Christmas Home Tours Jody Anderson

Hi Friends!  Today I want to share a very special Christmas themed Home Tour. If you would like to be considered for a home, studio or business tour, please let me know by emailing

"Growing up I never wanted the latest and greatest for Christmas... I wanted something old for my room" jokes Jody Anderson. All gown up now with a place of her own, Jody's home glimmers and glows, a vision of festive holiday decor.

Jody Anderson Home Tour

Full of Christmas spirit, she gets her Kirkland, Washington home dressed up for the holidays right after Thanksgiving.

Vintage Home Tour Santa

Jody collects vintage Santas. This jolly trio greets you as you step into the living room.

Vintage Christmas Tree Style Jody Anderson

 It's always a "white" Christmas with this pretty tree, decorated in pinks and reds.

Jody Anderson Home Tour Christmas

This tree wears a skirt made of tulle.

Vintage Style Christmas Home Tour

Jody rescued this sweet watercolor painting from a dumpster.  

Swing Seat Vintage Style

In a former life, this magazine holder was the seat of a swing.

Vintage Style Christmas Home Tour  

The perfect centerpiece. Blue vintage Ball Jars encircle a small Christmas tree.

Vintage Dress Display Christmas Decor

 Vintage gowns and a dress from the 1980's make a striking display.

  Vintage Shelf Upcycled Christmas

This "shelf" is made out of a weathered piece of wood and sparkly heels from a pair of pumps. 

  Vintage Trunk Christmas Decorations Home Tour

 A painted trunk anchors this space, complete with a birdcage and a vintage costume fashioned from crepe paper.

Vintage Dress Jody Anderson

The dress is a stunner!

  Vintage Style Bedroom Home Tour

Don't you want to dive into this pile of comfy pillows?

Glittered birdcage

A very pretty glittered birdcage

Vintage Style Chandelier

A simply striking chandelier

  Vintage Lightning Home Tour

 This lamp is created from books and drawer pulls.

Vintage Gate Home Tour Jody Anderson

A piece of a metal fence becomes a perfect display piece.

 Thanks to Jody for letting us take a little tour of her lovely home.

Wishing all of you a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season! 


My Vintage Pad: Home Tour Nicki Winkles of The Vintage Farmhouse

It has been awhile since I have published a "My Vintage Pad" home tour, these are some of my favorites to share with you. Please help me in welcoming Nicki Winkles of The Vintage Farmhouse. Her home is absolutely gorgeous. I think you will enjoy every minute of this tour. 




What is your favorite part of each room?

My favorite part of the kitchen is the mirror above the stove. It is unexpected and also helps the light bounce around in my small kitchen. 
019 (2)

My bathroom has pops of blue and green that remind me of the ocean. 
017 (4)


My Ektorp sofa from Ikea was found via Craigslist for only $25, it's super cozy and fun to change out pillows for each season.

My buffet in the dining room was an old dresser I found curbside and rescued and now it is my favorite piece of furniture. 

Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?

Everywhere! I am particularly loving the French-Nordic style of decor right now, lots of white with pops of farmhouse cozy so I love to read Jeanne d'arc Magazine for ideas.

How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?

Vintage is the body of my home; heart, soul, and bones! Almost everything in my house was rescued vintage that has been given new life. 

Any advice on creating your look?

Go with what you love. Don't be afraid to bring in unexpected elements. I love white because it grounds everything and gives you more freedom to play with different styles. You don't have to be dedicated to just one type of decor in your home. 



A special thank you to Nicole Winkles for giving us a tour of your spectacular space. 

Please visit Nicole's blog at The Vintage Farmhouse and The Vintage Farmhouse on Facebook

My Vintage Pad: Home Tour, Vintage Indie Reader Linn

New home owners Linn and her hubby embarked on a project this past summer turning their little white 40s bungalow-style home into something to treasure. They also have an eye for vintage and some great vintage style was included in their remodel. 



What is your favorite part of each room (each one that you share with us)

Well, I have lots of favorite parts of each room. Mainly I think
because I only choose to have things around me that I absolutely love.
We have a pretty small house, so each space has to really count; we
just don't have the room to keep lots of different things around which
we don't absolutely love and find useful.


In the living room, I love the built in bookcases we constructed a
couple of months ago. We have lots of books and love our books; we
want to be able to see them everyday and keep them out and visible.
Before we had the bookcases, we had a real storage issue, but once we
decided to build bookcases that went all the way up to the ceiling, we
gained a lot of really valuable space, plus I love the way they really
add character to the room.


In the living room I also adore the damask wallpaper. I had the paint
store match the background color of the paper to paint the rest of the
living room in, that way we didn't have to wallpaper all the walls,
and we could get a uniform look going.



In the dining room, my favorite part is probably our blue dining
chairs. I love the pop of color they provide, they brighten the space
a lot and add a whimsical element.



In the kitchen, I think my favorite part is the marble and granite
checkerboard floor which we put in when we renovated the kitchen a few
months ago. It gives the space a retro, yet classic look.

Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?

I prefer timeless, classic design, however it's also important for us
that things are useful and interesting. I don't like pretty things
just for the sake of being pretty (usually anyway!) I love when the
decor is practical, or in some way generates conversation or thought.
Mainly I find inspiration in the way of books, maps, useful objects in
the kitchen etc… I do however really appreciate nautical themes,
English country estates and Scandinavian homes to mention a few
favorite inspirational sources.

How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?

Things that exude a sense of timelessness and thought are ideally what
I want to surround myself with. That doesn't necessarily mean that the
things need to be old or of a vintage time, but it doesn't hurt if the
idea or theme stems from an earlier time.  The most important vintage
source in our home is without doubt our book collection where works
from literature, philosophy, history, science etc… coexist on the
shelves. Other vintage themes include antique reproduction maps, old
wooden furniture (but also newly built ones where we used classic
techniques.) I suppose you can also count our kitchen design into this
category: we have classic white subway tile, vintage style hardware
and a checkerboard floor!

Any advice on creating your look?

Choose things that speak to you and don't overdo it. If you have a
nice book collection, don't hide it behind closed doors. Choose a
basic color theme and stick with it: at first we wanted to stain the
bookcases a dark stain because we generally love that look. But after
realizing it would look really weird against the white moulding in the
room we decided to paint all the shelves white instead. Now we're
really happy we did because it works with the rest of the space
better. Also, try to use real materials as much as possible. We
appreciate timeless elements and "real materials" where you now
exactly what it's made of. So that means real wood and not laminate or
fake wood pieces as often as possible. We also have chosen to surround
ourselves with stone (marble and granite for the floor which we have
also reused in furniture pieces), and stainless steel for the kitchen.
So basically, keep things real, don't take short cuts and select a few
pieces which you really love.

We loved your vintage map collection, can you tell us a little bit
more about this project?

Thanks! Those maps are one of my favorite projects as well. A couple
of years ago, we purchased some really beautiful vintage reproduction
maps which have been sitting in the closet ever since, gathering dust.
As we got done renovating parts of our home, we realized we now could
put our focus towards putting things up on the walls, and immediately
thought of our maps. Since we couldn't find any frames in the store
that would fit right, we decided to custom make our own frames to fit
perfectly. So we measured carefully, created hemlock frames
constructed with dowels and glue, custom ordered glass, and stained
the frames the same stain as we used for our dining room table and
kitchen cart to create a uniform look. Now they hang up on the walls
and we just love them; they are interesting and full of character.

Gabreial, thanks so much for letting me be a part of your "My Vintage
Pad" series!


Thanks so much to Linn and her husband for sharing their charming home with us. Be sure to catch their whole remodel project at their website where you can find many great before and after photos, a deeper look into their handcrafted furniture and more! 



My Vintage Pad: Home Tour Ms. Lora Jabot owner of Holly Vogue Vintage

Please help me in welcoming our latest homeowner Ms. Lora Jabot. 




What is your favorite part of each room?

My Favorite place is the kitchen...filled with memories of the past...Tinker toys, twister and Cooties! I love the cherries and polka-dots too! It's a cheerie place and it makes me happy!


The dining space changes from green booth to red and gray Formica table...Fun and festive!
For me, I love color and fun in my surroundings! The 30's through the 50's are my Favorites!


The living room is tropical...Vintage Hawaii, one of my favorite Vacation trips! I love the prints and collectibles, Asian and Oriental influences!


Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?

The inspiration for my home is Having a Vintage Boutique and living Vintage for years! I get most my things from Thrift shops, Estate sales and circulating goods with Movie and Theater company's.



 How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?

Vintage things around me reminds me of a time long gone...And Living the Vintage lifestyle is the closest thing to preserving our past!

Any advice on creating your look?

I think the best way to create a fun vintage environment is to take ideas from the things you find and rotate your displays!


A special thank you to Ms. Lora Jobot for giving us a peek into her home. Please visit Lora at her Boutique Holly Vogue Vintage.

My Vintage Pad: Home Tour Heather Dutton in Kennebunk, Maine of Hang Tight Studio


My House

  Where do you live? 
       For the last 9 years I've been living & working in the beautiful town of Kennebunk, Maine.

What is your favorite part of each room?

       Oh boy! That's a difficult one to answer :) Since I work from home & I spend a lot of time in my studio, I filled that room with some of my all time favorite pieces. My desktop is chock-full of fun little tid bits, like a vintage cast iron mini muffin tin, which I used to hold all of my binder clips, push pins, ect.  

Studio Bits and Pieces

 One of my other favorite pieces in my studio is a vintage baby wooden shoemakers mold. I was giddy with excitement when I found it & was even more excited when I realized my pen/pencil fit in the opening perfectly

Studio pencil holder

Storage is a big problem throughout my house, since I only have a few small closets to work with. When I say small, I mean SMALL! I guess people in 1850 didn't need closet space like we do now. I've always had a bit of an obsession with vintage suitcases, lockers & old metal office/medical cabinets, so it was a no-brainer to fill my house with a variety of them. Not only do I love the way they look, they're also a great for storage! It's a win win in my book

Living room suitcase stack
Studio filing box

Studio storage


A few of my other favorite pieces throughout the house would have to be the incredible turquoise vintage fan, tv & old refrigerator I have on my back porch

  3season porch fan
Dress form

my coveted vintage dress form... which sits in my front hall, the vintage typewrite that I hung on my bathroom wall & my collection Le Pop Shoppe bottles


  Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?

