Vintage Indie Nursery Makeover Sponsor: Lovely Home Idea

Ruffles, layers, and calming touches, these are all of the wonderful things that I think of when designing for baby girl. I knew I wanted a vintage indie style to the baby's room and Lovely Home Idea had just the right handmade touch for her crib. 

Lovely Home Idea
Handmade Dust Ruffle/Gathered White Linen Crib Skirt

When we're ready for the big reveal, we'll show you how we incorporated this to make her space feel girly. 



 A special thank you to our nursery room makeover sponsor Lovely Home Idea. Please visit their shop for so many other  beautiful handmade linen textiles. 


Truth in Review/ The above Dust Ruffle Gathered White Crib Skirt was provided free of charge for our review. We were not paid for any content in our review or sponsored feature. The review is that of our personal opinions. Please visit in late July & August for our nursery room makeover reveal including this sponsors item - Gabreial Wyatt, Editor. Visit our Disclaimer/Disclosure Page for more info.


Virtual Baby Shower: Artwork by Katie Daisy

If you're looking to add some cheer to your walls, Katie Daisy of The Wheatfield has some amazing watercolors to do just that. When looking for something bright and cheery to add to the nursery makeover, we needed something that would pop against the gray walls. We knew the pinks, corals and blues would tie into everything else we were planning for her room. 



Pocketful of Posies 

Stay tuned for a final look at the nursery during our big reveal in July. 


Visit Katie Daisy to purchase any one of her gorgeous pieces of art at The Wheatfield


Copyright Katie Daisy 2011


A special thank you to Katie Daisy for providing the two art pieces for our virtual baby shower and nursery room makeover. 


Disclosure: I was not paid for the review or require any certain context within my review. All reviews posted by me are truthful in content and not bought. Gabreial Wyatt, Editor. Visit ourDisclaimer/Disclosure  for more info.   


Vintage Indie Kids: Re-purposed Vintage Fashions by Chirp & Bloom

Truly vintage indie style is the clothing from Chirp & Bloom


I'm loving these handmade fashions mixed with vintage textiles & more. 


"Mixing new materials with these unconventional materials is kinder to the earth and adds charm that cannot be mass produced. "  - Chirp & Bloom 


Visit ChirpAndBloom to purchase these handmade clothing and accessories for children. 

Virtual Baby Shower: Giveaway #5: Rockin' Green Soap

Vintage Indie is thrilled to bring you another fantastic giveaway for our Virtual Baby Shower. We welcome Rockin' Green Laundry Detergent


I was excited to be given the opportunity to review Rockin' Green's Laundry Detergent. I'm always looking for products that are safer for my family and with the new baby, something I can do her laundry with!  Rockin' Green fits the bill with their awesome formula;

"Our detergents are safe for you and the enviro- ment. Rockin’ Green is: Dye free, Comes in several yummy scents (& an unscented version for sensitive skin), No fillers, No enzymes or optical brighteners, 100% Phosphate free, Vegan, Great for sensitive skin and much more." 

Detergent has been something very important in our home as I have a son with sensitive skin to almost every single detergent out on the market. It has been that way for us since he was born. This caused us to get rid of any fragrance-laden detergents from the beginning.

Rockin' Green's Bare Naken Babies unscented Laundry Detergent was just what the doctor ordered for us, no fragrance! While I truly miss the smell of fresh laundered (or heavy laden chemical fragranced laundry). It has truly come down to keeping his skin happy and his clothes clean. 

Rockin' Green was kind enough to send me a few of their delicious smelling detergents, Smashing Watermelons and Lavender Mint Revival. Guess what? I did a little experiment to see if I could use them for his laundry, and what do you know his skin was happy and so was I! Although the fragrance really didn't adhere to the clothing in a strong smell it was very faint and I appreciated the "clean smell".  Classic Rock did a great job cleaning boys clothes with our hard water.  

Best selling points for us;

 - Clean Smelling Clothes 

 - Clean Clothes, including very dirty play clothes

 - Dye Free

 - 100% Phosphate Free

 - Great for Sensitive Skin


Overall we were pleased with Rockin' Green Laundry Detergent

Virtual Baby Shower Tip: Rockin' Green is known for their cloth diaper cleaning power. I hope to test this out with baby girl as she'll be our only child to have used cloth diapers. 

