Food Inc. You really should...

It is so funny. I'm not a big TV watcher. I rather be on my laptop, reading, baking, just getting my hands into something different than TV. Although I admit, we watch Chuck and The Office around here, oh, and don't forget Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, amazing show right (I usually catch it on Hulu)? Anyway, last night I decided to see what was on and turned right to the very beginning of the free showing of Food Inc. on our local PBS station.

I've been avoiding this movie. Mostly, because I've done the research myself and I kind of knew what it was all about. I just didn't need the visuals, you know? So my husband and I sat through the entire thing and I'm so glad we did. It was gross, sad, shocking, unfortunate and heart breaking. I'm not an evolutionist by any stretch of the imagination so I didn't agree with some of those comments, but that's not what this is about. It is about food.

The food we feed our families, our children and our babies! Like so many other hot topics out there, food seems to just go under the radar and the organic natural following is only grabbed by a few here and there. We continue to go through the drive through not really thinking why exactly is this chicken sandwich only a buck? I mean, how is that possible? What about the 99 cent burgers, just how do they get such a great price? Watch Food Inc. you'll see how they do it, and I bet it will change your life.  

The most heart wrenching part is most of the population thinks that they don't have a choice of this vicious cycle. They can't afford organic, natural much less veggies to feed their family healthy.  They don't realize they they have the power to control, to change what the stores and restaurants offer. The stores, the businesses, they rely on YOU the consumer. You shop, you pay for crap, they keep up with the demand of crap. You stop buying the crap, they have to move to other alternatives, good alternatives, healthy alternatives! You have the power! 

My Earth Day contribution, is to encourage you to watch Food Inc. Make a plan to support local farmers this summer. You have no idea how badly that they need you. Grow a garden, even if it is a small one. 

Official Food, Inc. Movie Site - Hungry For Change? - Trailer and Photos.

♥ Gabreial

Edited to add: My husband ate a veggie sub from Subway today! Way to go honey, I ♥ you.

Updated to add: I use this list often, as in MmePaulita's comment, it is a helpful list. 

Environmental Working Group's Shopper's Guide to Pesticides

Teach Me: Franklin Springs Family Media - The Art of Bread Making

Well, hello there. How are you? How's your week going? Mine has been busy, busy. Selling a house is a lot of work (I'm sorry, I may have mentioned that a couple of times here). I only hope we don't have to do it again for a long time after this. It is still on the market so we're hoping for a busy weekend of showings.

Did you happen to catch Susan Duane's No Knead Bread article? If you did, I'd love to hear if you've made it or not. I like easy recipes like that one, but I also enjoy sinking my hands into fresh dough every once in awhile.

Not to long ago Franklin Springs Family Media sent over a few of their Homestead Blessing dvd's for me to review. We sat down for a family evening of quality tele' and enjoyed The art of Bread Making, featuring The West Ladies. They bring southern charm and hospitality to each "diy" production.


I've never been a big bread maker. I'm talking crusty breads, loaf breads and even pizza dough you have to knead with your hands. I'm guilty of purchasing packets of mix, adding water and voila. Not after this video! With my enthusiasm for wanting to cook from scratch and feed my family better quality food, I've really taken to the "homestead" way of life. It is a little extra work, but anything that's rewarding in life really does take time and commitment, doesn't it?

During the video, I was very impressed with how my boys held on to every word. They were really excited to see how each recipe would turn out. From the initial mixing, to the first and even second rising in some recipes, they were glued to the television. Not only that, but the West Ladies make everything look so good and their instructions seemed easy enough to follow. 

Soon after the video was over, the boys and I and even hubby was planning what we would like to make first. A few days later, I picked up the yeast and we got started. Our first recipe was a loaf of fresh whole wheat bread. We popped in the video and watched this specific recipe one more time. After we refreshed our memories, we went to work. I'm happy to report our loaf turned out beautifully. We ate it too fast, and I forgot to take a picture!  It was yummy and fresh bread tastes so much better than store bought!

We followed up that recipe with the pizza crust and cinnamon rolls. I decided to change the recipe on the cinnamon rolls and make them a little healthier, but all in all the dough itself was yummy and easy to create.

