My Vintage Pad - Home Tour - Chiara from Brooklyn, NY

Welcome to another "My Vintage Pad" Home Tour & Interview here at Vintage Indie. Please help me send a warm welcome to Chiara Alberetti, Prop Stylist from Brooklyn, NY.

My Vintage Pad



What is your favorite part of each room (each one that you share with us)?

My favorite part of my kitchen is all the pretty little dishes, glasses, spoons, cups and saucers that I've collected over the years. My FAVORITE little cup with the blue Greek Key design was $1.00 at a flea market in Pennsylvania.


In the living room, I love this embroidered round pillow. The colors are wonderful. Another flea market find. I also love this little children's desk chair ($8.00! Pennsylvania) that Jackson likes to sit in and read his books.


In my baby boy Jackson's room, I painted this vintage chair one shade different from his walls.


I love my painted white tree lamps (I got a pair of them in a thrift store) and this vintage bird print. I also love my mom's old jelly cabinet that I painted black (used to be maroon) where I store all my shirts and pants, for lack of closet space.


 My favorite part of the bathroom is all the vintage bird prints clustered together on one wall. Every time I find a new one, I cram it in somewhere.


Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?

My favorite decorating magazine is Domino, and there are so many great design and decorating blogs out there.


How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?

They're everywhere! There's so much beautiful, charming, and well-made stuff already in the world, I rarely am compelled to purchase anything new for my home. Vintage things add so much personality.


Any advice on creating your look?

I know it's been said before, but let it happen over time, with things and pieces that you really love. I truly believe that if you love it, you can make it work with other things you love.


A special thank you to Chiara for giving us an inside look at her home and personal style. Please visit Chiara's Blog & Website.

My Vintage Pad - Home Tour - Myrna of More than Heirlooms - Sacramento, California

Please help Vintage Indie in welcoming - Myrna of More than Heirlooms from  Sacramento, California. She has graciously opened her home for a "Vintage Pad" home tour with us.

(Click on the photos to enlarge)

Where do you find your inspiration for decorating your home?

Originally my inspiration came from my mother--she always had wonderful ideas. After she passed away I looked to magazines, store displays., etc...often I'll just look at something and think "How can I use/display this in a different way?" and an idea will come to me.

What is your favorite part of each room?
Sitting_room_final_2 Sittingroom_final1
I guess it's the feelings it evokes--the quiet, serene feeling I get in the Sitting Room.


The Guest Bedroom is calming and fun--with the wedding theme and soft muted browns and cream colors.


The cozy, comfy feeling of the Family Room--the warmth of the oak wood walls makes me feel like I'm being hugged.

How do vintage things play a role in your home?

Well, for one thing, I can't imagine NOT living with vintage things!  I've inherited some beautiful things from my mother that make me smile and think of her when I look at them. I love the idea that other things that I've picked up at thrift stores and flea markets were a part of someone else's life years and years before me and that maybe someone received pleasure from the beauty of those pieces like I do.
It's not about being materialistic--it's just about appreciating beauty in whatever form that manifests to you. From a rich, lush flower garden to a home filled with pretty trinkets and treasures.

Master_bed_family_rm_kitchen_final1 Kitchenwindow_final_2

(above right - kitchen, above left kitchen window)

The Kitchen is happy and joyful and fun.


Master Bedroom is restful and peaceful.

Any advice on creating your look?

Mmmm, there are many wonderful magazines and books that have great ideas. And since I began blogging I found there are many talented people who share their design ideas.

I usually just 'play' with my stuff--creating vignettes, standing back and looking at it and if it "feels" right, walk away. Sometimes even when it doesn't feel right I walk away and come back to it later with a fresh perspective and can successfully tweak it till I'm pleased with it.
It's really like an artist working on a three dimensional canvas!

A special thanks to Myrna for opening her home for us. Please visit her blog for even more looks and beautiful inspiration.

My Vintage Pad - Home Tour - Catherine S. of Treasured Heirlooms Wilmington, MA


Arbor_2 Gardenpath

I'll begin my tour outside in my garden since this where the "magic" begins.

(Click on any photos to make them larger)


My house is a white house, black shutters with hearts cut out in them, a white picket fence and pergola covered with pink roses all summer long. We wind down a bluestone walkway which leads to the cobblestone path to the "Pink Fairy Cottage". Inside the cottage you will find a small space decorated with wonderful pretties, a bench to sit and read and a table for your tea.