       For as long as I can remember, I've loved going to antique auctions, thrift stores & flea markets. It's hard not to get inspired when you're wondering around places like that. There's a character & history that vintage items have that you just can't get from new or reproduced stuff.

I also find inspiration from eclectic design books. Some of my all time favorites are:  "Decorating Junk Market Style" (by: Sue Whitney & Ki Nassauer), "Found Style" (by the super genius Amy Butler & her husband David), "On Display" (by Lesley Dilcock) & "Nest For Two" (by Allison Serrell).

  How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?

       Vintage items play a HUGE role in my house! Every room has a dash of vintage in it, if not more. I've always been drawn towards vintage pieces, so when it came to "decorating" my house, it was kind of a no brainer. Your space should be filled with pieces that you love & for me, that love comes from vintage goodies.

  Any advice on creating your look?

       I think the most important thing to keep in mind when you're decorating your house is to fill it with pieces that speak to you & things that make you happy to be around. If you do that, then a "style" will develop naturally. There aren't any rules to follow or mistakes you can make if you go with your gut & surround yourself with things that you love :)

HangTightStudio_Gift Tags

Mod Pod Gift Tag Set from Hang Tight Studio

  I love your website and designs. Can you tell us a little bit about Hang Tight Studio?

       Thanks! I started my surface design business (Hang Tight Studio) a little over 11 years ago, after working as a fashion designer in San Francisco for a number of years. I spend my days designing surface graphics & textile designs for companies across the US & Europe, which is pretty cool for a girl who's obsessed with design! I've been fortunate enough to work with some pretty spectacular companies, such as: Pottery Barn, Smith & Hawken, Real Simple, Tupperware, and Red Envelope.



In addition to the designs I create for various companies, I've also been working on developing & marketing a collection of my own designs. I honestly can't imagine doing anything else & sometimes I have to pinch myself that I actually get paid to draw all day :) It doesn't get any better than that!


Thanks so much Heather for sharing your home and vintage goodies with us!


My Vintage Pad: Home Tour Julie From Michigan

Alas it is my birthday today so I'm taking the day off. Don't worry though, I'm here with one of my favorite feature here, a Vintage Pad Home tour. This time with Julie T. of Michigan and her fabulous ranch.
Have a beautiful day lovelies! xox Gabreial
House tour photo 9  
View from the backyard 

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
By profession, I'm a physical therapist, but am currently a domestic manager of a house, a husband, a cat,  and 2 kids - ages 5 and 1.  I used to run my own small, tiny, micro-indie record label.  Also, I'm a detail obsessed Virgo.  

House tour photo 1
Living Room
Where do you live? City or just the state is ok.
A small college town in the middle of Michigan.
House tour photo 4
Dining Room in the summer.  We get all our flowers from the backyard
What is your favorite part of each room (each one that you share with us)
In our family room, the built-in wall of storage is amazing.  We keep EVERYTHING behind all those doors.  The kid's toys, stereo equipment, the TV, our videos, photo albums, records and Cd's,  board games, books and more!  There are even cutouts at the top of the wall for the stereo speakers.
In the living room, the big floor radio is one of our favorite things.  We found it for $15 at a junk store in rural, RURAL Georgia.  We planned to just use it as a bar and then give it away when it was time to move, but we wound up getting it working again, so we listen to it all the time.  It sounds great. 
House tour photo 3
Family Room - looks out to the backyard
My favorite part of all the rooms is the abundance of natural light.  This house is full of big windows and lots of light.  It's made a big difference in my mood in the Winter time, since we have such long winters up here in Michigan
House tour photo 2
some original tile by the back door in the Family Room.  A great place to throw snowy boots, shoes, snow pants - then just mop up the puddles later.
Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?
I love looking at interiors and furniture in old movies -  the 30s through the 60s.  I'm also a big magazine junkie - both current ones as well as fun vintage ones like Better Homes and Gardens from the early 60s.
With the internet, there is just so much good stuff out there these days.  All the design blogs, it's just crazy.  Good crazy.
I'm also inspired a lot by our house - it's a ranch with tons of character and strange little nooks.  The original  house was built in 1950 and 2 large rooms were added on in 1960.  So the old part is very traditional, with a brick fireplace and pretty mouldings and things, and the 2 newer rooms are more mid-c modern. It's fun to try and find things that fit the feel of this house.  We've only been here 2 years (and also added a new baby during that time) so still have much work to do!
House tour photo 5

House tour photo 6
The storage wall in action 

How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?
When I married my husband, we were living in Georgia (we're both from Ohio) and we fell in love with all the vintage amazingness in the south.  Everything is old and lovely. We went to so many estate sales, junk stores, barn sales and the like.  (I still remember one estate auction with box lot after box lot of vintage pyrex going for 5 to 10 dollars a box...)  After Georgia, we lived in small town Virginia for 5 years and continued our hobby of going to antique shops, estate auctions, etc.  We have found so many great things,  and have so many of those things in our home now.  Every time I look around, I see something that is some part of our history together.  I love how vintage things have their own story too.  And I love buying something vintage or antique and giving it a second go-around. 
House tour photo 7
Master bedroom

Any advice on creating your look?
Pare your belongings constantly. I try to only display things I really love.  It helps that we have tons and tons of storage in this house. 
And I'm one of those weirdos who doesn't display family photos.  I order many prints of photos, and put them faithfully into albums, and we do get our albums out and look at them (frequently!) I just don't do the photos on walls thing.
House tour photo 8
Toy shelves in the toddler's room
Find lots of photos of my daily goings-ons and I often take photos of neat things I've thrifted.  I also have a set on my flickr page of our vintage fisher-price toys.  We love vintage F-P at our house!

House tour photo 10
Thanks Julie for making taking the time to show us your lovely home!

My Vintage Pad: Cindy and Steve's Place in Kirkland, Washington

 Hi Sweet Friends!

I recently got to spend a magical afternoon at the home of a Kirkland, Washington couple who literally sparkle.


Just like the wonderful treasures in their home.

Cindy and Steve are high school sweethearts.  

This husband and wife share a love of all things vintage and whimsical.


A sentiment we can all relate to


This is their front porch


Cindy's creative touches are everywhere


How fun to sit here and enjoy a cool glass of lemonade

Living Room

The Living Room

Cindy's Collection of Vintage Bride and Groom Sets


The Fireplace


The Mantle


This retro blue phone makes me long for the days we used to gab on the line for hours


A chandelier in the kitchen


Cindy makes these fantastic flowers

And these tiny chairs crafted from champagne stoppers


I love the idea of a clipboard/box combo   

Family Room1

The Family Room

Family Rooms2

Little displays everywhere


Life of luxury


The ceiling in the guest bedroom is a giant map


The Master Bedroom


 Some of Cindy's jewelry


So pretty

Doesn't this make you want to pull out your pearls? 


Steve has his own special spot...


It's a place to hang with the guys and there's an amazing vintage vinyl collection to boot 


Perfect place for a dude to kick back


Back in the main house-- Cindy and Steve sand little sand samples from all their trips


 We'll complete the tour with this sweet sign

Thanks Cindy and Steve, for letting us take a tour of your amazing home!  This cute family (along with daughter Jody) don't have a shop... yet.  Don't you think they should open one?

Hugs, Malia

My Vintage Pad Home Tour: A Home Restoration in Huntsville, AL

Vintage Indie would like to welcome Ashley and Andy as they share their beautiful home and unbelievable restoration with us.


What made you decided to restore the home?

Our first home together was a ranch house that needed a little bit of work, mainly cosmetic. We had a blast fixing it up, and that was right around the time of the restoration TV shows "boom" that happened a few years back. We would watch people transform these dilapidated houses into the most stunning homes. Andy (my husband) mentioned his dad had property in our favorite part of town, called Five Points, that needed serious repair. His dad had owned it since the 70s as a rental property, so the tenants didn't take the best care of it. Without even seeing the interior, I became obsessed with the idea of restoring the home back to a single family residence and creating the perfect home for us. After a year of convincing his parents that we really wanted to do this, they finally gave notice to the tenants that they were selling, and handed us the keys. Even with the puddle of pee that was in the kitchen, and the alligator (!!!) cage that was in the bedroom, and the mold all throughout the dining room, we knew it was perfect!


Living Room Before


Living Room Before


Living Room After


Living Room After

What is your favorite part of each room?

Overall, my favorite thing about the entire house is the lighting. I love how our bedroom faces East, so we wake up with the sun. There are a couple of hours in the morning where our bedroom glows. It's hard to wake up on the wrong side of the bed when it's so beautiful. Our living room gets the afternoon light, and it pours into the house, making the whole room look warm and cozy. The dining room houses two very important antiques - Andy's great great grandmother's dining room table, and my grandmother's piano. It's also where my extensive camera collection is stored. I love that our family's furniture blends so nicely with each other to create a comfortable room. All three of these rooms - bed, living, and dining - have fireplaces. We have 6 total in the house, and I love the character element they lend to each room. Not to mention the mantle space to display some of our favorite collections. And our kitchen and bath probably received the most amount of TLC thus far. We had to basically re-build the entire back part of the house, so it's been a true labor of love. Ever since I was a little girl, I've wanted black and white checkered floors, so it was wonderful when that little dream became true! I also love that the entire kitchen is basically windows and it provides a nice place to start our seeds each year.

Bathroom Before

Bathroom Before


Bathroom After
(one of my favorite parts, don't you just love that tile floor and that tub)

Bathroom After

What was the hardest part about the restoration?

While nothing was particularly "hard" about the restoration - everything was a learning process for us - we did live without water for 3 weeks. We became great friends with the gas station attendant down the street! We also didn't have electricity for 2 months when we first moved in. We lived upstairs while working on the downstairs. Since the house was a duplex, there were two breakers. In fact, the upstairs was on a fuse box that was a fire hazard, so we had to wait until the electricity was run downstairs, and then the electrician dropped us a line to use upstairs via a long, long extension cord. It was fun squatting, I mean, "camping out" with my husband.


Bedroom Before


Bedroom After


Bedroom After

Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?