Virtual Baby Shower_Giveaway

Rockin' Green wants you to try their detergent and is going to give away one full-size bag of Rockin' Green (winners choice of scent) and a laundry scoop! 



Virtual Baby Shower_Sponsor
Truth in Review/Giveaway: The above products were provided free of charge for our giveaway. We were not paid for any content in our review/giveaways and the review/giveaway is that of our personal opinions.  - Gabreial Wyatt, Editor. Visit our Disclaimer/Disclosure Page for more info.

Virtual Baby Shower: Accessories for the Nursery - Artist Interview Scarlett of One Eyed Dog

Today I'd like to introduce you to Scarlett of One Eyed Dog. We knew we wanted some pops of color for the grey walls we chose for baby girl's nursery, and my love for chevron caught the attention of Scarlett's Chevron Jewelry & Craft Wall Hook Organizers. I thought they'd make a perfect addition to hang baby headbands and sweet accessories, so we've teamed up with Scarlett to make one for the nursery and can't wait to show it to you in the big reveal. 


Until then, I'd like for you to get to know the designer behind these handmade organizers as well as other items she hand makes in her shop including jewelry, hardware, bottle stoppers, clay items and more! 

Hi Scarlett, welcome to Vintage Indie. We're so glad to have you here with us today. 

Can you tell us what is your preferred medium?

I love working with paint! I work with different base mediums, like wood or clay, but my favorite step is always the painting! I just love colors. I love mixing them, coming up with pretty palettes, I even love my speckled, colorful hands at the end of a work day. 

How did you get started?

I've always been an artist, and I've been selling traditional art for several years. I separated from the Air Force last year so I could dedicate more time to my passion for creating. One Eyed Dog was the result of a marathon brainstorming session with my husband. We wanted to start an Etsy shop where we could sell more functional art. 

Who or what inspires you?

I'm inspired by animals!! I've always had a deep love for all creatures. I think animals make people happy, and having little animal objects here and there makes for a happy home. 

We noticed that you're a husband and wife team in your business. How is it working with your spouse? 

Working with my husband is great! Much like every other aspect of our marriage, with OED I am the right-brain and he is the left-brain. I think of what I want to make, he thinks of how to make it. I do the creative work, he manages the finances. It's very harmonious! 


Does vintage play a role in your art or life? If so, how?

Vintage definitely plays a role in my creative life! I'm so often inspired by vintage florals. I go nuts for a super feminine fabric or wallpaper! Vintage advertising cards are a great source of inspiration as well. They're just so charming! 

What is important for your customer to know about your work?

It's important to me that customers know how important *they* are. I include a personal touch with each order; be it a handwritten thank you note or a stamped card. I fill each order from start to finish, sculpt to ship. Shopping with OED is an interaction, not a transaction! 


Thank you so much to Scarlett and her hubby for taking the time to let us get to know more about them and their artwork. We truly appreciate handmade and independent designers here at Vintage Indie! Be sure to head over to One Eyed Dog to see more of their work. 

Raising Healthy Kids with Special Guest Nicole Bennett Simple Homemade: 3 Points of Encouragement

Raising healthy kids is such an important topic to me, even more so now that I need to refreshen my memory on many things with the baby coming. Today, I am thrilled to have a very special guest with us Nicole Bennett from Simple Homemade. If you haven't had a chance to visit Simple Homemade you are simply missing out on some wonderful mom-mom information on raising healthy kids and what this really looks like in a real home. Please help me by sending Nicole a warm welcome!  


3 Points of Encouragement for Raising Healthy Kids


It's funny how having kids changes you. And I don't mean in the obvious ways like learning to deal with less sleep, never-ending laundry and chaotic dinners. I'm thinking more along the lines of healthy living. For me, it wasn't until I had my first baby that I began really caring about avoiding toxins and eating real food. Now, just about five years later (five!), this "healthier" way of life is basically second nature to me. I still have lots to learn myself, but more and more I'm thinking about passing on what I've learned to my kids. After all, concern for their health and safety is what started this whole shift. Here are a few ways I'm working on leaving a legacy of a more natural lifestyle to my kids.