As you approach my front porch there are loads of flowers to greet you. You approach a glorious gingerbread Victorian style door which is white and painted with tiny rosebuds all around the edges.

As you open this door to a hot pink front door you enter my Sweet Kitchen. I must say, "I love my kitchen" as it truly reflects my love of all things sweet. Edible or visual. The walls are painted my favorites Ice Pink and Mint Green which gives it a playful air. Although the color palette stays the same, the look magically changes for each season. The Christmas season is the most fun since all my faux decorations are dripping with glitter and sugar. Everything is playful and is such eye candy. I love this room because it brings out the holiday spirit in me while I create my luscious gourmet chocolates for local businesses.

Scalise_kitchen_001_2 Scalise_kitchen_007_2

(Pictured Above, Catherine's beautiful kitchen)


You enter my pretty pink living room which is a wonderful extension of my kitchen. Icy pink and full of vintage treasures. My favorites being my collection of stunning Bavarian and Limoges rose china and the beautiful vintage pieces of furniture which I have painted white to accent the beauty of my collection. My favorite piece in the living room is my fireplace mantel which I purchased on Craigs List (it was originally Black). I love the way the Victorian scrollwork compliments the mirror and my beautiful display of treasures. A simple piece as a faux fireplace can completely change the entire look of a room from plain to elegant.

(Living Room Pictured Below)

Livingroom_2 Livingroom2



Upstairs is my Studio and my Master Bedroom. My studio has a lovely clean white palette and two beautiful windows which has sun streaming in each morning. It is where I do my creative thinking, blogging, talking to friends and photographing my website treasures.


My favorite item in the studio is the Green and Pink bureau (pictured left) which belonged to my Grandparents. It was quite worn, so it received a new life with my two favorite colors of paint and now has a lovely display of vintage Milkglass. The drawers are filled with tissue and packing supplies. A pretty way to keep odd necessities tucked away.


Onto the Master Bedroom. My goodness this is my all time favorite room in the house. The windows overlook my English Garden and onto a small river which can be seen in winter when the leaves fall. The moment I walk into my bedroom my entire being changes. There is a peace and serenity like no other room in the house. This is where I spend my time relaxing my mind and thanking God for all I have been given.

My favorite items in my Master Bedroom are my Christi Repasy paintings. I stare at them for hours on end and enjoy the richness of her rose blossoms. It brings peace to my soul and allows my body to relax when I am not well.

You may have noticed that I have quite a love for flowers. Flowers bring me inspiration right down to my very being. Watching my seedlings grow is an amazement to me each spring after a long cold winter here in Massachusetts.

Pinkcottage Gabreial, since you asked, I would have to say I consider my look "Sweet Vintage Romantic". If you would like to obtain a look similar to mine. Begin by freshening up your walls with your favorite pastel colors. Bring in inexpensive floral cotton draperies. Use vintage items such as lots an lots of lace, doilies, teacups, plates, and whatever you love to create vignettes on end tables, mantels, coffee tables and walls.

Scour thrift stores and reasonably priced consignment shops for vintage pretties. Most of the items in my home came from yard sales or consignment shops. I then transformed them with a paint brush and a bucket of paint, added some pretty linens and pretties purchased over the years for a small price by being a smart shopper and very selective.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to my home in Wilmington, MA. I know I thoroughly enjoyed sharing it with you.

A special thanks to Catherine for giving us a grand tour of her beautiful home. Please take a moment to visit her web shop Treasured Heirlooms. Her store reflects her Sweet Vintage Romantic style that I think you will adore.

(All photographs copyright Catherine of Treasured Heirlooms, you may not copy or reproduce)

My Vintage Pad - Home Tour Japan - Wan of Cotton Blue


Tell us a little about your home.

    I have a typical Japanese apartment, small (about 70 square meters), not enough sunlight, the builders try to use every little space efficiently with lots of build-in-wardrobes, tiny kitchen and bathroom, Ready-to-move-in therefore not too much creations you could make. 

   My living room is facing west, most people would say facing south is the best, but I prefer west, because of the beautiful sunset, the room fulfilled with warmth in afternoon.

     Living room is the place my family spends the most time, eating, working, entertaining, I divided it into two parts, the left side is for eating and relaxing, the right part is for working and entertaining.

     For the left side, I use simple antique white as the main theme, and a little bit blue for the highlights. I could not choose which part is my favorite, I love them all, the cupboard, the couch, and the little shelf above it.