When we didn't have walls, insulation, electricity, and water I poured over Domino (RIP) and This Old House magazines dreaming of the day when I could focus on what kind of flower would go into what vase. When the time came to actually start picking out colors for rooms, I went with my gut. The main colors I used basically screamed at me among the pile o' paint chips and I never looked back. And it's like that with about everything in our house, when I came across it - whatever it is - it just jumped out! When I found our kitchen cabinets (after getting quotes of $10k for lower cabinets for a 5x6 area) sitting there together, all for $1,200 my eyes totally teared up. It's like this house is sending me out to find all of its lost pieces!

Kitchen Before_2

Kitchen Before


Kitchen Before


Kitchen After


Kitchen After

How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?

They basically make up our entire home. I think I could only find 20 items that were bought new, and I'm sure some of them came from our wedding registry haha. My husband and I eagerly wait for the estate sales each weekend and scour thrift stores to find the treasures. I absolutely love seeing all these random things that we like come together to make up our home. It's so much more exciting than going to a store with mass production of the same items. Sure, I appreciate the design of some of today's top selling name brands, but I love the "hunt" of finding things vintage.

Dining Room Before

Dining Room Before

Dining Room After

Any advice on creating your look?
My husband actually helped me with this one, cause I was stumped a bit. I don't think anyone has ever asked me this. But Andy answered perfectly, "we find things that reflect our personality."

Kitchen Details

Any advice for those of us interested in a restoration project of your size?

You have to really want it. Like, I dreamed about this house every night the entire year before it became ours (whole new meaning to 'dream house' haha). We knew this would take a lot of time and money, but we decided (together!) that this is what we wanted. We wanted this plot of land and this house to become our home, no matter what it took. Honestly, we didn't have a lot of capital when this project started, so we did what we could, when we could...and we still operate like that. We didn't really plan out a budget because we knew it would get done someway, somehow and as long as we stayed out of debt, we would be fine. So while we are still working on this house, we both have our sanity - and most importantly - each other, still! You just have to make sure you know what you are getting into and try to plan accordingly, or at least not fret over every small thing. There will be small things and big things that go wrong, but it's all part of the process.


Back Porch

Thank you Andy and Ashley for sharing all of your hard work with us, I can't even imagine all of the sweat and love you had to pour into this home. The outcome is simply stunning.

Visit their website The Real Vertical House for more photos.

Thanks again Andy & Ashley! 

My Vintage Pad Home Tour: Mary Carroll of New Jersey

Please help me in welcoming our newest guest for our My Vintage Pad Home Tours, Mrs. Mary Carroll photographer and blogger from New Jersey.


Can you tell us a little bit about each room that your share with us and your most favorite details?

In the library (above photo), I like the sofa in front of the big window. The morning sun streams in there, and it is a marvelous place to sit with morning tea.



In the kitchen, I like the painted cabinets, especially the plate rack.


Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?

Inspiration -- in books about English country decorating, and about classic decorators such as John Fowler, Nancy Lancaster, Roger Banks-Pye, Sister Parrish, Bunny Williams.


How do vintage things play a role in your home?

I collect many vintage items, including monogrammed silver plated flatware, gravy boats, transferware, antique books and milk glass.


Any advice on creating your look?

Choose classic upholstered pieces. Add somewhere to put up your feet, a warm throw and beautiful old tables and lamps. Find accessories you love in thrift stores, flea markets and antique shops.

Thank you Mary for sharing your home with us. Visit Mary at Little Red House as well as her photography shop Dear Little Red House.  

Images Copyright 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 Little Red House

My Vintage Pad Home Tour: Linda MacDonald of Restyled Home

Linda MacDonald_Home

Vintage Indie would like to welcome you to another My Vintage Pad Home Tour. Today we have the pleasure of viewing the home of the newly named Editor at Large of  Flea Market Style Magazine and author of Restyled Home Mrs. Linda MacDonald!

Thanks so much for sharing your home with our readers. Can you tell us where you are from?

I am from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada. It is a small coastal town near some amazing, white-sandy beaches.

LInda MacDonald_Kitchen

I love my kitchen because of the soft palette and because I think it reflects my desire for choosing pretty over beautiful. I don’t lose sleep over the fact that my counter tops are laminate instead of stone or that I don’t have high end appliances or fittings. I buy what I can afford, and we saved money by having my husband build the cabinetry, scouring big box stores for things like my kitchen faucet, my glass knobs, and light fixtures. My kitchen cost a fraction of what the average homeowner’s cost, I am sure of that. The only thing missing from it is a fun, retro fridge from Big Chill and a farmhouse sink!! That won’t be happening anytime soon, unfortunately!

Linda MacDonald_Playhouse

I love my daughter’s playhouse because it is just as much for me as her, I don’t mind admitting! I designed it and my husband built it. I am most proud that we did everything ourselves, and I decorated it using what we had or what I could pick up from the Dollar Store, flea markets, or places like the Christmas Tree Shop. 


The day bed was built by my husband, and I stapled an old valance I had languishing in my linen closet as a skirt for it. The sink area is a $2 mixing bowl from Walmart and the tap I found at a second hand building supply store. Basically, I spray painted anything that needed it, and emptied my yard sale box and had a blast! We are pretty proud of the outcome!

Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?

I love perusing all of my favourite blogs and magazines. I am a big fan of bloggers who create beautiful looks on a dime and incorporate vintage finds in their home. I am a firm believer is repurposing items from yesteryear. It is not only resourceful but also one of the best ways to honour the past and respect the environment.

I have even been known to rescue a treasure or two from the dump! I also save almost every magazine I buy. My favourites were Country Home, Canadian Home and Country, and Home Companion. Sadly, all three closed up shop this past year. I am very excited to report that I have been assigned the role of Editor-at-Large for the new upcoming newsstand magazine, Flea Market Style (from style experts, Matthew Mead and Ki Nassauer) and it is going to showcase vintage style in a way that hasn’t been done before. We will be shining the light on some great bloggers, Etsy artists, and online shops and it is going to be vintage style done right, with fresh, new ideas and features. I can’t wait! So I guess I will have a new favourite magazine after all!

Linda MacDonald_DiningRoom

How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?

I am not a purist when it comes to creating vintage style, nor am I concerned with pedigree. Basically, I just buy an item because I love it, and I am just as happy to add items that are vintage inspired when I can’t find the real McCoy! Every room in my home has a nod to vintage style, from my vintage apron collection, to my thrift shop furniture pieces to the kitchen island my husband made me to resemble a candy counter one might find in a old-fashioned general store (using reclaimed lumber for the top of it!). I have gotten to the point where I have lost interest in shopping in “regular shops” and prefer to haunt thrift shops, flea markets, and yard sales.

Linda MacDonald_Living Room  

Any advice on creating your look?

My best advice would be to have fun with decorating. Naturally, style on a dime and vintage style go hand in hand. One great piece can be buoyed by quieter supporting elements like comfy slip-covered furniture, pillows, kid’s artwork, elements from nature, and some great lampshades, tricked out using some fun trims like pompom fringe, rickrack, or ribbon. 

Linda MacDonald_Bookcases

Lighting is also very important to me, but I have never spent more than $150 on a light, and I have some pretty fun ones that I adore. One of my favourite projects was when I repurposed the ceiling fan in my daughter’s room using a drum shade, a finial from an old curtain rod and some fishing wire. I had the shade kicking around, so it was basically free and done in less than an hour! I always look at objects to see if they can be tweaked to serve a dual purpose. I try to stretch my decorating budget and get a rush when I stumble upon a great find and incorporate it into my home. I think it takes more talent to pull together a great look when you don’t have unlimited resources. That is where bloggers and artists share a common ground. 

A special thank you to Linda MacDonald for sharing your home with us. I am looking forward to Flea Market Style and wish you overflowing success! 

 - Gabreial Wyatt

My Vintage Pad Home Tour 1950s Ranch: Kristena Derrick from Tulsa, Oklahoma


Kristena with daughter Emily

I'm Kristena Derrick from Tulsa, Oklahoma.  My home is a 1950s ranch-style house.

What is your favorite part about each room that you share with us? 

Emily_Fake Roses 

Living Room

In the living room, I love the hand-me-down greenish-gold couch and the pine trunk. 


In the dining room, I arranged family paint-by-numbers with Grama's needle-points and paintings, and I love it.  I want to keep adding onto it! 


The children's room has a pink felt flower picture that I found at the local thrift store for $6.


I love the charming pink tile in our 1950s bathroom, although I can't claim to have always felt that way.  I wanted to rip it out when we moved in 2 1/2 years ago.  Now I adore it & want to retro-renovate the entire room. 



The kitchen was refurbished by a previous owner, but I still enjoy putting bright old objects in there, like the set of vintage red canisters I found on eBay.


Do you have a favorite vintage item? 

I really love the quilt I've been working on with the help of the Twelve Square quilting bee.  I found a box of old fabric bits at a yard sale in my neighborhood last year, and it has slowly transformed into a vibrant piece (with bits of my family's clothing worked into it too) of nostalgia. 


Breakfast Nook

Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home? 

I find inspiration all over the place!  I read far too many blogs, for one thing.  Some of my favorites are Alicia Paulson's Posie Gets Cozy, Amy Karol's Angry Chicken, and Tamar Schechner's Nest Decorating.  But my vintage obsession really started when I found Lucinda Ganderton's book Creating Vintage Style in 2006.  I realized that it was possible to step outside of the big-box store and have style & sentiment.


Crafting Nook


How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?

I try to choose vintage items that will fit in seamlessly with the new stuff and be equally useful.  I want to drink my coffee from flowery Fire King mugs, dry my hands on a days-of-the-week towel from 1960, and cover up with a cheery and bright old afghan while napping on the couch.  And I want to hang the kitschy 1970s needlepoint alongside the gorgeous new photo from Abby Try Again.  This is the world of which I dream. ;)


Kitchen Wall

Where did your love for vintage come from? How has it influenced your decorating style?

I credit both of my grandmothers as the original sources of my style.  One is an artist who paints all her walls bright white and then adorns them with huge, wildly colored paintings.  She always seems to have roses blooming in the front yard, and she decorates her tiny Christmas tree each year with her old pearl necklaces and other sparkly costume jewelry.  My other grandmother recently passed away, but her kitschy style will forever be a part of me--the lemon-people bobbleheads from Florida, the ceramic chat noir, the colorful rooster lamp, the starburst clock, and the fruit-embroidered curtains that filled her home of 50+ years.  I guess that kitschy-artfulness is just in my blood.