I loved this series and I can't wait to review the other videos from Homestead Blessings and the West Ladies. I truly appreciate Franklin Springs for sending them to our family to review.

If you would like your own copy, head over to Franklin Springs Family Media for this video and many others by The West Ladies. 

Truth in Review: Franklin Spring Family Media did provide me with all of the products mentioned to review including shipping. Franklin Springs Family Media did not pay me for the review or require any certain context within my review. All reviews posted by me are truthful in content and not bought. Gabreial Visit our Disclaimer  for more info.

What You Make of It: No Knead Bread with Susan Duane

To me, there is nothing more satisfying than getting my hands dirty in the kitchen. Baking fresh bread has been one of my favorite discoveries. I love mixing, kneading, and tending to tender dough. It's always a pleasure to also do this with my boys, they love helping mama in the kitchen. Sometimes there isn't time for all of that kneading and tending, that's why I'm so glad Susan brought us this great recipe. Let us know if you try it!

♥ Gabreial

In the Kitchen with Susan Duane.

I love to bake but bread has always been too intimidating to me to tackle. That was until I came across this amazing no knead bread recipe in our local paper. There is nothing like a loaf of fresh bread baking, it brings me back to my childhood when my grandmother baked her own.

  1. 3 cups of flour
  2. 1/4 tsp. instant yeast (it said instant in small letters on the back of my package)
  3. 1  1/2 teaspoons salt (i use kosher)
  4. 1  1/2 cups of water

Mix into shaggy dough. Let sit covered for 12 - 18 hours. Fold twice to deflate on floured surface. Let rest 15 minutes. Form into saggy ball. Let sit again on floured surface for 1 -2 hours. Meanwhile heat oven to 450 degrees. Heat pot (should be cast iron, enameled or pyrex, you need a lid too) for at least 30 minutes. Place dough into hot pot, cover, bake 30 minutes, remove lid, bake uncovered for 15- 30 to a golden color. (usually mine only needs 15 without the cover).

Do not cut until completely cool. Should be used within 24 hours. Store in plastic once cut or paper bag uncut.

Bread tapenade 001

***Note, dough is very sticky, saggy and doesn't rise terribly high. It gets little bubbles all over it after sitting for the 12- 18 hours. Make sure your pot and top are oven proof.

You will not be disappointed, I promise!


 - Jim Lahey Original Recipe Author

Featurebutton_05Susan Duane is a wife and mother of three young children. She is a home cook, aspiring photographer and lover of old things. She spends her days caring for her family, creating for Paperhill and in her free time chronicles her long list of interests on her blog Hometown Girl.

Organic Whole Living Recipes: Honey Maple Caramel Corn

 I thought I would take a minute to post a recent recipe I came up with. This may be similar to one you've used in the past, but I've tried giving it a healthier spin using no brown sugar or corn syrup! You'll also be able to find this recipe at the Homeschooling Foodies blog. I posted a yummy cumin green bean recipe there recently as well.

Honey Maple Caramel Corn Ingredients

1 Cup Organic Popping Corn Kernels

4 T Butter ( I used Amish Salted Rolled Butter )

1 T Unsulphured Molasses

1/3c. Raw Filtered Honey

3 T Grade B Maple Syrup

1/2t. Pink Sea Salt (or any salt you prefer)

1t. Vanilla Extract

1/2t. Baking Powder

Honey Maple Caramel Corn Step 1

Directions: Preheat oven to 300.

Step One - Pop One Cup of Corn Kernals into a large lasagna pan. I use an air popper which requires no oil. We love it.

Step Two Honey Maple Corn
I didn't quite use the full cup, I ran out of room in my pan. This was two cycles in the popper.

Step Two - in a small saucepan add remaining ingredients except for the vanilla.

4 T Butter ( I used Amish Salted Rolled Butter )

1 T Unsulphured Molasses

1/3c. Raw Filtered Honey

3 T Grade B Maple Syrup

1/2t. Pink Sea Salt (or any salt you prefer) 


Honey Maple Caramel Corn 008
Honey & Butter

Honey Maple Caramel Corn 009

Honey Maple Caramel Corn 010
Maple Syrup & Salt

Warm on the stove medium high heat until it comes to a rolling boil. Once it comes to a rolling boil, boil for three minutes stirring and being careful not to burn.