I collect beautiful fine china dinner wares, especially those blue with rose patterns. Everything in my cupboard came from thrift stores, flea markets. most of the prices not even as expensive as an apple in Japan, but they are my treasures.



I made the slipcover of the couch with simple soft blue stripes and checks fabric, it is my first sewing project. My two westie babies also love it, they take naps everyday on the couch.

  And the shelf above, it is totally what I need, perfect for displaying my thrift finds, enamel wares, blue china, and antique tins. It is the place for showing my handmade totes as well.

I want more colors for the right part because it is the place for fun.



My favorite part of the right is the colorful shabby old oak shelves for my books, thrift trinkets and fabric. I did not planed to line those 3 big shelves together like this when I bought them, however, that wall is the only place big enough to place them, this is might not the best way to present their individual beauty but very interesting I think.


Also I like the little show place for my vintage finds, this is a build-in-wardrobe before, I hated it so much. Why hiding things? I need to show off!!!! Therefore I remove the doors, decorate with a shelf border, filled with my little goodness.


My bedroom is facing east, and has very little lights, because Japanese apartments share same elevator for one floor, the outside of bedroom window is the public corridor.


When I first saw my bedroom I almost cried, it is so small, about 6 square meters, also very dark. Therefore, for the decoration I choose antique white furniture, soft color beddings and soft color decorating items. I believe that simple monochromatic color theme makes the small spaces feels bigger.

  For the summer time, I prefer to use light blue, like my favorite patchwork bed cover, seashells give a cool feeling. My favorite part of my bedroom is the small shelf for display my collected sleeping wares.


Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?

I got decoration ideas from Magazines and of course the Flickr, there are some of great Japanese decoration magazines such as Sutekina country , zakka. Etc. and I could sit in front of my notebook and searching for pictures of decoration on Flickr for whole night. 


How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?

In my home, you could find vintage things everywhere, vintage furniture, kitchenware, displays, clothes….

Flea markets in Japan is not very popular, but thrift stores everywhere, there are two near my home and I almost go there everyday, and always got surprises.

I love to go to flea markets when I travel to other counties, the first thing I went to a new place is go to the tourist information, asking if there is any flea market held in town. I do not buy a lot souvenirs but take back the whole luggage of vintage finds.

Any advice on creating your look?

I have to be honest, I have totally no knowledge of decoration, I could even not say the right word for the colors. I believe in my heart, when you see something at the first sight you just know it, you need it!

I love shabby chic style, but not too chic, I love colors but not too colorful. I love the word COZY, and I try to make my home comfortable, not only for me and my hubby, also comfy for my dogs, I hate to making rules to them, they could jump to anywhere they like, therefore everything in my home should be easy for cleaning, that is why I love soft furnishing so much. They exercise their teeth on my furniture as their chew-toys, no problem, every time I saw those marks, I smile and remembering our old happy days. That is why I love shabby chic vintage furniture so much. J

Also the budget issues, we have a lot of other things to worry about in real life. It does not have to be an art by famous artist, I use vintage frames with fabrics, cheap print to decorating the walls. Famous brand beddings are way too high, I just simply make my own. Matching is important but not the restrict rule, mix match is also great. Everything could be used or remade to be used for decorating purpose. Just need a little bit imagination I think.

I have lot of works to do with my apartment in future, get rid of wall paper and paint the wall, some works on kitchen, floors..…. Changes make me happy.

A special thank you to Wan Wang of cottonblue. Please visit cottonblue via Etsy for a wonderful line of Japanese fabrics and supplies.

My Vintage Pad - Home Tour - Cindy of My Romantic Home

(Click on photos to enlarge)


What are some of your favorite details about your home?

Some of my favorite items in my home are the ones that my dad has made for me over the years and things that my mom has passed down to me.  I love that they are a part of my family and are on their way to becoming long-time family heirlooms.

Chintz2 Bed_plates_11_2

Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?
  I love the ocean and the colors of my home reflect that. I have been to Martha's Vineyard twice and I have such a strong connection to that island that I really can't explain.  I live on the other side of the country in a small apartment in Silicon Valley but I've decorated it like an old summer cottage in Martha's Vineyard.  I just love the old cottages there and have found so much inspiration from them.

Snglemom_2 How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?
  I found using vintage items is a great way to decorate my home without breaking the bank.  I love the look of old plates hung on the wall in place of artwork and I have them hung in almost every room in my home. Most of the vintage items have not come from antique stores but were found at flea markets and thrift stores. I love that they give my home a look that has evolved over a time. 