Dog Paint By Number Painted by Kristena's husband's uncle in the 1950s.

Any advice on creating your look? 

Frequent a good thrift store.  Snatch up whatever catches your eye.  As long as you're buying from a charity shop, you're not investing too much, and you're helping people.  It's a win-win.  Once you get an idea of what you really like, you can start filling in the gaps in your home with bits and pieces of nostalgia.  And you can try out the infamously more expensive antique stores near you.  You just never know what you might find! 


Master Bedroom

For my specific look, paint your walls light grayish-blues or other cool tones, paint your trim shiny white, keep the furniture creamy or white for the most part, and then you have a great canvas for various brightly-colored artifacts.  I learned the hard way (by painting the walls Granny Smith Apple Green) that too much is really too much.  A little pop of color here and there works wonders though. :)   

Dresser Scarf

I don't have an independent business yet, but I hope to start selling refashioned clothing pieces soon.  Visit me at Thimbly Things

Sarah Dunlap of Sarah's Adventures did the photography for my house tour.

A special thank you to Kristena Derrick and her adorable children for sharing your home with us. Also a special thank you to Sarah Dunlap for the beautiful photography.

My Vintage Pad Home (Room) Tour: Caterina Martini Rome, Italy

Welcome to another home tour here at Vintage Indie. Today we would like to welcome Caterina Martini a student from Rome, Italy who gives us a peek into her family's dreamy home. I think you will enjoy her space and her beautiful photography. She also owns a vintage shop on Etsy, in which we'll talk about shortly! 

Can you tell us where you are from? Did you grow up here?

Hello, my name is Caterina, I am 21 years old and I’m an art history student.

I was born and raised in Rome, Italy, where I currently live with my parents and sister. Since I was little I’ve been traveling a lot with my family. Our favorite destination was the United States, where I lived for a few months when I was twelve. Since then I’ve been in love with the American aesthetic and culture, which influenced my style a lot.


Our white kitchen cupboard filled with vintage china and utensils. Another recent kitchen favorite is a reproduction of a candy dispenser, yet to be filled.


As you can see from the pictures, our house is a bit of a mixture. I am an avid collector of vintage 1950s and 1960s objects, which I displayed mostly in my room and in the kitchen.


My room is my refuge, decorated with props from my favorite era. The wallpaper and the overall décor were inspired by vintage American candy shops, but I threw a bit of everything into the mix. My favorites are the vintage white ice-skates hanging on the wall…I love winter and they make me dream of skating on frozen lakes!



The living room is decorated with vintage furniture like the clock, an Art deco dining table with mismatched chairs, and our beloved 1918 piano, definitely my favorite thing in the room. The mirrored cupboard and the rocking chair are family heirlooms. I love things with a history, it makes everything so much more interesting.





We added random objects found in garage sales and antique shops, like tea-pots, plates and a lovely French tray decorated with birds. My mom and I love to scavenge together, and as you can see we have a passion for chickens! 




The room with the blue flowered wallpaper is my sister’s bedroom. It was inspired by French style, and has a more romantic feel. All the pictures on the walls are vintage, our favorite is the little Peter Rabbit one. 



I adore traditional paintings of American cottages, and I acquired a few over the years, dotting them around the house. I hope to have my own cottage one day…


Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?

My decorating inspiration comes mainly from the traditional American aesthetic (especially the New England Country and Primitive style), combined with a bit of 1950s fun elements. I also credit several stylish people in the blogosphere, such as the colorful pictures by Alicia Paulson

How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?

Vintage things play a huge role in my decorating style. In some cases, like my room, they make up the very essence of the décor. Even when I can’t find original vintage things, I try to re-create a vintage atmosphere using reproductions and a bit of imagination. Because I didn’t grow up at that time (although I wish I had!), I’m moved by fascination, curiosity and my naive sensibility, rather than nostalgia. 


Caterina's Room




Do you think you've been influenced by family in the way that you decorate?

Although I have several family pieces in my house, I can’t say the traditional Italian style influenced me much. In fact, my house is probably one-of-a-kind here in Rome! My mother’s taste, however, was a huge influence. We have a lot of fun together!


Living Room


Living Room Table

Any advice on creating your look?

Hunt, hunt, hunt! The best things aren’t hard to find if you have patience. Try to create a cozy atmosphere, then mix it up with fun details. If it’s your thing, go for pastels, and don’t be afraid to play with colors. 


I've really enjoyed your photography , is this a hobby or do you do it professionally?

Thank you! I’m not a professional, although I did take some classes. Photography is another way for me to escape from modern reality, so I like using effects and filters to alternate colors and make the pics look old. I also like playing with my grandpa’s old camera, film prints were the best. 

I noticed you also have and Etsy shop, Retrocall. What types of items can we find there?

Again, a token of my love for all things vintage… I started by selling my own handmade retro-looking illustrations, then moved on to clothes and various kinds of objects like vintage cups and postcards. Sometimes I just can’t find the space for my finds, or the vintage clothes I buy don’t fit me. So, my loss is your gain!

A special thank you to Caterina and her family for allowing us to tour your cozy home. 

My Vintage Pad Home Tour: Stacy Leigh Atelier Clarksville Missouri

Welcome to another home tour here at Vintage Indie. Today, we have the pleasure of touring the personal home and style of Stacy Leighs Atelier from Clarksville Missouri.


Hi Stacy, welcome to Vintage Indie. Thank you for sharing your home with us today. Can you tell us a little bit about your home and your favorite details?
My home was built in 1867 by a Riverboat Captain as a wedding gift for his daughter.  It is located in Clarksville, Mo. on the banks of the Mississippi River.   The front porch is rounded and does resemble a river boat in a way.  I love the porches which surround 3 sides of the house.  There are 7 doors downstairs and all but one go out onto the porch.  I love sitting out there and working on projects.  My father is a willow furniture maker so the porches are furnished with his furniture.

I love antiques and collect paintings of dogs.  I have 2 beagles and a Jack Russel who fill my life with much fun and love.   The upstairs in my house has turned into my studio where I restyle and repair vintage clothes.  I am in the process of opening up the downstairs of my home and turning it into a boutique.   I think people will love seeing the old architecture and what a better place to showcase Victorian inspired clothing than a Victorian home?

The home has very high ceilings  with ornate crown moldings.  Large pocket doors and 3 parlors.  There is a beautiful etched window in one of the doors of a lady who might have been the daughter whom the house was built for.  There are 2 stairways, one which was used by servants which is narrow and plain and one wider one in the center of the house.   I have painted all the rooms, updated the kitchen and added 2 bathrooms. 

My favorite room is my primitive bedroom upstairs which opens into a large bathroom with plaster walls that I have revealed some of the brick behind.  It's painted a dark clay color to match the bricks.  I have covered the ceiling and walls with wood molding in a grid like fashion. 

The picture of the cream colored server above is from my bathroom.  It is full of towels and toiletries.


I left the cream colored painted molding in the dining room, took off the wallpaper, and painted the plaster a dark flat brown.  There is a built in pass through to the kitchen so the two rooms flow together. 


The kitchen was depressing when I bought the house 3 years ago.  It didn't feel right and was very dated.  I would have loved it if it had been left alone and all original but it hadn't been.  My budget limited me, so I opted to paint the walnut stained cabinets instead of replace them.  I used the same flat brown color as I did the walls.  A bold turquoise blue was used on the inside.

This showed off my white antique dishes and crystal very well.  Up on top of the cabinets I placed an Asian antique  architectural piece.  The chandelier was a brass one I found at a garage sale.  I painted it flat black and attached teardrop shaped  crystals.  I love it!


 The bar and counter tops are made from salvaged wood that I painted a buttermilk color .  The pillars that hold up the bar are the only thing that was left from my grandparents farm.  The house had burnt down but these pillars had been removed before the fire when they did a remodel, that goodness.

The bedroom (greenroom) downstairs is an 1800s, 3/4 size, walnut poster bed.   I love how the bed juts out and is centrally located in the house.  It says, "relax"! 

It has a "petite bathroom" that I have added.  There is a little arch over the pedestal sink.  Brass and crystal sconces that I found at a flea market and the wall color is dark green, just several shades darker than the bedroom which is a shade called "garden path".


The living rooms are painted a light Tera cotta.  There is a large postal desk behind the couch that works as a console table and a work space when needed.  I love the historical feeling of the desk with it mail slots. 

Upstairs is a sun room with dark velvet valances I have made from opera curtains from an old show house in the Midwest.

I love the painted bent wood furniture. It gives it a whole new feeling. You can see more of my dad's bent wood furniture at his website

The porches are my favorite.  They look out over the gardens and face the only remaining carriage house in town.  They used to use it for their buggies before cars were used.

Any advice on creating your look?

My style is eclectic.  I just decorate with and buy things I love  and they all seem to fit together

A special thank you to Stacy Leighs Atelier for this detailed look into your home. Be sure to visit Stacy's web-shop for her original and restyled clothing as well as her vintage shop Stacy Leigh Vintage. 
Please also visit Stacy's father's website The Bent Tree for a further look at his beautiful furniture.

My Vintage Pad Home Tour: Katherine of Chicago, Illinois.

Welcome to another home tour here at Vintage Indie. Today, we have the pleasure of touring the personal home and style of Katherine of BackGarage.

Thanks so much for joining us Katherine, can you
share your favorite details of your Chicago apartment with us?

It's so easy in Chicago to find apartments with hardwood floors and vintage detailing: built-ins, fireplaces, molding.  I take them for granted -- I'm so used to them -- but I love the hardwood floors.

{Click on Images to Enlarge}

Sun Room
Sun Room

Do you have a favorite vintage item?
I'll pick two, one big and one small.  I recently got my Kent-Coffey highboy dresser from Craigslist -- $50!  It's Danish Modern style, but it was made by U.S. manufacturers so it's much bigger than a typical piece of Scandinavian furniture.  My fiancé and I share it and there's enough room for everything.

Kent Coffey Dresser

Second are these Polynesian busts I got from a packed little vintage shop here in Chicago called Mode.  They're pretty common -- I actually first saw them in Kim from Desire to Inspire's home.  So when I found them in this shop I knew I had to have them.  I like things that are a little on the bizarre side.