Boiled Pot

Step Four - Remove from stove and stir in vanilla and baking powder. Continue to stir so that the mixture does not overflow in your pan. 

Honey Maple Mixture Over Popcorn

Step Five - Pour mixture over popcorn. Stir to combine. Don't worry if it doesn't coat all of it. 

Step Six - Place in the 300 degree oven for 15 min, checking not to burn. Remove from oven and stir mixture from the bottom up. Place back in the oven for another 10 minutes. Remove and let cool, stirring again if you'd like.

I didn't have very much stick to the pan, if you'd like you could coat the pan with a cooking spray. They make that in an organic variety now too.

Caramel Corn
Honey Maple Caramel Corn

 Have a great weekend! We'll be busy with the finishing touches on our home, before we put the for sale sign in the yard!

♥ Gabreial

Teach Me: Homeschooling Foodies

There is a new site in town for "homeschooling foodies"!

Homeschooling Foodies_2

The Homeschooling Foodies blog is an ever changing recipe resource in collaboration with homeschoolers across the globe.

If you would like more information on participation please visit the "about page".


♥ Gabreial

Organic Whole Living at Vintage Indie

  Whether you believe in global warming or you believe that our world is a fallen place because it is stated as such in Genesis the first chapter of the Bible, I believe that we do have some control over what we put in our bodies and how we take care of our world around us.

I started researching this organic whole living way of life over three years ago, and have since changed many products and foods that we used to use and eat as a family.   I realize that this subject is very hard to swallow for some, but I'm thankful to those who have opened up my eyes and were brave enough to approach me and say, do you know that this could be harming you? They gave me a platform in which to do the research myself if I chose to do so and I decided to run with it.  I realized that while I can't control everything, I can make better choices for my family.

My purpose for the Organic Whole Living addition to Vintage Indie, is to enrich your lives with knowledge. Maybe you didn't know that the very same sunscreen you use to protect your skin is actually doing more harm than good. Or maybe you didn't realize all of the chemicals found in everyday household products, even when the label says their "green". Either way, I hope to throw tidbits here and there and share what I've learned through research and experience. By no means is anyone looking down on anyone here. Trust me, this is a tough subject for families these days and swallowing the cost of some of these changes is often harder. I hope that you'll understand that motives here are genuine and in a caring approach, I truly think we can all benefit and learn from one another.

I watched this video today found via Organic Deals & Coupons, a fabulous resource for saving money when purchasing organic. I think it says a lot of what I feel. 

Handmade Crush: The Love Collection Handmade Dishcloths

The Raggedy Owl
Today's handmade crush goes to the heart of Valentine's Day with the classic colors of red, white and pink. The handmade dishcloths come from The Raggedy Owl. The Raggedy Owl says,  "durable enough for your kitchen yet soft enough for your body!"

Organic Whole Living: Theo Chocolate Review

What comes to mind when you think of chocolate? Is it the smooth luscious feeling your tongue gets from the delightful taste? Do you enjoy the rich aroma? What about sound? Do you ever listen to your chocolate?

This year for Christmas, my goal was to eliminate the mass amounts of candy from our boys stockings. With this I decided to treat them, my husband and our family members with organic chocolate. I ordered a case of chocolates from one specific brand. It included various kinds cherry, mint and peanut butter. Christmas came and went and guess what, the chocolates are still here! They were terrible.

My husband and I usually like to have a little peace of dark chocolate before bed, just as a special treat. My youngest, well he'll eat pretty much any chocolate, I'm not sure if his taste buds for fine chocolate have developed yet so I'm not sure if his opinion counts.  Personally, I just couldn't believe how bad this chocolate was. 

So after that debacle, I was on a mission to find good organic chocolate for me and my family. That is when I stumbled upon Theo Chocolate. I contacted the company in hopes to do a review and well, they supplied. I was not paid to do this review or for my words glamorous or not. The products being reviewed were supplied upon my request and my review is 100% our opinion.