Bedroom_3 Any advice on creating your look?  Go out to the thrift stores and flea markets and look for old pieces of furniture that can be painted. Find old plates in your color scheme that you can mix and match and hang on the wall as art.  Old hankies make great window valances and create the cottage look very inexpensively. Ornate gold mirrors can be painted white or another soft color. Old linens, such as table clothes and pillowcases can also be found at flea markets. If you continue to collect these things over the years they all seem to come together to make a great vintage look.

K1 Dr


A special thanks to Cindy of My Romantic Home. Please stop by her lovely blog for more of her decorating inspiration.

My Vintage Pad - Home Tour - Cammy of Freckled Farm



What is your favorite part of each room?

Our kitchen is my favorite room in our home. It is where we read, do homework, prepare and eat our meals and come together to celebrate and share life’s daily happenings.

What I like most about this space is that it doesn’t feel like a typical kitchen. Instead of using upper cabinets I found a large antique pine cabinet that holds all of our everyday china. I love having the long pine table in the middle of the room for extended family and friends. Also part of this room is a small sitting room with a fireplace.





Bedroom: My bedroom is a small space that is very comfy and cozy . In this room I have tried to keep the colors very calming and serene. I love the pale gray walls and the scrumptious white bedding. One of my favorite parts of this room is the old ironstone platter collection displayed above the bed.



Craft Room: Ahh, the girly room. I am lucky that I have this little nook to call my own. I have all of my favorite things displayed in this room from ribbons, fabric, glitter, old wallpaper, buttons…..and the list goes on and on.  My son lovingly refers to this room as the Candy Shoppe.


Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?

My inspiration comes from so many sources. I love reading books and magazines on decorating, especially British decorating magazines.  I am also inspired by nature. One can get so much inspiration by being outdoors…..whether it be a walk in the city, a stroll down a country lane or a hike through the woods. Elements of nature are definitely part of my decorating.

Collections2 3. How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?

I am a lover of all things old, tattered and worn, and I incorporate these things into my decorating. Most of our furniture pieces are either antiques or pieces that I have picked up at flea markets or tag sales. I also have several vintage collections that I use in decorating a room including transferware, ironstone, hotel silver and linens.


Any advice on creating your look?

In creating our home I have decorated from my heart and for what feels right for my family. I try to take my time and not rush into buying things that don’t speak to me.  In my opinion, creating a home is always evolving and a process that is meant to be enjoyed.

A special thanks to Cammy for sharing her gorgeous home with Vintage Indie. I'm in love with that kitchen! Get to know Cammy more at her beautiful blog Freckled Farm.

My Vintage Pad Home Tour - Elizabeth Young



(Click on images in this article to make larger)

Vintage Indie - What is your favorite part of each room.

The Den: My favorite area of our den is the antique display case that houses many of my old store stock items.  Ranging from vintage treasures still in their original packages to cardboard counter cards, many of these pieces would have been found in old general stores, dime stores or toy stores years ago.  This was the look we wanted to create in the den so we played off of it and the room quickly came together.  A few years later, it’s filled to the brim but we still manage to squeeze more in if we get creative!   


The Front Parlor:  The walls lined with old display cases now filled with many of our collections.  Marx playsets, vintage holiday, candy, toys and travel souvenirs catch the eyes of visitors and surround us with conversation pieces while we eat at the harvest table in the middle of the room.



The Kitchen: The two walls of popcorn boxes and my vintage straw collection! 


The Guest Room:  The cabinets full of vintage baby products, toys and old store stock!

Vintage Indie  - Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?

Often times, it’s the individual piece or collection that inspires us to put a display together or to decorate a wall, a corner or a shelf.  I do love to scour through magazines for ideas, however, and I keep a notebook full of clippings.  Sometimes while just walking among the booths in an antique mall, we will notice an eye catching display and bring the idea home with us.

Vintage Indie - How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?

They are our home.  From our home itself which is a Queen Anne Victorian to each and every piece of furniture or decoration, we are surrounded by most things of another time, another era, another way of life.  They take us back to days gone by when a trip to the dime store was a much anticipated treat or to times when life was not as easy but more treasured when families sat around the dinner table after mother cooked a large meal, holiday traditions were abound and toys were not discarded as quickly.  Our collections remind us of trips and antiquing jaunts together and surround us with pleasant memories.