Make it Familiar The most important way I can teach my kids about a healthy lifestyle is by modeling one for them. I hope as they grow older, they'll remember and embrace ways they've seen me take care of my body, our family and the earth. I eat the same healthy, real food I expect them to, I use the same non-toxic (often homemade) personal care products I put on them and I try to set the example of reusing, repurposing, upcycling and all that goodness in my own wardrobe and in our home. Routine helps, too. By now, my kids are used to our daily afternoon smoothies. And I'll be the first one to praise the yumminess of a smoothie filled with healthy addition such as leafy greens and chia seeds.


Make it Normal To be honest, my kids are young enough to not really know any different than to use cloth napkins and eat sautéed swiss chard. They think drizzling honey on plain Greek yogurt is a treat and that we avoid "fake"-colored foods because they aren't real and aren't good for our bodies. I try to explain why we do the things we do in a way that makes sense. I don't want them blindly doing what I do, because after all, I am teaching them to be able to live like this without me someday! One of my best tactics is to promote healthy things, such as eating vegetables that appear unappealing to toddlers, is to constantly talk it up as normal and "mature." Oh, you'll probably love that when you're older, I'll say. I learned about talking about how our palate matures from Amy of New Nostalgia and have already seen that tactic work in my little girl who never "liked" sweet potatoes until she was a big four-and-a-half-year old It's normal to have preferences (I hate raisins myself after all), but I love to talk up the good stuff in hopes that my kiddos will learn to appreciate what's good for them in the long run.


Make it Fun Healthy and natural living doesn't have to just be boring and "normal" though. My kids love the excitement of seeing what's in our latest CSA box, and visiting the farm each year, and picking berries for enjoying and using to make jam. They're excited when I let them help pick out a homemade ice cream flavor (and they don't miss the fillers and preservatives) just like my daughter loves picking fabric for a new mama-sewn dress. Healthy living can mean helping mom mix up a batch of granola bars -- and that's way more fun (not to mention less-processed) than just picking a box off the shelf. And I can't wait for the day when my kids get to gather up eggs from the backyard chickens I hope to have someday. And they are going to LOVE that. We don't have to lie, convince or coerce our kids into a healthy, natural lifestyle. Going back to basics is more fun, and as we model this "new normal" in our homes and daily lives, our kids will hopefully follow in our footsteps, carrying on the legacy we've been striving to create. We can't control the choices they'll make as they grow older, but we can lay a strong foundation for a healthy lifestyle.


Nicole Bennett is married to a handsome guy and has three little kiddos. She loves sharing her passion for baby-stepping towards a more natural, handmade lifestyle. She is the editor of Simple Homemade, and also occasionally blogs at Gidget Goes Home. She loves to read, sew, surf and watch baseball, and can often be found in the kitchen as well. She'd love to connect with you on Twitter or Instagram (@simplehomemade).

Vintage Indie Kids: Oh Veronica

Talk about adorable. Of course you all know by now we're expecting our first girl. This means lots of dress shopping for this momma! I'm super excited. Today, a few of my favorite picks from Oh Veronica Clothing. 


Church Dress " The stories on this dress tell of the things that God gave us - nature, day & night, seasons, family, friends and the world." 

Vintage Flower Girl Dress, "Reminiscent of vintage french textiles found in turn-of-the-century Parisian homes, the dress you are ordering (As pictured) is finished with Cambric Lace sleeves and hem trimming." 

Vintage Shabby Chic Lace French Inspired Girls Dress

Shop OhVeronicaGirl for all of these adorable handmade dresses. 


All Images Copyright © Oh Veronica 

Raising Healthy Kids Month 2012: Parenting boys 9-12 Boot-Camp Tonight! Reminder

If you've been looking for some great parenting advice for your son aged 9-12, Hal & Melanie Young of Raising Real Men have a spectacular Boot Camp lined up for you. Even if you can't join tonight, you'll be able to join and listen and hear the archives for a whole year! My husband and I really enjoyed last weeks session and hope you'll join in this week. 


Here's what the Boot Camp is all about. 

Raising Real Men Book Cover


We’ll be discussing:

Brains Turned to Mush

Temptation Everywhere

Dating and Courtship

Homeschooling High School

Jobs & Entrepreneurship

Doing Real Things in the Real World

Becoming Young Adults, not Sullen Teens

Loving these years!


Don't wait! The Bootcamp Starts tonight at 8EST, but remember if you sign up and can't attend tonight, you'll be able to catch up later in the week. 