Now, on to the good part. Free chocolate is good, don't get me wrong here but if the other company would have produced free chocolate for review I'm afraid I wouldn't have been able to paint a very nice picture. Theo Chocolates on the other hand, piece of cake er chocolate. My husband and I took this review seriously and took notes. We also had a lot of fun, spending time tasting, smelling and savoring every last morsel of the chocolates. 


A little background on Theo Chocolate. Theo Chocolate is known for being the first and only organic and Fair Trade chocolate factory in the country.  They offer specialty bars from their 3400 Phinney line, named after their factory address.

This line includes flavors like Coconut Curry Milk Chocolate, Fig Fennel & Almond Dark Chocolate, Bread & Chocolate and many more.  The Bread & Chocolate was one of my favorites from this collection. It has a subtle crunch, a much better mouth feel than you would get from the traditional rice crunch.

My least favorite was the Coconut Curry Milk Chocolate. I think this bar would be a fabulous edition while cooking, but not as a bar to mouth type of chocolate. It was very strong in curry flavors.


3400 Phinney Chocolate Bars

Theo Confections above

Among the chocolates were one of the best candies I've ever eaten. Theo Chocolate's Salted Caramel Box Ghost Chile. Oh me, oh my! Both me and my husband took several notes down while trying this. Among those were the following:

  • Deep natural amber flavored caramel
  • The heat of the chilies warms the back of your throat in a delightful slow burn, pairing perfectly with the sweetness of the caramel.
  • The caramel has a subtle sweet not overpowering and in perfect balance with the chocolate.
  • Salt and caramel were meant to be

As you can tell we loved the caramels. I can't wait to try their vanilla, lavender and rose salted caramels.


Next on our tantalizing taste test was the Theo Chocolate Jane Goodall bars. From the Theo Chocolate website " The partnership between Theo and Jane Goodall is inspired by “Cocoa Practices,” a ground breaking Theo Chocolate initiative that brings together small scale cocoa farmers, larger producers and non-governmental organizations from the world’s cocoa producing regions. Cocoa Practices is designed to give farmers the tools they need to grow high-quality cocoa beans while conserving indigenous wildlife and other natural resources in the tropical rainforest eco-systems that provide both their livelihoods and their homes." 

We dove right in and tasted the 70% Organic Dark Chocolate Bars. This is probably the best dark chocolate in 70% that I've ever tasted. It was smooth and refined as the bitterness didn't show through as much as it usually does in the 70% cacao content bars. I think you will love this one too.


Last but not least on our taste test were the Theo Chocolate Classic Combination bars. 

We sampled those of Orange Dark Chocolate, Mint Dark Chocolate & Cherries and Almonds Dark Chocolate. All three of these were delightful. The Mint was refreshing, perfect for an after dinner chocolate. The mint flavor in the chocolate was authentic and did not taste artificial as do most mint chocolates on the market. The orange and cherry almond fell right in place with the mint chocolate proving to have natural and delightful flavor.

Our final thoughts on Theo Chocolate were all positive. We would purchase these for friends and family and obviously for our stockings this Christmas. Also, if you are a homeschooler in Seattle, WA or anyone else who would love to take a field trip, Theo Chocolate has factory tours! Boy, would I love to take that one!  We hope you've enjoyed this review. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it right?

Have a great day! 

Truth in Review: Theo Chocolate did provide me with all of the products mentioned to review including shipping. Theo Chocolate did not pay me for the review or require any certain context within my review. All reviews posted by me are truthful in content and not bought. Gabreial Visit our Disclaimer  for more info.

What You Make Of It: Dime Store Chic “Goes Green” With A Recycled Paper Posy Wreath

First of all thank you to everyone who is submitting photos to our Show Your Snow feature from yesterday. Keep them coming, we are enjoying them! I'll post them soon for all to see here at Vintage Indie.

Today's What You Make of It project comes from our contributing editor Elizabeth Holcombe. She has a great idea to bring a little spring into our wintry homes. Best of all, it's a "green" project!