Polynesidan Brother_Sister

Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?
I read a lot of vintage and design blogs and I pour through Flickr all the time.  I've also started to read about mid-century design more seriously, rather than just collecting stuff or looking at it online.

Living Room
Living Room & Danish Modern Chair

How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?
I wonder sometimes how people can say to themselves, "Hmmm, we need a butter dish."  And then they just go out to Target and purchase one of the three that are available.  Granted, a butter dish isn't the most important item in your house, but, you know, it's the little things.  And when you buy vintage, there's such a wealth of designs and colors you can choose from, you can really express your personal taste and style, rather than that of just one designer.

Breuer Style Chairs
Breuer Style Chairs

Do you have any favorite vintage/antique pieces in your home?
My favorite antique pieces are all from my mom and dad.  My dad was an antiques dealer in his spare time, so I have a lot of old wood tables and cabinets that I wouldn't necessarily pick out on my own today, but that blend well in my space and give it some history.

Dining Room Table Chairs
Dining Room

Where did you love for vintage come from? How has it influenced your decorating style?
I'm not sure where my love for Danish Modern came from -- it's not the style I grew up around, really.  I think my love of vintage items started as a budget-conscious decision and grew into a habit.  And I like design -- classic design.  How else do you afford it but to buy vintage?

Kent Coffey
Kent Coffey Side Board

Any advice on creating your look?
If this is a look you're interested in creating, just scour eBay and Craigslist for Danish modern furniture, lots of green ceramic planters (Haeger and Hull), some "decoratus absurdum" in the form of mannequins and skeletons, a few vintage metal pieces, a classic chair or two, and pull it all together with some re-purposed Ikea furniture.

Ikea CD Stand
Ikea CD Stand

Thank you again Katherine for inviting us in your amazing apartment. Please take a minute to visit Katherine's blog BackGarage where she also hosts links to her Etsy Shop BackGarage for great vintage finds.

My Vintage Pad Home Tour: Emily Kumler of Prep Cosmetics

Welcome to another home tour here at Vintage Indie. Today, we have the pleasure of touring the personal home and style of  Ms. Emily Kumler who is currently at helm of Prep Cosmetics .


Hi Emily, welcome to Vintage Indie. Could you please tell us where you are from?

      I grew up in Lincoln, MA but my home is in Cambridge, Massachusetts


      How would you describe your decorating style?

      Clean and classic, blending high-end 21st century, French country, colorful Italian inspiration and ghosts of family-past (luckily they had good taste!). I’m a born entertainer, hence my kitchen, and adore hosting dinner parties with a group of best friends, showing off my style with chic, home-spun elegance. 


      Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?

      A lot of my inspiration comes from my mother who has an exceptional eye and a terrific way of teaching design and decorating. She's always said “Your home should be a place filled with colors and objects you love.” Her trick is to copy the artists' works you enjoy staring at, so for me it was the Fauve painters, which is why i have a lot of bright contrasting colors. I hope this make people feel like they're sitting in a Matisse portrait. The time I spent in Italy as a high school student has also been a huge influence on my decor choices. No one has mastered the use of color better than the Italians -- ok maybe the Moroccans, those Moors have color combinations that are to die for--but my time in Italy was formative in so many ways and my design ideas are a tangible result of months spent wandering the streets of Rome and Venice. 


      How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?

      I'm a firm believer that mixing vintage with new is the only way to truly personalize your space. There isn't a room in my apt that doesn't have vintage items. In my kitchen I have vintage William Morris curtains. I searched and searched for them and finally on the British Ebay i found a pair and they were the perfect size -- I immediately felt so satisfied, like they were meant for my kitchen! You don't get that same feeling of satisfaction when you simply order something new – where’s the fun in that? I also have a fabulous orange couch which belonged to my grandmother. It is my favorite piece in the living room. She died before I was born, so it's incredible special to have something of hers in my apt as I never knew her. It also helps that it is a perfect match to my color scheme. My mother obviously got some of her design inspiration from my grandmother; all three of us enjoy the color orange in our homes, which is a wonderful generational link. 


      Other vintage items I adore are the blue shutters in my bedroom, which also happen to fit perfectly although I had no idea if they would work when purchasing them from a local antique shop. I have a huge armoire that looks like something out of C.S. Lewis's imagination, which is a favorite. There are also small items, like old Soviet Union cigarette cases I've collected and Henriot Quimper candlesticks that I cherish. These smaller items add subtle character to rooms, and to activities. I could go on and on...


      Do you have a favorite vintage or antique item?

      The couch would probably be my favorite. It has so much personality which only adds to the intense emotional attachment I feel because it was my grandmothers, it is definitely my favorite. However, I also have some original vintage posters that were given to me that I adore and that bring me a lot of joy.  


      Any advice on creating your look?

      Don't be scared. Play with paint. Unlike wallpaper or major construction, paint is cheap. You can mess around with colors and see what you like and what doesn't work. Also, I would warn, never pass a barn sale or antique store in rural areas without giving them a try. If you're driving to a friend’s house in Maine and the drive normally takes 2 hours, plan on 5! You don't want to miss the old magazines, rustic farm signs, funky fixtures and who knows what else you'll find along the way. 


      I know a lot of people who plan out their entire space from light fixtures to tablecloths before buying anything…this is crazy to me! The best part about personalizing your space is that you are forced to find a creative way to bring all your tastes and individual pieces together. Unless you're a really boring person (and I’m a firm believer that everyone has uniqueness and creativity) you can't plan every detail without getting out there and looking in a lot of unlikely places as well as thinking about what you already have. My biggest piece of advice is to shelve the fear or anxiety most people attach to designing their interiors, and be bold! (even if it is in your own subtle ways)

Thank you again Emily for inviting us in your amazing home. Visit Prep Cosmetics where they offer designer cosmetics including Paraben Free & Organic! Also, visit Manners101 where Emily also serves as a regular contributor.

My Vintage Pad Home Tour New York City: Dr. Brent Ridge of Beekman 1802

Please help me in welcoming Dr. Brent Ridge of Beekman 1802 to Vintage Indie. Dr.Brent describes his decorating style as Modern Organic, but enjoys combining it with vintage. He also shares a fondness for 1960s office furniture.

Welcome to Vintage Indie Dr. Brent. Can you tell about where you are from?

We have farm in upstate New York and a business built around the farm that serves to celebrate and promote the importance of the artisanal and the handmade. Our website is Beekman1802  Because we are a media company as well, we are frequently in NYC and needed a pied-à-terre that could serve as an office and a hotel room and be easy to keep organized and tidy.


The kitchen is small but has lots of counter space and is very easy to manage.  Everything is within an arm's reach.  I love having both the above and below the cabinet  lighting. The stainless steel backsplash is also nice.



Notice the vintage office chairs at the suspended dining room table.


How would you describe your decorating style?
We are minimalists (and also perfectionists), so we are very selective about the pieces that we bring into our space.  Even though we may need a chair, for example, we may wait years (sitting on the floor) until we find the right chair (both in terms of style and price)

How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?

We like items that are well-constructed, that have their own narratives and can be conversation starters.


 Vintage chandelier and lamps in the bedroom.


The vintage credenza in the bedroom was the inspiration for all of the woodwork in the apartment.  This piece of furniture looks mid-century but is actually from the 1930s.  We bought it in a church thrift store.

Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?

We find inspiration by looking at restaurants and retail environments.  These places have paid thousands of dollars for the best interior designers.  Use that to your advantage.


We designed the bathroom sink ourselves.  It is one solid piece of stainless steel that runs the length of the bathroom and serves as the shelf in the shower.


This is a small apartment so storage was important.  All the cabinets and closets are concealed.

Any advice on creating your look?

We read a great book by Maxwell Gilliam Ryan of Apartment Therapy that was an excellent methodology for figuring out both the form and function of the space.

Thank you again Dr. Brent for inviting us in your home. Visit Beekman 1802 where they support handmade, environmental sustainability as well as supporting local economies.

Editing Credits - Starr Keller of Starr Strung

My Vintage Pad Home Tour: Patricia F. from a small Missouri town, just outside St Louis

Please help me welcome Patricia to Vintage Indie for another fabulous My Vintage Pad Home Tour & Interview

    Hi Patricia, thank you so much for welcoming us into your beautiful home. Can you please give us a little walk through of each room.


Sure, I'll start with the dining room pictured above. I painted this room, Sherwin Williams Interesting Aqua, last year. The ceiling is Topsail, also Sherwin Williams.  The color is a complete departure for me. I usually use earthy colors. The previous color was Laura Ashley Gold #3. 


My favorite part of this room is my mother's china cabinet.  Mother passed away a few years ago. This piece is very special to me.  The view to the front garden is also a favorite. That's the reason there are no window coverings in this room. This room is my favorite at this time, but that could change in a twinkling, to another room in our home.


(Powder Room Above)

The powder room makeover is the most recent.  It was completed very recently.  Previously painted Ralph Lauren Longjohn Red and decorated with prints and mirrors in ornate frames.  The new look is more casual.  I used Sherwin Williams Mink, a paint leftover from a project at our Lake of the Ozarks condo.


While I love every part of the makeover, the window is my favorite!

Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?

Mary Carol Garrity, of Nell Hill's, is one of my sources for inspiration. I've toured her home a few times and visited her shops, as well. She is an amazing woman, with a lovely personality.  I own all of her books. Other sources of inspiration are design books and magazines and design blogs. I also enjoy going on home tours.


We have custom made hickory cabinets in our kitchen. We recently had the island painted black. Absolutely love it. It makes the room flow with the breakfast room, where a black cabinet and table are used.  


Next we move on to our living room. A favorite thing about this room is the Grandfather Clock.  We bought this particular model from Howard Miller because, among the chimes is, Beethoven's 9th (Ode to Joy). Other favorites are the pictures that hang beside the clock.  The top one is a sketch of our home, given to us, when our home was featured on a holiday home tour, in 2006.  The print below is from Nell Hill's Briarcliff (Kansas City, MO). It depicts a Black Labrador Retriever. I bought it, because it reminds me of our sweet Molly. I tend to purchase wall accessories and art, that have special meaning for us.  The print of Split Rock Lighthouse, on Lake Superior, was purchased when we toured the lighthouse, several years ago.  It hangs over the bench beside the stairs.