Visit Raising Real Men for more information on registration. 


Raising Healthy Kids Month 2012: Organic & Whole Living Recipe: Chewy Granola Bars

After all of the GMO talk lately, I'm tired of packaged products. I'm tired of having to read every single label, every single ingredient and even then, I have to look up ingredients and research said company just to prove to myself the ingredients are safe for consumption. So this past weekend I was inspired to make-from scratch, some yummy snacks for my kiddos and hubbs. 

I've created two Chewy Granola Recipes that I think you'll love, and if you don't they are super easy to change to your taste. 

  2012 029

This is what I call the base of the chewy granola recipe. The best part? No corn syrup of any kind and no questionable ingredients! 

What You'll Need:

1/2 cup of nut butter, peanut, almond, sunflower seed etc. 

1/3 cup of honey (I use a little less if I'm adding sweet "mix-ins" 

1/4 of Coconut Oil, this time I used Artisana (thanks to Artisana for providing the Coconut Oil)

Base Directions: Mix all of your base ingredients in a large pot and bring to a simmer from med-low to med. Watch so that you don't really cook the ingredients, you're just wanting everything to melt and to combine really well. 

Next you'll want your "mix-ins" 

1 full cup of any of these mix-in combination; almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumkin seeds, hemp seeds (great for extra protein), chia seeds, ground flax seeds, dried fruit, dark chocolate bits etc.

1 Heaping Cup of Oats. 

  2012 031

Almond & Raisin Chewy Granola Bars (Our family's favorite) 

For my 1st recipe I used the following;

1/4 cup raisins,

1/2 cup chopped almonds

1T ground golden flax seeds

1-2 T dark chocolate bits

1 heaping cup of oats.

Simply pour your melted mixture over your oats and mix-ins and stir to combine. Press firmly into an 8x8" pan. Let cool for a few hours or until "chewy set". 

2012 033

These aren't going to harden up like a normal granola would, that's why they are chewy bars! 

Cut into squares and wrap for easy snacking on the go later! 

  2012 036

Walnut & Cranberry Extra Protein Chewy Granola Bars

For this recipe you'll need;

1 cup of oats (not heaping, this recipe is a little dryer than the other one above)

1/2 Cup chopped walnuts

1/4 Cup chopped dried cranberries

1 T chia seeds

1 T golden flax seen meal

2T of hemp seeds  

 Simply pour your melted mixture over your oats and mix-ins and stir to combine. Press firmly into an 8x8" pan. Let cool for a few hours or until "chewy set". Cut into easy to grab and go servings! 

  2012 037

I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as our family has. 

What kind of "mix-ins" do you like to add to your granola? 


Artisana Review: We created this recipe usuing Artisana Coconut Oil. I can truly say that I absolutely love this product. I love the fact that it is Organic & Raw. We often use the coconut oil in its raw state in our smoothies as well. "

"Artisana Organic Raw Coconut oil is non-hydrogenated, cholesterol-free and comprised of medium-chain fatty acids which are broken efficiently by the body, providing an immediate source of energy.When cooking or baking, use as a substitute for butter or margarine."


Truth in Review: Artisana provided us with Coconut Oil & Coconut Butter that we used in these recipes.  We were not paid for any contents of our review or required any certain text within the review. We speak truly from our hearts and hope that you and your family will gain trust from Vintage Indie reviews so that you may enjoy learning opportunities like this one and more.  All reviews posted by me are truthful in content and not bought. Gabreial Wyatt, editor in chief. 

Visit our Disclaimer/Disclosure Page for more info.

Raising Healthy Kids Month 2012: Parenting boys 9-12 Join Tonight's Boot Camp Webinar!

If you've been looking for some great parenting advice for your son aged 9-12, Hal & Melanie Young of Raising Real Men have a spectacular Boot Camp lined up for you. Even if you can't join tonight, you'll be able to join and listen and hear the archives for a whole year! 


Here's what the Boot Camp is all about. 

Raising Real Men Book Cover


Do you have a son who is 9 to 12 years old?

When our boys hit that age, they seem to fall apart. Formerly obedient sons suddenly get angry and rebellious. They don’t seem to be able to control their tempers or get their work done. One of our teens said, “Mom, it seems like when a guy gets to be about nine, his head gets harder and his brain gets softer…” Now, the brother he was talking about didn’t appreciate it much, but it sure seemed true!