Paper wreath 3 on paper backing

Add a bit of “green” charm to your home this winter with a easy-to-make paper posy wreath. Make this simple and versatile wreath with strips of newspapers and/or magazines cut into various widths (3/4 to 1-1/2 inches). Look for strips of paper with designs and colors that you find interesting. You will also need tape, glue, scissors and cardboard. ( a recycled cereal box would work great)

Paper wreath 1 supplies

Cut a ring of cardboard. Use the left over cardboard to cut out leaves. Then take the strips of paper and fold them accordion style. Form the folded strips into a circle or “posy” by joining the ends and taping them together. Glue or use tape rings to stick the paper posy to the cardboard ring. Continue making paper posies in varying sizes and sticking them to the wreath. Overlap them to form a lush and interesting pattern. Stick the cardboard leaves in pairs throughout the wreath, tucking them beneath the posies.

Paper wreath 2 more supplies

Instead of newspaper and magazines, this wreath can easily be created with strips of crepe paper, scrapbooking papers, wrapping papers, or any “trash” paper you may toss out—but I hope you put them in your recycling bin!

Paper wreath 4 hanging
Elizabeth Holcombe Fedorko, aka Bethsbagz, began her checkered crafting career when at four she realized using paste on paper was better than eating it. Inspired by vintage dime store treasures, vintage fabric, and a no-fear attitude toward color, Beth crafts totes, pin cushions, wreaths, and corsages into her Dime Store Chic creations. Beth would love you to take a peek into her whimsical world at her blog.

Vintage Green: Repurpose, Reuse & Recycle - The Incredible Versatile Record Rack! By Elizabeth Holcombe

45 rack

I have found several of these wonderful metal record racks in thrift shops and rummage sales! Back in the day they were used for holding and organizing 45 rpm records or “singles.” If you are of a certail age you may have had one of these for your records.

These are wonderful! Paint them to match your décor or the season. I use mine to hold the following items:

45 rack cards

1. Christmas cards! A great way to display them. Paint the record rack red or green!

45 rack recipes

2. Holding recipes! Perfect for your kitchen organization. Paint your rack to suit your kitchen décor and insert recipe cards for easy access!

45 rack postcards

3. Holding postcards! Display postcards from your recent travels on your coffee table to share with folks who stop by! Let them thumb through the postcards and plan their own dream vacation!

I know you can come up with lots of other uses, such as bill organizing (we all have to do it sometime!), homework organizer for your school kids, a rack to dry collages or other artworks, and MANY more uses! Have fun!

Elizabeth Holcombe Fedorko, aka Bethsbagz, began her checkered crafting career when at four she realized using paste on paper was better than eating it. Inspired by vintage dime store treasures, vintage fabric, and a no-fear attitude toward color, Beth crafts totes, pin cushions, wreaths, and corsages into her Dime Store Chic creations. Beth would love you to take a peek into her whimsical world at her blog.

This project & photos are copyright Elizabeth Holcombe, Vintage Indie. You may not reproduce or copy this project. (Dime Store Chic designs are intended for personal use and not for sale)

Eco Living: Up-cycled Wood Towel Holder

New on the Etsy block is Made in the Red Barn.

I love this idea from Made in the Red Barn, it's something I'll be adding to my wish list. The Red Barn Bundle is what you see above. It includes a handmade up-cycled wood holder and two dozen "unpaper" towels. What "sold" me on this clever idea? Number one, the ease of use. You don't have to fold towels, number two you don't have to worry about where to store towels when you finishing laundering and third, two dozen towels seems like a practical amount for a week at a time. At least for my family of four. 

Making the switch to no paper towels is something I've wanted to do for a long time, but convenience is sometimes key.  You pull a towel from the dispenser, use wash and reuse again. Visit Made in the Red Barn for various colors, towels and more.


Special Guest Starr Keller: Vintage Green Packaging

My new favorite thing: Eco-friendly Vintage boxes

Since I started my little jewels business, I have been stuck in the rut of packaging nightmares. I am ashamed to admit that I did the usual buy online, click, click, get. Boring cardboard-ish boxes for shipping from my site and etsy, velour bags (I am gasping to type this) for customers at art shows and festivals. All this changed last Friday when I opened up a little pretty piece of mail: these adorable, handmade, Wacky Vintage Blossoms Gift Boxes from ecovintagevegan:



I added my labels and I have to tell you...they are so pretty I have them sitting on my work desk. They work perfect for the bigger upcycled pieces that I have - and I of course love that they are handmade. I love the shop's description: The premise of ecovintagevegan is to promote the understanding of being green and eco friendly to our environment. Encourage reusing, recycling, repurposing and embracing vintage.


