my heart. My first tree was very rustic in style and reminded me of the grapevine wreaths my dad used to make when we lived in the country. These nature inspired picks, take me back home (which isn't far from where I live now) in memory.


Rustic Gift Tags inspired by nature from Little Black Forest


Hand sewn up-cycled vintage cutter quilt ornaments, by Wordz of Life


Beautiful ornaments and tags are created from nature itself, by maka le waken.

DIY - A Thrifted Christmas - Setting a Christmas Table by Barb McMahon

Are you struggling with your Christmas party budget? You've bought the food, prepared the menu, cleaned the house and somehow missed the decor for the table? Contributing Editor Barb McMahon is here to the rescue with a simple and charming way to make your guests feel special at the dinner table. You probably already have all of these things in your home.

Set The Table_Barb2

You can find nice old quilts at thrift stores and auctions. This one was a hand-me-down from my Great Aunt. If the stuffing's not too thick, they make cheery table coverings.

All of our dishes are thrifted. They don't have to match, though I think the table looks more elegant if they have something in common. In our case, we go for white backgrounds.

We also have two sets of flatware. When I set the table, I try to have matching pieces at each individual setting. I just find it easier to manoeuvre if the knife and fork are basically the same weight.

Flowers can be hard to come by this time of year. But you really can't go wrong with candles and a scattering of Christmas ornaments.

Featurebutton_05 Barb McMahon writes the blog May December Home - home decor with a focus on environmentally friendly/handmade/re-used design.

Be Inspired - Last Minute Vintage Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas by Heather Bullard

Do you need some last minute vintage holiday gift wrap ideas? The super talented Heather Bullard of The Present Past Collection has a must see four part series, that is out of this world gorgeous. Even if you've already wrapped your packages (unlike me who waits until the last minute) you've got to see them. Some of them, would be beautiful just sitting on a shelf! Go wrap an empty box if you have to!
Thanks Heather for sharing with us!

Share the Joy of a Vintage Christmas - Personal Creations

Chris A.  writes, "Here is my newest Christmas decoration creation. My vintage Christmas wreath. Complete with vintage tulle, balls, pearls, ribbon, buttons, etc. It's kind of a Shabby Vintage Style. Now... to find just the right spot to hang it.
Best holiday wishes,

IMGP4842 copy

IMGP4843 copy 
Thanks for sharing Chris! Visit her charming vintage baby shop Curby's Closet.

Gift Wrap Guide - All the Trimmings - Packaging Kits

I love it when everything is all matching labels, tags, packaging and wrap. I also love it when I don't have to coordinate these things myself. Below is a few companies that do all that work for you with some really great kits for all of your wrapping needs. (Click images to enlarge)

Il_430xN.47451772   Il_430xN.47327130
Sweet Papery has created these Gable Box Kits that include the ribbon and labels!

Il_430xN.45746500 Il_430xN.45746499
KitsandCaboodles one of my favorites on Etsy has created these Gift Wrap Kits including vintage goodies!

Don't forget to shop the Vintage Indie Market - Holiday Edition for all of your gifts!