Another feature of the living room I love is the window, because it looks onto the back porch..  Back Porch Musings' name comes from this outdoor room, we enjoy using 3 seasons of the year.

How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?

We have several vintage furniture pieces in our home.  We recently acquired a double bonnet secretary desk, circa 1920's. It is used in the master bedroom.  I also collect vintage table linens and use them, quite often.  I would definitely recommend using vintage pieces in every room. Set the table with the "good" dishes, instead of just having them stored away or displayed.



Any advice on creating your look?

Remember to buy what you love, when creating your look.  Developing your style doesn't necessarily mean following trends or thinking about what is in or out.  Try using accessories in out of the ordinary ways.  I've developed my style over a period of over 40 years..  I find that many ideas I use now, I used many years ago. They still work today.


Patricia  writes a lovely blog Back Porch Musings, head over to view more photos of her home and a closer look at the back porch that started it all.

Thank you again Patricia for inviting us in your home.

My Vintage Pad Home Tour: Michelle S. of Nazareth, PA

 I would like to welcome Michelle S. of Nazareth, PA to Vintage Indie. We hope you enjoy this lovely tour of Michelle's home and a closer look at what inspires her.

    Hi Michelle, thank you so much for welcoming us into your beautiful home. Is there any history about your home, that you would like to share?
Our home was built in 1925, we bought it in May of 2007.   It is one of three identical homes in a row.   My neighbor tells us these homes were built by a local carpenter who used to have a business in town.  As the story goes, he built our homes during a slow period in his business for extra income.

    What is your favorite part of each room? (each one that you share with us) 


That is difficult to pick just one! 


Kitchen:   The shelf my husband built above the windows.  It was something I envisioned doing from the first time we viewed the house.   I'm always after extra storage space as I'm a collector.  I've tried to do minimal and neat but collected and cluttered is more my taste.

Above Window Shelf


The Everything Room:   The aqua desk (see below).   It was such a leap for me to paint such a bright color and I'm enjoying the result.  Sometimes it pays to go out of your comfort zone a bit.


Bathroom:   The strip of hooks on the walls.  I was going to put shaker pegs in the bathroom but I felt it called for something else.  We have strips of moulding with hooks in all the closets in the house.  My husband took that particular piece from the attic closet and it found a new home in the bathroom.   It gives us a great place for wet towels and I love that it is something we already had and could reuse.

Bathroom Hooks

Hailey's Bed 
Daughter's Room

Hailey's Room


Hailey's Room:  Her pink iron bed.  I found that bed at a flea market for a steal.   Our girls were little at the time and I knew the pink chippy paint would be perfect for one of them some day.  It sat in our basement for a long time before they grew old enough to get up on it since it's so tall.   Hailey has a stepstool she uses to climb into bed. 


Dining Room:  The beadboard ceiling.   I love how the ceiling looks like it could be original to the home.  We didn't bother filling in knots or imperfections in the wood to retain its charm.   This room was actually the first one we redid and I'm already thinking of repainting the walls.  As the rest of the house progresses, the dining room doesn't flow as well.

Beadboard Ceiling
Beadboard Ceiling

Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?

Everywhere.  Magazines, store displays, antique stores.   I like looking at things and trying to find a new use for it, such as the door key holder in the everything room.

Door Key Holder
Door Key Holder

How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?

It's important for me to be surrounded by items with history.  Old pieces have a different feeling to them, they make me feel warm and comfortable.  Also, having 3 kids and 2 dogs, I love pieces with dents and scratches.  More imperfections just add to their charm.


Do you have a favorite vintage item?

My favorite vintage item is this house.  We feel very lucky to have it and work to retain its original character.  It's been a great opportunity to teach our children what a little hard work can do, and that saving a piece of history is worth the effort.

Michell's Favorite Collection

Any advice on creating your look?

Just do what you love!   Don't worry what a magazine says you should do.  Also, don't be afraid to make mistakes.   We'll be repainting our dining room and that's okay.  Sometimes it takes a few tries to get things just right


Michelle also writes a lovely blog From House to Home, head over to see her newly redecorated master bedroom.

Thank you again Michelle for inviting us in your home.

My Vintage Pad Home Tour: Cynthia of Huntington , NY

I would like to welcome Cynthia of Huntington New York to Vintage Indie. We hope you enjoy this lovely tour of Cynthia's home and a closer look at what inspires her.

What is your favorite room, and why?

 I think my favorite room is definitely the kitchen. It's so true when they say it's the "Heart of the Home". Aside from Interior Design , cooking is a passion of mine, so the kitchen is the place I am 90% of the time. I love using lots of colors and mixing styles, and my Kitchen has almost every favorite color of mine.


I love seeing the soft blues, yellows, Reds and pinks on a daily basis. So my wallpaper was the inspiration for that room. The other parts of my home are also filled with color, but that's the place I bring them all together. I like to incorporate gingham's, plaids and vintage aprons in there to help mix it up. It's also probably the room with the most vintage pieces, so that makes me feel a sense of nostalgia on a daily basis too.

Decor pics and me from documents 350

I love the island I made from a desk I had as a child, it's a great conversation piece because of that. Then I collect vintage cookbooks, signs, and accessories to help give it that feel. My stove is also a vintage stainless steel, and cooking on it just makes me happy.

328 after

I think my hutch is also a focal point and changing it often with vintage bowls and books and collectibles gives it a new look every season, so that really appeals to me. It was Vintage 1940 and it just has a feel to it that warms up the space and gives it the Cottage cozy look I love.

Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?

Oh boy, maybe the question I can ask back is , "where do I not find inspiration"? I find it everywhere. Through books, blogs, magazines, home tours and home shows too. I try and get into NYC a couple times a year and go to all the market shows, I love seeing how new things can be incorporated into a space and give it that finished look. I also get inspired by traveling to different homes and areas  and seeing the landscapes around me. We have such beautiful Farm land on LI and I remember coming home one day from one, and wanting the entire house transformed into a barn like setting :) so every thing inspires me :)


How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?

I have some Vintage in every room, whether it be furniture, collectibles, linens, or Vintage hand-me-downs from my Mother. I think every room has at least 10 things in it from the 1920s, 30's, 40s and 50s. Those eras warm my heart. I collect anything I can get my hands on for the kitchen, like bowls, cookbooks, aprons, plates, signs, cookware etc. And for the bath and bedroom, vintage linens and collectibles can be found in each room. I try and keep things simple though, although I like to use color and enjoy collecting items, I like rooms not to be "cluttered" with too much,so I try and keep all the collectibles "IN" something. Like the Hutch, a bookcase, or in frames too.

Decor pics and me from documents 304

I have a vintage apron from 1930 that I love and so I framed it with some cookbook pages to keep it safe and dust free and visible every day :)

Any advice on creating your look?

"My look" is really a combination of styles. But it can be coveted by one word "Cottage". Having grown up with horses and having a barn on my property, I am always moved by all things "farm chic" and Vintage.  I tend to blend in lots of color,deep tones mixed with pastels is pretty much what my "look" is. I like a little shabby chic, but with 3 kids and 2 dogs, white is not for me :) unless it's in china ware or curtains

Decor pics and me from documents 223

I love to use lots of pattern. I was inspired as a teenager to get into Design by Ralph Lauren, I loved his mix of pastels with deep tones and then mixing checks with floral's etc. I think my favorite thing about that is, I can never really get tired of a certain "look" because I've tried to incorporate many looks all together in one space.


To me, "Cottage Vintage" is basically, Antiques refurbished, some chippy pieces here and there, soft floral fluffy pillows, crystal lighting mixed with bronze, pastel pieces and dark pieces mixed together, and you add lots of different fabrics and then accessories that give you a nostalgic feeling and wa-lah :) you have it :)

Cynthia is also the proprietress of Cynthia's Cottage Design where she offers lovely handpicked items for adorning your home.

Thank you again Cynthia for inviting us in your home.

My Vintage Pad Home Tour: Sian from Sussex

I would like to welcome Sian K, a scientist from Sussex to Vintage Indie. We hope you enjoy this lovely tour of Sian's home.


Thanks so much Sian for sharing your home with us, could you please just give us a little tour sharing what your most favorite details are.

Despite only moving into the cottage in March 2008, we have really made it a home. The cottage is in a lovely little village in Sussex and sits opposite the beautiful village church. The cottage was built around 1870 and used to be the village cobblers shop. It was very sympathetically extended by the previous owners in the late 1980s to provide a dining room and an extra bedroom.



Although, as with most of our cottage, it's not yet exactly the way we want it but we are taking our time and living in the house and not rushing into renovating. Nethertheless, I am delighted with the way our kitchen has turned out. It's amazing what a lick of paint and some pretty accessories can do. The kitchen has very good quality solid wood cabinets, but they were quite dark so we painted them in Laura Ashley Eau de nil and the transformation was instant! What I love in the kitchen is the original mantel shelf and the fact that the previous owners had kept the original window on what used to be the external wall. It's little touches like that seen throughout the cottage that drew us to it when we came to view it in October 2007.


A room that seems to appeal to all the men who visit our house is my partner's office, which is actually the smaller of our two sitting rooms, and the old cobbler shop. We have tried to create a gentlemen's library/study look in this room and I'm really pleased with it. The lovely original bricks have been exposed. These bricks are made from a combination of red and blue clay [you'll notice the odd black brick] and come from the brickworks up the road, which is still open to this day. On the other wall is the original wood pannelling from the shop that has been reused her to make a wall. We got the lovely leather chesterfield sofa from my parents' neighbour for a token amount and it fits in perfectly. It was this sofa that actually inspired the whole look for this room. The dresser, which was made around the same time as the house was built, was a bargain ebay find and fits in so neatly you'd think it was made for this room.



This is my work room where I do all my crafting. I love the features in this little room, like the pretty little fire surround, the wood pannelling and the handy over-stair cupboard.


This is the new part of the house so we have tried to make it match in as best we can with the rest of the cottage by introducing the pretty Laura Ashley wallpaper and matching curtains. It's a lovely bright room and gets so much sun in the morning. It also has an amzing view over the Ashdown forest.

How do you find inspiration for decorating your home?