Hooray for that!

Visit our Special Guest Starr Keller at her website Starr Strung Designs.

Through The Lens: Bucks County Frames & Stunning Photography

{ Through the Lens } { Independent Photography } {Inspired by Life }

©Bucks County Frames

Bucks County Frames are nothing short of gorgeous eye candy. The beautiful frame pictured is also created by the photographer. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, Bucks County Frames chooses to produce environmentally sustainable frames. Their craftsmanship is not typical moulding, as each one is handcrafted and created with a furniture quality finished corner. On top of the beauty of their heirloom quality frames they are VOC (volatile organic compounds or chemicals) free! Visit Bucks County Frames & Moulding Co. on Etsy. Be sure to take a look at their profile as well.

Reader Discussion: Jams? Jellies? Marmalades? Preserves? I want the good stuff!

" You are the teacher of my pupil? This isn't art class, this is heaven"
 - SpongeBob SquarePants 

I've had this desire to learn how to make my own jams, jellies, marmalade's and preserves for as long as I can remember. Maybe it's the old school gal in me but mostly, it is because I want something natural from my own hands. I want the good stuff, you know minus the artificial everything. I've never made any of these before and I'm reaching out to you the experts for some advice and recipes.


Blue Mason Jar & Lifter - LittleYellowDoor
Vintage Food Mill - ArtsFarm

One Pint Queen Fruit Jar - VintageHomeRecycled
Canning Funnel  - Marianneclare

Do you have any recipes you could share? Do you have memories of making jams and jellies as a child? I'd love to hear! Feel free to post them below or leave a link to your own blog post with them.  My belly will thank you for it! xoxo Gabreial

Recycled Living: Giving Glass New Life

I thought we would start off our eco-friendly features with that of YAVA Glass, where they " Give Glass New Life", don't you just love it! These glasses give your ordinary beverage bottle new life and make them into something chic for your home.



YAVA_3 copy


Visit Yava Glass on Etsy to see what else they are doing with glass.

Vintage Green Day: In the Kitchen - A Cafe Apron Tutorial

Us vintage gals have a thing for vintage tablecloths, fabrics, hankies and especially vintage pillowcases. Fess up, how many vintage pillowcases do you have? In honor of our own "Vintage Green Day" ( In honor of Earth Day) We've invited the lovely Lee-Ann from WhoopsieDaisies to share her simple tutorial for making a cafe style vintage pillowcase apron.


This one is made from two vintage pillowcases. They are so much fun to use because of the unique embroidery work you find on each one.

Materials Needed:

  • 1 Vintage Pillowcase
  • 2 6"x19" pieces of fabric for pockets
  • 2 2 1/2"x about 40" pieces of fabric for ties (can use upper portion of pillowcase)Vintage Trim - Rick Rack or Ribbon
  • White Thread
  • Sewing Machine and/or Serger
  • Straight Pins
  • Iron
  • Rotary Cutter and Mat
  • Transparent Ruler
  • Scissors

1. Press your pillowcase using your iron and spray starch.
2. Determine the length for your apron. (Mine is 21") Add 2 1/2" for the waistband. Using a rotary cutter and transparent ruler, cut across your pillowcase.
3. Determine the width of your apron. (Mine is about 33" wide) Flip your pillowcase over, and cut a slit down the middle. Lay it out flat on your cutting mat and cut to the desired width being careful to center the motif.
4. Hem the sides by serging; zig zagging; or turning under 1/4", press, turning under another 1/4", press, then stitch in place close to the folded edge.
5. At the top of your apron, turn down 2 1/2" towards the back for the waistband and press.

Step 1

6. Open back out and turn under 1/4" along the raw edge. Press back down.
7. Using rotary cutter and ruler, cut 2 strips of fabric for the apron ties 2"x about 40" (twice the width of your pillowcase works great!).
8. Press under 1/4" on the 2 long sides and 1 short side of each apron tie. Press under another 1/4" on the 2 long sides.

Photo 2

9. To avoid bulky tips on the apron ties, fold the material back out and trim the corners. Fold the short end to make a pointed tip and press. Stitch around the apron ties close to the folded edge.

