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Sproutsouth logoThis past winter was the worst winter I can ever remember. It waned for ever and ever and all I could think about was summer and sunshine. When Sproutsouth sent me one of their adorable terrariums, (dubbed "turtle" by my baby girl), it was that little something in my windowsill that made me smile. 

Yes, I'm a big baby and yes, winter is my least favorite season of all, but especially this year. 


Lookbook 5

Besides being a big fan of houseplants, I'm an even bigger fan of the tiniest of plants like those in these terrariums. Ours is like the first one on the left. It is sitting snugly in our kitchen window as we speak. Upon arrival, we gave turtle a good soak and then returned him to his home so that he could continue to grow. 

Wouldn't you know it, our little turtle sprouted a beautiful flower. I'm not sure what kind, but it was delicate like an orchid inside the tiny home. Each of my children have visited it over time, given it a sprinkle of water and I'm happy to say, besides a couple of succulents this is probably the longest lived plant I've ever kept alive. 


Lookbook 1

I'm no green thumb, if you couldn't tell but this gave me a hope for the winter. I think I need a collection of these in each of the windows this winter. 

Lookbook 10

If you've been wanting an opportunity to teach your child responsibility, I think one of these terrariums from sproutsouth would be a great gift. Of course the terrariums are glass, and they are delicate, but it would be a great opportunity to teach gentleness and caring for a living thing. Ya know, so they can take care of your plants when they're grown and house sitting for you. 

  Lookbook 8

Thanks so much to Sproutsouth for giving this family a little green during our dreary winter. We appreciated it! 

Visit Sproutsouth  and add a little green to your life today :) 



Disclosure: Sproutsouth provided the terrarium for our review. We were not paid for any wording of our review. 


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