My inspiration comes directly from the house. I try to decorate the house how best suits it. For example, I wouldn't put in a modern kitchen or bathroom here because I don't think it would do the house justice. Ideally, when we come to rennovate the bathroom, I would like a roll top bath and I would like to use an old wash stand and plumb in an old small butler sink. I want to create a really rustic, but homely feel. I also don't think a huge open plan white kicthen would suit this house, I would prefer a lovely small cottage kitchen with an aga and pine matched in with painted pieces. 

How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?

Vintage things play a huge part in our home. I like to combine pieces from the 1940s and 50s and also some Georgian and Victorian items. I believe a home should combine lots of different things, after all a home is about mixing old with new. My favourite piece of furniture is the gorgeous French cabinet in our sitting room. I purchased this from a local antique shop, I just love the colour of the wood. I think there is always a place for wood and painted pieces together and would never dream of painting an antique item. 

Sitting Room 2

Do you have any favorite vintage items in your home?

Some of my favourite items are my 1950s GPO [general post office] bakelite phone, the dresser in our dining room - another bargain ebay find - and my desk in sewing room, which is actually an old French kitchen table.
Dining Room


Any advice on creating your look?

My advice is to try and mix and match things, old and new, wood and painted. I think things can look a bit characterless if everything matches perfectly. I also think the key is to work with what you have got. If I had a modern house then I wouldn't decorate it to look like the cottage because it wouldn't feel right. Likewise, it saddens me when people modernise lovely old houses. My ultimate goal is to create a home that's comfy and warm - something that after a long day at work I can relax in. I believe a house should be a home.


A special thank you to Sian for opening her home to us. Sian is also the proprietress of online shop Lavender Hearts please take a moment to view what she makes!

My Vintage Pad: Kitchen Makover with Photographer Rachel Saldaña

Vintage Indie would like to welcome photographer Rachel Saldana. She's joining us today with a special before and after interview of her recent kitchen makeover. You may remember her gorgeous photographs from Friday's Through the Lens feature.


What was your goal behind your kitchen re-do?

 The kitchen of our 50s ranch had been "updated" sometime in the seventies which had taken away all of the charm of a 50s kitchen.  I am an avid cook, so it needed to function like a gourmet kitchen on a shoestring budget, while staying respectful of the character of the house.  Our primary goal was just to bring this little kitchen up to date and have it be as open as possible in this 900 sq. ft. home.

Does vintage or antiques play a role in your new design?

 Well, I collect vintage dishes and kitchenware.  My open shelving allows me to have these every day items on display at all times.  This made it important that the kitchen design would not fight against these vintage pieces.  I don't think it really would have worked if I had used a more ornate, traditional style.  And by keeping the color scheme neutral all of those vintage pieces pop.


Any advice on creating your look?

 My best advice is to really do your research as to what you want in your kitchen.  I spent months going through magazines to find elements that I loved.  Also, it helps to really decide what items are a priority.  For us, it was the solid granite coutertops.  I then found a supplier of a thinner granite for a fraction of the cost of the standard granite.  Then to save money I used a simple vinyl composite tile like you find in schools for the floor.  We did all of the work ourselves as well and found deals on appliances through craigslist, which is how we kept the remodel under $4,000. 


Cabinet paint: drabware by Martha Stewart: wall paint: panna cotta by Martha Stewart; cabinets, subway tile, and hardware from Lowes;  granite by; VCT floor tiles-check your local carpet store; kitchen island at Target (you can also try Restaurant Supply stores); lattice wall was handpainted by me although there are many graphic wallpapers available now.

My Vintage Pad - Home Tour - Teena V of Norfolk, England

Vintage Indie would like to welcome you to another My Vintage Pad Home Tour. We are very excited to show you the gorgeous home of textile artist Teena Vallerine of Norfolk, England.

(Click on Images to Enlarge)

What is your favorite part of each room?
It took us years to find all the parts we needed to build our 1950’s English Rose kitschen. Some parts were just beyond finding and we had them specially fabricated, much to the amusement of all around us.
Kitschen aga
The 1950’s had not quite become trendy and very few of our friends and family really understood why on earth we didn’t just  buy a ‘proper’ kitchen. But we always knew it was worth the effort.
Kitschen sink
The cabinets are really well made and the addition of the 1960’s wall cupboard means that the space is a really functional working kitchen. Cabinets which were destined for the tip have been restored, re-sprayed and newly laminated and it’s as hard wearing as any modern kitchen would be.
Kitschen corner Kitschen detail 2

 As much as I enjoy just looking at everything in the kitschen, it’s that continuity I love the most. That we are using cabinets every day which were built in a factory over 50 years ago. It appeals to my thrifty side!

Kitschen wall cabinets

Bathroom simplicity
The family bathroom, like much of our home, came together by accident. An accumulation of treasures and happy finds sort of resulted in the blue and red colour scheme. Somehow everything just fits together. The addition of some thrifted curtains which I lined with red gingham really gave the room a warm homely feel. I especially love the light pull. We got bored with the nasty white plastic one and our son chose a jolly red button which was just the right thing for the job!

Bathroom bathing beauty Bathroom light pull
 Bathroom Bathing Beauty           -          Bathroom Light Pull        
On the bed 2
Master Bedroom

In the master bedroom the room is a very calm eggshell blue and the colour is all in the textiles which add warmth. I am very fond of vintage patchworks and so these would have to be my favourite thing in here and I often change the look of the room by swapping around the textiles (well I have to justify my collections somehow!).
Shower cabinet
Shower Cabinet

Boys room
Son's Room

 In our son’s room I love that he has accumulated his own boy’s brand of vintage which has nothing about it that is pink or floral!

Embroidery detail
Embroidery Detail
In my workroom it is all about inspiration. I display the materials I use in my work; ribbons, braids, pens, buttons and fabrics, to keep reminding me to work! I like to be surrounded by colour and pictures and the books and ornaments which inspire my work. It’s quite a busy room but it’s my girly space and I love it all!
Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?

For me vintage is about getting use out of things, whether these are family heirlooms and hand-me-downs or happy finds on trips to charity shops, markets and auctions. I like to make still-life displays around the house that catch my eye and make me smile. I see no point in having collections which are hidden away, I don’t do precious! I think what makes our house a home is that it has grown over many years. Things have been added, a few things taken away, but mostly it has just developed so it’s a comfortable space to be in!
Big blue dog
Big Blue Dog

Any advice for creating your look?
I would always say not to worry what other’s might think about your choices for your home. Buy things that make your heart dance and if you’re in the mood to buy things for your home, never take a shopping list! Just see what sings out to you when you get there! It’s not sensible, but it is fun!

A special thanks to Teena for sharing her beautiful home with us. You can see more of Teena's home and her current projects at her blog Kitschen Pink. Also, visit her shop on Etsy to purchase her adorable puppies.
All photographs in this feature are copyright Teena Vallerine

My Vintage Pad - Home Tour - Lisa J from Oregon

Vintage Indie would like to welcome you to another My Vintage Pad Home Tour. We are very excited to show you the gorgeous home of Lisa J. from Oregon. 

(Click on Images to Enlarge)

What is your favorite part of each room?


Living room: It's really hard to say what I love most.  I love my rose oil paintings, my mantel featuring all kinds of mirrors and frames along with some other fun things. But probably my favorite part would be my old barn wood cabinet that features my wedding topper collection and other vintage wedding related items.


Master bedroom: I am so lucky that my husband doesn't mind the girly stuff, because my bedroom is definitely girly.  Here you will find an assortment of hand painted rose tole trays, trinket boxes, hat boxes,  vintage floral hats, (some from my grandmother) more rose oil paintings (one painted by my other grandmother), vintage flower pots and many other little do dads I pick up on my thrifting adventures.  My favorite thing in here though is probably Manni.  She is a dress form I bought from my good friend Bobbie and she was recently featured in the latest issue of Artful Blogging Magazine.  She is a lover of vintage jewelry, dresses and lingerie and likes to change her look frequently.



Sewing room:  This room is packed to overflowing with all sorts of  little vintage cabinets, boxes, etc.  I love all the rose fabrics in here.  When this room is clean, (which isn't often) I love to lay on the bed and just look at everything.  Sometimes my husband will walk by and ask me if I'm enjoying my "haven." As you can see, I have lots of vintage storage items and believe me, they are all put to good use.

DSCF0763 DSCF0800


Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?

I have so many influences it would be impossible to name them all, but my style is very much influenced by magazines such as Romantic Country, Romantic Homes, Country Home and Country Living.  I am also lucky to have several friends who are a constant sources for inspiration.  I  find inspiration from attending the many antique shows that are held in our area.  I am inspired every week when I go to the antique mall where I have my booth. There are a whole slew of dealers there that are amazing at finding  the perfect combination of items to create "the look." My most recent source for inspiration are the many blogs I go to on a daily basis.  It's so much fun to find ideas that I can use to make my own.

How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?

As you can see, vintage items play a huge role in my home.  Most of the furniture/decor I own is considered vintage.  I love the whole idea of re-cycling and I have always felt that vintage items have so much more character than new items. The price is usually a lot better too.  I get great satisfaction knowing that I have created a cozy and comfortable home on a very small budget.  The vintage items in my home are not just for show.  I use many vintage items on a daily basis, whether it be vintage linens on my bed or vintage dishes that we eat off of, I can't imagine living any other way.  I also love to re-purpose items such as using an old garden gate as a fireplace screen or using vintage frames on their own as art.

Any advice for creating your look?

My advice on how to create your look is very simple.  Buy what you love and it will all go together.  That's what I do and it has always worked for me. Some people will go out looking for just the right thing for the right place.  I usually do it the opposite.  I find something I really love and then bring it home and find a place for it. Another thing I would suggest is to shop at variety of different places.  I go to thrift stores, shop garage and estate sales, go to auctions, antique malls and flea markets.  The bigger variety of places you shop, the bigger variety of items you will find.  But most of all, have fun with decorating and living with your vintage items.  Your home should be a reflection of you and should make you smile.

A special thanks to Lisa for sharing her beautiful home with us. You can see more of Lisa's home and her current projects at her blog A Thing for Roses.
All photographs in this feature are copyright Lisa Johnson

My Vintage Pad - Home Tour - Natasha D. from Oxford, UK

Vintage Indie would like to welcome you to another My Vintage Pad Home Tour. We are very excited to show you the gorgeous home of Natasha from Oxford, UK. Natasha is a perfect example of how mixing vintage with modern can be breathtaking. She also shows many beautiful examples of why you should recycle vintage and reuse it in your home.