10. Insert ties into the sides of waistband. Pin in place. Stitch all the way around close to the folded edge.

Photo 3

Photo 4

Continue reading "Vintage Green Day: In the Kitchen - A Cafe Apron Tutorial " »

Vintage Green: Rescued & Restyled Mobile Gardens

One of my most favorite topics is vintage green, rescued and restyled vintage to make something useful and new for today. Of course we love vintage a little more than most around here, but what is better than loving vintage? Keeping it out of landfills of course!

SemperNova_Garden2 SemperNova_TwistofTuscany
SemperNova_StorageDrawer SemperNova_MobileGarden
SemperNova has a shop full of products that have been rescued and restyled. Just in time for spring sprouting, are their Mobile Gardens. Complete with casters so you can move them around wherever you need them. 

Vintage Green: La Petite Vintage Vignettes - A Mini Series by Jerusalem Greer

Vintage Green is something I often talk about here on Vintage Indie. Living eco-consciously  by using vintage and antique materials for a new purpose. Our contributing editor Jerusalem Greer is looking at some of her vintage items in a new way with her newest mini series La Petite Vintage Vignettes. We hope you enjoy these and hopefully you'll find some new inspiration for your vintage. 

Vintage Vignette 1

"For the mademoiselle  who has given up smoking but she has not given up on style, may we recommend vintage ashtrays for holding precious bits and baubles?"

Vintage Vignette 2  

"Vintage treasures really are the best medicine" she thought to herself, as she admired her collection of perfume bottles, all cloistered in her apothecary jar."

Featurebutton_03_2 Jerusalem Greer is a mom, a wife and a modern vintage gal just trying to live the artsy life. Full of love, laughter with a grateful heart, she enjoys creating beautiful spaces and goodies, which bring joy to all who encounter them.When she's not filling the role of "style and design editor" for Vintage Indie Mag, she is busy working in her studio at Storia Divita. Please visit her new website Jerusalem Greer

Off the Shelf Book Review - The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen!


Do you hear it? The sound of the Internet buzzing with talks of the new book by the lovely Teri Edwards and Serena Thompson founders of The Farm Chicks Antique Show. We've mentioned their fantastic show quite a few times here on Vintage Indie and today we are happy to announce their book launch!

I was lucky enough to have received a preview copy of The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen. Live Well, Laugh Often Cook Much, sounds like a way of life to me. That's why I loved this book, it's wholesome, true to life while making your mouth water all at the same time.

With each turn of the page you get invited into the life of these courageous entrepreneurial women. You'll get a sneak peek of Serena's story while learning about her childhood. My favorite from Serena's own words, " The fact that I baked from scratch was a detail that my dad wore like a crown high on his head. He'd say, "My daughter baked this" He'd pause briefly, and then add "and it's from scratch!" It doesn't stop there, you'll be introduced to Teri a few pages later and feel that same since of warmth from her story as she tells a heartfelt childhood memory all having to do with turquoise icing.

 As you dig deeper into the book you'll come across those scrumptious recipes I mentioned earlier like Cherry Breakfast SwirlBrown Sugar Bacon Bites, Enchilada Soup and Peach Huckleberry Lattice Pie just to name a few. The icing on the cake comes at a sweet surprise when you discover the crafty diy projects and how-tos nestled in between the chapters. Although my preview copy was in black and white I can only imagine what the color version (releasing in April) will be like. I truly enjoyed this book as it is so much more than a collection of recipes but an inspiration of what you can do if you truly set your mind to it.

The Daily Swank - Sustainable Living - Ouno Design

Lindsay Brown and Sarah Gee are the design geniuses behind Ouno Design. Their collection of sustainable home decor as well as accessories are something to admire.


This Mod Circles and Squares Bedspread is handmade from 16 collectible vintage scarves. These bedspreads create a unique artistic appeal to any bedroom.

Designers Lindsay Brown and Sarah Gee are committed to recycling as well as green, sustainable practices in contemporary design.


Looking to add a splash of color in your home? Pillows are an affordable way to do it. With designs like these Paisley vs. Paisley Mod you can feel good about it too as they are created with vintage fabrics.