Are you starting to see some changes? Does he seem full of anger and hard to live with all of a sudden? Wondering what is going on and how you are going to handle it? Get help now!

We’re inviting a small number parents of 9-12 year old boys that are unwilling to accept teen turmoil as inevitable to join us live for a Raising Real Men webinar series getting you geared up to make these years a blessing and not a nightmare.

We’ll meet together for five lively, funny, powerful and practical sessions that will take the fear out of the coming years and give you the tools to help your guys navigate these dangerous waters safely. We’ll be interacting with you, too, answering your questions live!

Boot Camp 9-12 will help you:

Get in Shape! Shape up your relationship with your son now before the real challenges hit.

Get Armed! Learn about serious dangers your son will face and develop the weapons to deal with them.

Get a Strategy! Learn how to put together a plan for high school and get it done.

Get Moving! Start now to prepare your son to pass through the minefields to godly manhood.


We’ll be discussing:

Brains Turned to Mush

Temptation Everywhere

Dating and Courtship

Homeschooling High School

Jobs & Entrepreneurship

Doing Real Things in the Real World

Becoming Young Adults, not Sullen Teens

Loving these years!


Don't wait! The Bootcamp Starts tonight at 8EST, but remember if you sign up and can't attend tonight, you'll be able to catch up later in the week. 


Visit Raising Real Men for more information on registration. 




Handmade Crush: Vintage Styled Baby Paper Doll Softy Rattle

We don't know what we're having just yet, but if squishy is a girl, I would love to own one of these for her. 




Edit: I'm not sure why, but the shop owners information didn't come through here. You can purchase these adorable dolls at BufordWife


All images copyright © Toni Buford 

Vintage Indie Kids: The Raggedys'

I know, I know! I've been all whiny about summer ending, but then I saw these adorable babies in these charming hats and I thought, summer ending with adorable babies in charming handmade creations like these, well it isn't that bad. 

"the Raggedys'" 

seriously, stinking adorable! 

You can find all of these original creations at sweetpeatoad

All Photos Copyright © 2009-2011 by sweetpeatoad

Back to School 2011: Vintage Indie Kids: LottiDaBaby


Vintage Indie Feature LottiDaBaby
If you haven't been to LottiDaBaby before, you are truly missing out on a darling children's boutique. I love the dress above with the sweet patch on the courdoroy. 

Photos courtesy of Lauryn Byrdy Photography

Missed the link, the first time around. Here you go!

Vintage Indie Kids: 1Crown3Tiaras

Recently I had the pleasure of taking my boys to get some formal wear, ties, dress pants and dress shoes. It was truly a delight, and then to see them all dressed up it just warmed my heart. I'm sure if I had girls, it would feel the same. Here's a little push to help you if you're looking for the perfect fall and winter clothes for your little one. 


Autumn Dress


Ruffle Neck Tunic

2010 Vintage Deer Dress

Shop these and more from 1Crown3Tiaras

Vintage Indie Kids: Vintage Inspired & Eco Friendly Lillipops

Vintage Inspired & Eco Friendly, is Lillipops Designs. Vintage Style for Modern Kids. If the title isn't enough to grab your attention, check out their collection.


I love the sleeves on this dress, so cute for fall!


Look at those leggins! 

Eco Friendly "Dadicated"!  Lillipops Design creates one of a kind custom dresses out of daddy's dress shirts or grandpa's well loved shirt. What a great idea!

Visit Lillipops Design for special ordering or to shop from their stock collection.

xoxo Gabreial


Vintage Indie Kids: Amelie Jo

I've had this submission for quite some time now. I've been meaning to show you the darling 20's inspired flapper styles from Amelie Jo. I think you'll find her fashions and layers of lace charming.


Amelie Jo

VI Headliner Sponsor Feature: Molly Wymer Cook of Southern Spunk

I would like to send a warm welcome to Vintage Indie's newest sponsor Molly Wymer Cook of Southern Spunk!

Molly's blog is that of a wife, mother, friend, artist, seamstress and heartfelt writer. Digging deep into her archives you will find a woman of strength, courage and faith.  Molly comes to Vintage Indie this month to share her blog with us, but that would also lead you to her charming Etsy shop Southern Spunk where she creates adorable children's fashions.

Southern Spunk