I live in a 1930's house, in the city of Oxford. My house and the others that surround it, were built in the 1930's, to house the manual workers employed by the nearby Morris Motors car factory. My house still boasts many of its original, 1930's features. These include fireplaces, parquet block flooring, terracotta floor tiles, cupboards, doors and picture rails. The renovation took two years to complete, and during this time I collected vintage items, similar to those that may have lived in the house, during its 80 year history

What is your favorite part of each room?
Living room:


I wanted the living room to feel like a cosy retreat. I also wanted it to remain fairly minimal. I achieved this through the use antique mahogany wood furniture, and pale green and blue sort furnishings. I particularly like the Sanderson floral curtains, which I found in a charity shop, and the antique crystal chandelier, which came from an antique shop.


My favourite items in the room are Tretchikoff's print of The Chinese Girl and the 1960's blue plastic clock, which plays a 'music box' style tune of The Colonel Bogey March.


Kitchen and Laundry Room:



In contrast to the living room, the kitchen and laundry room are filled with bright, colourful and cheerful objects. I mixed vintage with modern, and used lots of different vintage floral prints. These rooms are forever changing and growing, as I find more and more vintage items I can not resist bringing home!



I especially love the pine wall cupboard in my laundry room. The cupboard was a present from my grandmother, to my mother, before I was born. While growing up the cupboard housed my mother's Beatrix Potter porcelain figure collection. I have since painted the cupboard cream, and it now houses my vintage kitchen and laundry room accessories.


Dining room:


My dining room is one of my favourite rooms in the house. It looks out onto the garden, and always seems sunny and bright. The 1960's curtains were a purchase off eBay, and the 1960's sideboard belonged to my partner's nan. I like to mix vintage floral prints, and I think the curtains and Cath Kidston table cloth work really well together. My Eames chairs are reproductions by Vitra, and are a design classic.

DSC06317 DSC05012


DSC03213 DSC06392

Despite living in England, I love to utilise the French style in my bedrooms. I like the delicate antique furniture and textiles that were used in historic France. My antique French chair and dressing table create a very feminine, glamorous and romantic feel.

DSC03049 DSC03024

And finally, I could not show you my home, without introducing you to a few of my vintage Bambi and Babycham deer. There is at least one vintage deer in every room!

DSC05051 DSC05059

Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?

I am inspired by everything around me – magazines, books, television, fashion, art, shops, nature, buildings and people. I love to wander through antique shops, flea markets and charity shops. Nothing fills me with more joy than bringing home a cute, rusty old tin and finding a suitable spot for it in my home!


How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?

Vintage things play a huge part in my home, and in my life. Things from days gone by were better made, and they are still here, which proves they have stood the test of time!

A lot of today's interior design is too stuffy and serious. I love the quirkiness of mid 20th century home decoration; what could be more cheerful than a 1950's pineapple ice bucket and some wall mounted flying ducks? They are charming, add character, and are always a talking point. There is nothing nicer than hearing someone say 'my grandma had one of these' or 'my mum had one just like this.'

I also believe it is ethically and environmentally correct to recycle and reuse.


Any advice for creating your look?

Never underestimate where you can find beautiful and inexpensive items for your home. My vintage collections have come from car boot sales, flea and vintage markets, antique shops, charity shops, junk shops, eBay, family and friends and even out of skips!
If you are interested in vintage things, friends and family are always glad for you to take things off their hands. There is currently a 1970's record cabinet in my shed, which is crying out for a new home. After all 'one woman's junk is another woman's treasure!'

If you are in the Oxford, UK area Natasha is available for interior design. 


All photographs in this feature are copyright Natasha.

My Vintage Pad - Home Tour - Sairer from Malvern in the UK

We would like to welcome you to another My Vintage Pad Home Tour on Vintage Indie. The gracious Sairer S. from Malvern UK has opened her home to us for a special tour. You will be charmed with her attention to detail and her eye for vintage style.

Thank you Sairer for taking the time to show us around your home. Can you tell us a little about each room and your favorite details? (Be sure to click on each image to enlarge)

  2007_0527(002)22 DSC0004333

Although our kitchen is absolutely tiny, and really only temporary, it's one of my favourite rooms. It is split into two parts, the original tiny kitchen scullery and then a wooden added on part that we now call 'the laundry'. The other bit where the fridge and tumble dryer are kept.

DSCF2228244 DSCF169555 


The open shelves were put up as a necessity and I like them so much I'm going to have them in our 'proper kitchen' when it's done. The old sink will be staying too, I love these old China sinks unfortunately though you do tend to chip your best China in them! Every kitchen we have had has had a sink-skirt, I think they give a room a vintagey feel, and break up the monotony of fitted cupboards..and you can change them when you like for a different splash of colour.

2327122016_bba23babdf477   2007_0701(013)366

We wanted to give the hall a really English look to it. The colours and fabrics were matched up with two parrot pictures that I bought before we moved here. I love the locally made 'Roger Oates' stair runner.It was a custom dyed colour  that had been a special order canceled by a customer, so we got a unique wool carpet for a fraction of the original cost. We have a set of original 1930s carpet clips to add at some point. The front door was bought from an antique warehouse to replace the original totally rotten one and the brass and oak dolly light switches were the nearest we could get at the time to replace the old Bakelite ones.


 This room, like the hall is what I would call a 'grown up room'. All very sensible in pale color's and floral patterns...a bit boring really! The old battered leather chairs were bargains from a posh hotel that was being re-furbished.The cushions are made from a vintage linen, which I love. There are the odd quirky touches here and there,like the leopard print lampshade and cushions but it's such a small room you could easily go a bit over the top!


This is the one room I'm never happy with! It changes almost weekly and nothing ever seems to look right, yet its the one room we use the most..eating, computing, reading, sewing. One day it will be part of the kitchen, it's a bit of a mish mash until I decide whether I want it kitsch or classic or a bit of both!


2007_0701(009)61010 2007_0701(011)71111

We tried to make the bathroom as close as possible to the original art deco one that needed replacing, it's the one room that hasn't really been changed since we first started decorating the house eight years ago. I love the pastel colours and girlishness, I wanted it to look like a 1930s bathroom that had been redecorated in the 1950s..if that makes sense!

Although the layout is totally wrong, the shower ended up in front of the window. We'll need to change that at some point!



My favourite oil painting is in here,your view from the loo..a huge nude study of a girl in the 1940s, its quite a talking point with young boys!

DSC0000991313   DSC00008101414

The 2 main bedrooms have the original fireplaces which were one of the reasons we bought the house,we just love original details. This bed was an absolute bargain on eBay as was my vintage stockman mannequin. It took a lot of courage to paint the Victorian pine furniture but we like the lighter look it gave the room and decided it can always be stripped back again to wood!

2907159095_90cb836099   2547950945_a9435405a8

I always have far too many cushions on the bed whose covers change with the bedding and there is always an eiderdown or blanket on it!

 144225111515 144246

My sons rooms are not really your typical everyday teenagers modern bedrooms.I found it so difficult decorating in a vintage style for older boys,they quickly outgrew the 50's cowboys and sailing boats I had previously used so we compromised on a paired down vintagey look, an old painted desk and Victorian pine chest of drawers, French cafe chair and iron bed. I really like the roman blinds made from a roll of antique mangle cloth, modern blinds made with a vintage fabric seemed to work better than curtains.

2964312564_6538110ed0 2964312650_f9213d5ba3

  My other sons room is tiny, we customised a hideous modern orange pine chest by painting it white and adding label holders as older furniture was just too large for the space.His Victorian brass bed was another eBay bargain, now painted white. His fisherman's lamp was also sprayed blue. I love Harry's red cupboard full of old tin robots, cars, and treasures. He's quite into the vintage look, along with his bike posters!

Where do you find inspiration for decorating your house?

 My grandparents houses, remembered from childhood visits, heavily influence my decorating choices. Both lived in homes decorated in a very English, chintzy style with polished antiques and flowery curtains. They were both very keen gardeners too and loved old fashioned flowers and roses. I find I still look for things that I remember in their houses,like old eiderdowns and  Barbola mirrors.One grandmother had a very similar pink, green and black deco bathroom with chintzy rose curtains at the windows.

2326305187_9f9b6a7c44 2500750342_1ba14019bd

I grew up in a house that was permanently under going work, a 'Gentleman's Edwardian residence' which used to be the village Dairy,complete with coach house and a very shabby cobweb-filled stable but unfortunately I also grew up in the era of 'modernization'  and the terrible sight of all those original features being replaced with new. I'm a stickler for a house's history and original features now. I hated having to replace the rusting ,rotting metal and wood windows in our house and even now I cringe when I see the new ones but it was an unfortunate necessity.

I also buy far too many house magazines! My absolute favourite being 'The English home'

How do vintage things play a role in your home?


2004_0101(016)1717 Without all my vintage 'clutter' I think my house would be soul-less.

It's all these strange,colourful and often tatty, bits and bobs that hold it all together. A certain colour on say, a vintage tin, might influence a whole room.The walls are kept plain so that all the pretty stuff can show off on its own!

Any advice on creating your look?


2004_0101(017)2020 I'm a great bargain hunter,I've had to be. This house has been decorated on a very tight budget. Everything has been either bought in a sale, found on eBay (a lot has been found there) been given to us,made or thrifted. Don't be afraid to ask, people are often only too happy to let you have something sometimes and the worse they can say is 'no'!

2331324090_2d16463cf9 Don't rush into buying the first item you see, be patient,you can bet one the same will turn up on eBay for a bargain price. I love Laura Ashley shops, but I will only ever go there in the sale. You can get some great bargains that are ex-display too.

I never consider a house to be 'finished', ours always seems to be evolving and still needs lots of work done on it.I'll find something and it inspires me to paint a wall ,a piece of furniture or even just move rooms around!

Above all else,only have things you love and your style will evolve naturally. Don't follow the latest home fashions to the letter or your house will look like a mail-order catalogue rather than a reflection of your personality and life!

Thank you Sairer for such a wonderful tour, stop by her blog Vintage Pretty & Shabby for more of her wonderful inspiration!