Look for these and many other stylish home accessories at Ouno Design.

Vintage Green - Flatware Pony Up Design

Maybe I'm on a lunch kick with the eldest going back to school and packing his lunch this year. I love today's Vintage Green find. Pony Up Design has the right idea when it comes to lunching  in a more eco-friendly fashion. They've created a line of flatware travel sets and ideas so that you can forgo the plastic ware you are used to packing.


These are my favorite picks from their shop since they are created with vintage materials and vintage flatware. They also have a line of eco-friendly flatware sets, with burnished bamboo utensils. Perfect for every day lunch, picnics and traveling. Head over to Pony Up Designs for your pick!

It's Here! It's Here!

Recycle_bins Now I know what you are thinking, "She's fell off her rocker"... her idea of a gorgeous picture filled feature is of her stinking' recycle bin.

Seriously I haven't. Bear with me for a moment. Even I know, no amount of Photoshop editing can make my new arrival look pretty. It's the purpose of it that has me gleaming. I've been awaiting 3 years since we moved into our home for a pick up recycling system. A few weeks back our local waste company teamed up with our city to provide recycling bins and brand new very large garbage cans to everyone to "clean up the city". My son learned of recycling in 1st grade and has been awaiting the arrival. Little did I know our bin was going to be HUGE. I was expecting a little red box like you see in other places. Nope, this one is massive. There is a whole list of thing acceptable and not acceptable to throw in, so I'll be printing up a list to hang on my fridge until we get the hang of it here at home. I dedicated a whole post on this to remind you, to check your local recycling information and maybe you'll get a shiny new bin too.

In other recycling news this article How to: Track Junk Mail recently published on Apartment Therapy's Re-Nest also got my wheels turning. Although I'm excited about recycling, I'd like to take as many necessary steps to prevent the "junk" and waste in the first place. My husband made a crack after I read on our bin that junk mail is acceptable. He said " We won't have a problem filling it up with junk mail that's for sure". You should see the amount of massive junk mail we get. Are you with me? It's ridiculous. My first step to try and eliminate this. Check out DMA Choice Direct Marketing Association. You can remove your name from many mailing lists or add it to those you prefer. 

Vintage Green - For Your Coffee

One of my favorite things about shopping vintage is the fact it's so "green". Don't you just love, vintage, green and eco friendly all bundled into one.  Today's Vintage Green find is along the lines of preparing for my travels. Coffee is my friend. I'm a big fan of organic, fair trade and locally brewed coffee (more on that later). I'm also a fan of having my coffee every morning. It's a must have and when you are traveling. Don't stoop for those paper sleeves anymore. You know the ones a certain "big box" coffee house has. Check out Hobocamp Crafts for a rather marvelous alternative.

Clucky Bird Cameo Coffee Cuff is up first. This adorable eco-friendly cuff is just the thing your coffee needs to keep it cozy. Made from recycled vintage fabrics, cream lace and a little white button. Green and chic, just the way we like it.


How about getting in touch with your retro side with this super cute Mushroom and Bubblegum Coffee Cuff. Find these and more fabulous handmade vintage green alternatives for you and your style at Hobocamp Crafts

Get outside already!

My husband and I have been discussing a move, quite often actually. He longs for the quiet country and I long for a front porch, I know if I had one I'd be out there working instead inside. I love the outdoors and love entertaining outdoors. Today's Design and Style is something I think you will adore. Bring a splash of color outdoors with these fabulous vintage restored gliders.

Vintageglider_teal Can you say amazing. I fell in love as soon as I landed this baby. This "Summer Breeze Teal" glider with cream inserts is only a click away and includes free shipping at Vintage Glider.

Vintageglider_red Teal not your color? How about a splash of red for a more retro feel. I'm thinking of my friend at the Red Shoes store for this one, I think she would love it.

The best part, all gliders have been restored and given new life instead of filling up landfills.


Not fancying a glider today? Feast your eyes on this chair. Isn't she pretty. I love the pinwheel design.

Vintage Glider can also customize a piece not yet powder coated for you. They have an amazing selection of color choices. You can find this furniture and many others ready to ship or waiting for your color choice at Vintage Glider's website.

Enjoy and get outside already!

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