Vintage Indie - Any advice on creating your look?

Use antique display cases to show off your mini collections and keep special items protected.  Don’t be afraid to use your walls from top to bottom!  Surround yourself by what you are drawn to.  Keep a notebook of ideas to refer to when you decorate or want a change of scenery!  Group similar items together to create an eye catching display.

A special thanks to Elizabeth Young and her husband for sharing their home with us. Elizabeth sent over a ton of fun and fabulous photos. Check them all out in the slide below. For more vintage fun visit Elizabeth's shop on Etsy Grandmother's Attic.   
(All images copyright Elizabeth Young, you may not reproduce images)

My Vintage Pad - Home Tour - Alice Wingerden

Please welcome Alice Wingerden owner of the gorgeous online store Painted White to Vintage Indie for a peek inside her gorgeous home. (Click on photos at any time during the tour for a larger look)


What is your favorite part of each room?

It's too hard for me to choose! But, I do love the vintage sofa that I found at a rummage sale for only $50.00 best I think. Every time I look at it, I fall in love with it all over again!


Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?
I love anything old, romantic, distressed and inspiration usually comes from items I find at the flea market or thrift stores. I also always have a stack of my favorite magazines and books next to my big white chair in my living room that I peruse through all the time!


How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?

I would say about 80% of the items in my home are vintage...most passed down to me from my mother and grandparents...and those that aren't vintage have been made to look so. We are all about vintage here...the older...the more worn...the more loved...the more character...the better!


Any advice on creating your look?

The key to my style is vignette decorating. I love to create little nooks and areas that have charming items grouped together (for example...vintage baby clothes, old gloves, dishes & pottery, apothecary jars, crowns & tiaras, mother-of-pearl buttons, beaded bags, old books, etc.) And...more is more in my home...embellishing is the key! I have adorned several of the pieces in these rooms with old beaded collars, strands of pearls, and sparkly jewels. I have even gone so far as to decorate with my own earrings and necklaces! I just take them off when I want to wear them and put them back when I am done! I also enjoy juxtaposing masculine & feminine pieces and the very elegant with relaxing cottage style.

Cherub_lamps Esperance_roses_6Livingroom7 Livingroom5
(Click on Photos to enlarge)

If you love Alice's home you will love her store even more. From beautiful artwork to gorgeous photography you'll be in heaven. Visit Painted White on the web.

My Vintage Pad - Home Tour - by Happy Harris of Happy Loves Rosie

Hello there - My name is Happy Harris   and I am going to take you on a little tour around my home showing you my   favorite things in my home and what inspires my creativity...but first   you will have to know a little background information, I was born in 1965 in   Barking, East London, yes right in the middle of the swinging 60's and on my   dad's birthday.  I was an only child and hated going to school.  I   would always fake an illness just to get home to Mum, where she would make me   very comfortable indeed, moving the setee nearer the fire place and providing   me with a cup of cocoa and my latest library books, which where often craft   books as I loved the bright pictures of things to make and do, and whilst   watching Ken Dodd and the Diddy Men, I would sneak down under the covers   and dream of what I was going to make next...

...My Mum is a very big   Inspiration to me, she has showed and encouraged me through life, that   you can be whoever you want to be - you just have want it enough, my mum has   suffered from a disability all her life and the determination that she has had   through life has taught me alot, so i have many photographs of her and my Mums Mum was a hoarder and such a jolly lady...I   have very fond memories of her and its with her that my character Happy   arrived from....she gave me much inspiration through laughter and fun, she   hated housework and instead we would go out walking around Hampstead Heath,   laughing and joking, eating Jellied Eels and watching the band play....often   we would be walking home and she would have to disappear behind a tree or in a   phone box to retreive her pantaloons as they would fall down and we would roar   with laughter all the way home!...armed with a little more knowledge, I hope   you will understand why I endeavor to acquire the things that i do,   everything i buy has a little history behind it - there is always a   reason...buying snippets of my memory of days gone past. (Photograph, his is a picture of my mum and a necklace that I have made...the color red always makes me happy and i have always had a love of round things and this includes buttons i am an avid Nan used to wear fantastic clothes with the most gorgeous buttons in them and I always remember thinking that the buttons looked so much nicer that the actual clothes they were on!) 


I also have a love of vintage enamel and whilst looking for a home in France, we collected so many pieces, to many in fact, that we couldn't afford to move there in the end!! LOL! This young lass is also another inspiration to me...This is Rosie my daughter and I teach her at home, when she was at school, they used to tell me that she wasn't very good at her work and since leaving school and being at home, she has just taken 3 GCSE's at 14 and will hopefully be starting an NVQ in hairdressing next year...she is a lovely girl and I am very proud of her...she inspires me everyday... the things we learn together...its SO fun!


I love this picture...vintage floral material and   spotty bits and pieces with black and white vintage   photographs are amongst my favorite things and this Blythe style doll   made from a wooden spoon by Rosie.


My   most favorite things in this room is the hooks above and this dresser   and my favorite things are the floral enamel and vintage postcards and   photographs of family.


I love this picture...whenever I look at this pic it makes me feel full   of the joys of spring...its just a happy cheery kind of picture...and I love   my Cath kidston shopper - now theres another lass that inspires me...we have   sold to her in the past, mainly vintage material and small household bits, you   will see a lot of her things in my house, if you want a happy house with good   karma - stick to bright colors, lots of floral, red, pinks and blues, in fact  I always say paint your walls white...they can be the   canvas....and then add shelves and coat hooks and hang your favorite   things....our house is rented, so we decorate like this so that when we move   to the next house, we can take it all with us...this house has a blue carpet   in every always goes with the color scheme, but really I do   love wooden floors with rugs to set the color scheme...I never choose, purple   or orange and i never used to like yellow either until just recently   in fact....i now like it faintly in floral material, as a lot of the vintage   pieces have it in there.


Vintage material and books are one of my favorite   things. I love the patterns and textures and just by looking at the   material, you can see its age,I love that.


I love Old books and annuals - the   stories in them are so unique and of a time gone by....the days before   television....the days when, if you said your were bored it meant you   really were BORED!.....these are all my favorite things in my   house.


Basically, I love color. I feel its brain food that inspires the   mind and collecting ephemera of a time gone by.In the future our children   will not be able to collect things like this so I feel it is important to keep a hold of it all. I feel this is the legacy from my Nan, she was a   hoarder and now in my collections I want to be too. Computers are here to   stay, so the collections will never be the same but thankfully there will   still be us bloggers here to type about it and keep all these memories   alive!

(Photography, My Nan's Postcards...I love these as they are so cheeky just like she used to be...)

A special thank you to Happy Harris & Rosie for a look into their Vintage Pad and all the wonderful stories and things that inspire them. I have to mention their on line store Happy Loves Rosie. The store is just as cheerful as their home is. You will fall in love with the home wares, jewelry, vintage finds and more. 

New Column - My Vintage Pad - Heather K. of Pretty Petals

Today I'm launching a new column on Vintage Indie called, "My Vintage Pad" We want to see your favorite room or your home if your decorating style features vintage or antique components. Our first Vintage Pad is a real treat.

I'd like you to meet Heather K of  Pretty Petals.
Rachelk_home_pictures1 Rachelk_wallpaperboxes

Heatherk_diningroom_2 Heatherk_displaycabinet_2

What are your favorite decorating details in your home?

In my home, I love to create a vintage style that is pretty but practical. I enjoy white painted furniture because you can just paint any old piece white and it seems to look as if it were all meant to be together. I love chippy paint and roses. I use a lot of cupboards in my decorating and love to use the tops as display space and the insides for storage. My favorite things in my rooms are probably my wallpaper boxes and white painted vintage frames.


Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home? 

I find inspiration from magazines, books and even blogs. I adore the color blue and love to mix it with soft browns, lots of green and touches of pink. I also love to collect things such as dolls and wallpaper boxes. My collections inspire me to use them in creative ways.




How do vintage things play a role in your room? 

I think I am quite a “vintage” snob and don’t buy many new things for my home besides pillows or bedding. I love the time worn appeal of vintage furniture and mixing and matching old pieces just gives such a charm to a room.

(office area pictured)


Any advice on creating your look? 

I would say the best way to create my look would be to choose a soothing tone for your walls, and then start painting some mix-matched furniture white. Accessorize by using pretty floral patterns and fabrics, and just a few dolls or treasures you love here and there.

A special thanks to Heather for sharing her gorgeous home and decorating style with us. Heather writes for her blog Pretty Petals a must see!

Rachelk_home2 Rachelk_lunchbox

Alright, time to wipe up the drool! Do you have a favorite room you want to share? We'd love to see it. Email submissions to us Subject: My Vintage Pad. We can't wait to see your vintage goodness!